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Dear Pony Pals

A new online trail riding experience is almost done.  We are on version #25. Our testers have played and reviewed over two dozen different approaches.  Many, many thanks to our Pony Pals game testers who have given us their opinions. We want to make the game work on as many kinds of computers that kids are likely to have -- worldwide. There are now Pony Pals all around the world. They have a lot of different kinds of computers when they visit ClubPonyPals to care for their adopted online ponies and ride around the Crandal barn paddock.

Pam's moved her game trunk up to our barn loft. Soon we will have over a dozen new games to play.  Some are word games about ponies. Others will help improve math skills.  A lot of Pony Pals have written that they could use practice with reading or math. So we are making games to help improve math and reading -- based on pony knowledge, natch!

And best of all, when a visitor scores enough points, their score can be changed into Wiggins Bucks. These can be used in the vending machine to get pony treats and human food. That means riders and their virtual ponies will be able to go farther and longer on trail before returning to the barn.

So there’s lots of things happening here in Wiggins and at Club Pony Pals. Keep reading, keep writing, and don’t forget to take care of your pony every day.

With your help we can make Club Pony Pals the best place to ride on the world wide web!



P. S. We are not out of stickers yet. For a limited time, they are free for all Club Pony Pals members. Display your own "I ride at Club Pony Pals" sticker! They are 2 inches by 6 inches with a Pony Pals logo. If you want a sticker, send the WebMaster a grown-up's address where we should send the envelope! This is a limited time offer, one per mailing address. Ask for yours now.



Club Pony Pals Letters from Readers

Hi Pony Pals,
I like playing on your site, but want to know how I get another horse? Do I have to have another code to get a second one? Also, I would like to be a tester for the riding trail, please.
Thank you,
Megan T.

Dear Pony Pal Megan
You can get another pony by registering for another account. Each account has one pony, but you could be Megan1 with a white pony, Megan2 with a chestnut, and so on.


mums wondering how much the t-shirt, bumper sticker and bookmark cost in nz dollars including postage. thank you
from  amy g...:)

Dear Pony Pal Amy
Right now during our beta testing, we are offering free stickers and bookmarks. We do not offer t-shirts yet. But we are thinking about it.  If enough people want them, we will get them made. If your parent emails us their post address, we will send you a sticker and bookmark in their care.


Dear Webmaster, In the next issue could you please make sure that Pam,  Anna, Lulu, and Ms. Betancourt get my E-Mails? Will you please tell Pam, Anna, and Lulu that I'm sorry for not writing back sooner and that I had homework? The T-Shirt idea is really cool. I'd like a Same Sex Medium please. I figured that the T-Shirts could be Ladies and Same Sex for Youth, Teenagers, and Adults. That way nobody will be left out.  Just trying to make everyone at Club Pony Pals feel equal. I have an idea for the Pony Pals book series and I was hoping you could pass along the idea to Ms. Betancourt. Maybe ya'll could have a Pony Pals Book Club so that members who don't have the books can get them. The first package could be $1.00 and include a free Pony Pals necklace that's unbreakable, Nickel free, Lead free, and Metal free and the rest of the packages could be free. I'm allergic to Nickel. If the Necklace was breakable ya'll would have a lot of angry moms and little girls. I've had that experience with other companies that included a free necklace with a book. It'd be perfect and maybe Club Pony Pals would get more members with a Pony Pals Book Club. Just a thought. Sincerely, Cayce

Dear Pony Pal Cayce
The Pony Pals and Jeanne got your letters and replied in the online newsletter.  The e-newsletter is so big now that we can't email the whole thing out, only parts of it.  Check the online version to see all the letters. Thanks for your suggestions about T-shirts. If enough people let us know they are interested, we will go ahead and have some made.  We will work on finding ways to make more books available.  Thanks for the necklace suggestions, unbreakable sounds like a fine quality for Pony Pals who may be around ponies and other activities where they might get snagged and break.


November 24,2008
Dear Mrs. Wiggins,
Hi, this is me Chelsea. I’m a big fan of the books.  I think there is a problem with the game because I want to go on the trail and I don't know how. I also think that the kids testing this should be able to groom, ride, and play with Daisy and Splash. Please email me back and tell me how. Thank you for your time.
A big Fan,
Chelsea G

Dear Pony Pal Chelsea
Thank you for writing! Mainly I paint at my home and oversee maintaining my family’s land, so I have forwarded your letter to the Webmaster.
Wilhelmina Wiggins

Dear Pony Pal Chelsea
Ms. Wiggins forwarded your letter to me. Our trail riding experience is almost done! Our flash coder Jennifer has taken off a few days for Thanksgiving but she has been hard at work on it. There will be jumps on trail and surprises at the Three Birches. The same coder has started to completely make Crandal’s barn better. You will be able to groom Daisy and Splash when she is done. Then, you can earn credits by grooming Mrs. Crandal’s two lesson horses, Daisy and Splash.  Because the economy has not been great lately, Mrs. Crandal is going to let her students and game players help pay for their riding by grooming Daisy and Splash.  After she, her husband and Pam all talked it over, they decided that they could help people economize during tough financial times. Students will not have to stop taking lessons and the horses will be kept groomed. So, thanks for asking about the trail and the Crandal lesson horses. Both will be available soon. We will announce when they are here in the Wiggins Weekly.



Pony Pal letters to Jeanne Betancourt

dear jeanne
hi again i'm reading keep out pony it is so cool. are you still writing pony pal books if you are can you please make me as a pony pal because i love reading your books and i am your most number 1 fan ever. and do you know what time pony pals is on TV thanks. can't wait till you reply from your number 1 fan
amy g...:)...

Dear Pony Pal Amy
Thanks for your nice letter. It’s great to know that my books make people happy.  I may write more Pony Pal books but I don’t know for sure yet. Pony Pals is not on TV -- yet. But the future might see a TV show about them. I hope you have lots of adventures reading and writing -- with or without a pony.



To. Jeanne Betancourt
My name is Hannah, I am from South Korea, now I am living in Israel.  When I have read your pony pal books in Israel.  I have had a fun very much. I wrote a letter to you. so, i want to know you mailing address. Could you send me your mailing address?
Thank you
From Hannah

Dear Pony Pal Hannah,
How wonderful to get a letter from so far away! You can go to www.jeannebetancourt.com and learn about what I have been doing lately. I will always see any letters that you send me at the ClubPonyPals site.  I am glad you like my books. English can be a hard language to learn. Are you also learning Hebrew? Can you write in Korean, too?  I hope you write more letters to the club and to me too if you would like.

Webmaster for


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