Pony News, Views and Attitudes -- Vol.2 No.21 -- December 1-7, 2008 PAGE 5

Got Questions? Help and Hints about the game

What I didn't like was ponytrail22 because there were no trees at all so the background looked fake.

and How do you go back to Crandal's Barn riding that way cause there’s only 1 trail?

I liked ponytrail21 because there were realistic trees in the background and I have no problems at all riding.

Dear Pony Pal Camille
Thanks for your letter! I have sent to the Webmaster, who is in charge of game design.
Pony Pals,

Dear Camille  
Thank you for your comments. As you can see by “22” and “21,” we have tried that many versions of the new trail riding experience. In fact, we are up to #25 and will probably reach 30 different versions! That’s how much work it has been to make sure that trail riding will work on as many kinds of kids’ computers as we can. We are getting visitors from Peru, Sweden, Germany, Ukraine, Israel, Australia, New Zealand, Canada, Uruguay, South Africa and of course all parts of the USA. That means that lots and lots of different kinds of computers will be used by kids to try Club Pony Pals’ riding, grooming and games. 


So that means I get a sticker? and yes, it is "snowing" really cool here. from:
ponypal Camille
PS. I want a sticker!!!:D

Dear Pony Pal Camille
OK, a sticker should reach you soon. How much snow do you get where you live? Does it get really, really deep?


Dear Webmaster
My daughter ... logged on and on the first day, her horse's energy dropped all the way down to the last square.  She never ran him or even trotted him...in fact, the day she took him out to ride, he never even made it to the fence before it said return to the barn and feed your horse.  She has logged out and let the program be untouched for several days and she still comes back to the same scenario.  How on earth is she supposed to make a horse "rest"???  She grooms him every time she logs on and while that helped his health and hunger levels, the energy stays the same.  WHAT IS SHE NOT DOING???  She absolutely loves this program and would stick with it for days on end but as of now, she can't do anything!!  Please help her out!!!

Dear Pony Pal Brandi

What wonderful, valuable feedback on our game’s beta test version! We only find out how easy or hard our game is to use when people write to us. So thanks.

First — on the energy issue. Yes, your pony is tired. You can rest it by just standing still while riding in the paddock.  It takes a while (a minute or two) but your pony will be rested if it just stands still, or it will slowly become rested if all you do is walk.

We based this on real life, where when you canter your pony you must rest it in between by walking or standing to let it breathe and rest.  Do we need to add “panting” sound? Do you have a suggestion other than that?  This beta test of our game has been so valuable to help us learn what players like and don’t like.

Next, we are very close to launching a new riding version.  Your daughter is extremely tolerant if she can ride her pony to tiredness in our paddock.
When our new trail riding experience is finished it will replace riding in the paddock. Creating a lifelike riding experience that does not need a software download or CD/DVD to be loaded has proved to be an amazing technical challenge. After 26 different versions, we think we are getting closer. Within a few weeks there will be big changes to ClubPonyPals.com based on player suggestions.  So please – write often to let us know what you think. We value your comments.


How do you get out to ride?

Dear Pony Pal Heidi

You can try clicking on the “?” on the page right.  That is our help page.  Here are some hints:

First, enter your stall by clicking on it. Click on the tack room door to open it. It takes a moment to open. Then you need to click on the halter and drag it over to put it on your pony.  Groom your pony on both sides, s witching to the off side with the arrow and horse graphic that is in the stall’s lower left corner.  

When your pony is groomed, click on and drag over the saddle blanket, saddle and bridle to put them on your pony.

Then click on the stall door, then click on the open doorway at the end of the barn’s aisle way. Next you will see your saddled pony at a mounting block.  Then click on your pony to go ride in the paddock. Your pony’s head will appear in front of you for a “between the ears” point of view in the paddock. When you come back, the barn will untack your pony for the time being.

Let me know if this helps, and happy Thanksgiving!


banner by Summer F.

Jessica B drawing

drawing by Jessica B.

Gabby's Column
What would happen if ..... a horse and pony ate the same food?

A horse and pony should not get the same amount of food. The amount a horse should get is too much for a pony and what is ok for a pony is too little for a horse. Horses are bigger and use up more energy. Therefore need more food. Ponies are smaller so they don't use as much energy but, they still use a lot.

  From Wikipedia: Ponies  and miniature horses are usually easy keepers and need less feed than full-sized horses. This is not only because they are smaller, but also, because they evolved under harsher living conditions than horses, they use feed more efficiently.[43] Ponies easily become obese from overfeeding and therefore are at high risk for colic, Equine Metabolic Syndrome, and, especially, laminitis . Fresh grass is a particular danger to ponies; they can develop laminitis in as little as one hour of grazing on lush pasture.[44]

Summer F asks:
Can there be a Palomino when the coat is Black, and the mane and tail White?

Depends what you mean. A horse with a black coat and a white mane is NOT a palomino. However a mare with a black coat and white mane and tail can have a foal that is a palomino. A palomino has to have a golden coat with a white mane and tail to be considered a palomino.

(This Thanksgiving Week...) I am thankful for all my friends, family, my wonderful pony, Disney Worlds on all the places they are, and I am thankful that I have this column.

Gabby says "I would like to ask that readers send me questions by Wednesday." Gabby will answer any questions about horses that she can. Send in your question to her care of the WebMaster

The story continues..

Summer F writes:

Six Girls, Six Ponies, And They Soon All Become One Club...
Meredith, Pam, Anna, Lulu, Summer, and Sunshine have a new problem.

A wild pony named Eye-High was to be trained by Meredith. But the pony becomes frisky and won't obey orders.

Can the six girls and ponies help Eye-High?

Or is the only thing Eye-High will be dog food?

Lulu S. writes:

Meredith and Pam looked over the fence at Eye High. He was running around, his eyes wide and snorting!

"He looks like he would be a good pony," Mer-mer said, "If we could ever catch him."

Pam picked up a pony halter and lead rope. She looked at the horse cookie jar next to Mer-mer's tack box, and grabbed a few Mrs. Pastures cookies for horses.

"Watch this," Pam said, as she walked toward the pony.

The pony started to run off but when Pam held out a Mrs. Pastures horse cookie he stopped.

Ally writes:

Then he came to Pam.

He took the cookie.

Jane writes:

Eye High never had a Mrs. Pastures cookie before. It took him a few seconds to figure out that he had to chew it up with his back teeth. Then he started to chew. And chew. And chew.

His eyes closed partway and he licked his lips. When he finished chewing Pam held out the halter. Eye High sniffed at it and Pam put it over his nose and gave him another cookie.

Pam said "He likes those!" as she buckled the halter. "Let's go clean you up."

But when Pam turned toward the barn, Eye High....

Ally writes

... fell to the ground.

Lulu writes

He really did not want to come with Pam.

Before Pam could turn around to get Eye High up, she heard a noise and turned around to see....

Summer F writes
.. a tan and white object running from the barn. Pam sighed with stress. It was Pongo, the Appaloosa foal.

Pongo was caught in quicksand and only by teamwork, Meredith, Pam, Anna, Lulu, Summer, and Sunshine were able to save him.

Pongo was sick from eating poisoned berries while lost, so he had been staying at the Animal Clinic.

Pongo been nothing but a troublemaker. First, he chased some leghorn hens at the pen. Pam bought them from Green Market when livestock were sold.

Then, Pongo rolled into red mud, making his coat, kind of a ruby color. He still had a faint stain. Then, he was bucking and kicking Lightning, bossing her to play. When Pam shooed him away, he just wheeled right back, and head-butted her so hard, she fell down.

One time they were having a barn sleepover, and Pongo was whinnying and chasing Acorn, Lightning, Hugo, Piddles, Squirrel, and Snow White. He was even chasing the school ponies. Pam tried to chase him away, but the raced right back. An like a bighorn sheep fighting another, he rammed Pam right into a puddle of black mud.

Anna, Lulu, Meredith, Summer, and Sunshine giggled. But they helped Pam get up and helped her shower. Then they put Pongo with them. But he kept stepping on each other's hair or sleeping bag. So they put him in Lightning's stall. And Pongo fought with Woolie, Pam's sheepdog when he was trying to herd her with Lighting. Woolie kept barking and snarling. But he yelped in panic when Pongo reared and punched Woolie on the side with his front hooves. So Woolie hardly ever went near Pongo.

This time, Pongo leapt like a cat and kicked Eye-High's rear with his back hooves. "Pongo!" said Pam, "Stop it!" Instead of running away, Eye-High reared and pushed Pongo so hard with his front hooves, Pongo was punched into the barn door. He chased him away. "Eye-High!" said Pam. Eye-High raced to his paddock. He was scared; you could see the whites of his eyes and his ears were laid back. "No cookies for that behavior!" Pam and Meredith saw Eye-High run around in his paddock. Pam and Meredith needed help, they needed their friends for this horse.


Ally writes:

He stopped.

Anna Harley writes:

Mrs. Crandal walked out from the barn. She had JB. He had a saddle on.

Next to JB all the ponies looked tiny.

Mrs. Crandal mounted JB. They walked over to the girls and ponies. She said looked down at them and said, "You know, if you just...."

Haley G. writes

" ….put him with the other ponies his age, he might just play with them, instead of bothering you!"

She rode off. Pam decided that the only way to make these two ponies come was to...

Bobby M.K. writes:

... put Pongo and Eye-High in different paddocks.

"Lulu, do you have a horse cookie?"

"Yes, I have a couple of Mrs. Pastures' cookies left in my pocket," said Lulu.

"Well, then I'll open the gate to the empty paddock next to this one and then go in there. I'll go fetch a halter and lead rope for Eye-High."

Pam quickly got a pony-sized halter and a lead rope while Lulu walked over to the empty paddock and opened the gate.

"Lulu, give a cookie to Anna," said Pam.

Lulu did.

"OK, now Lulu and Anna, stand at different ends of this paddock, Lulu, go stand by the exit gate " asked Pam.

They did. Pongo followed Anna, and Eye-High followed Lulu.

"OK, Lulu, give Eye-High his cookie, Anna you slowly walk down the fence with your cookie in sight but don't give to Pongo yet. When Eye-High gets his cookie, put your halter on him and lead him out the gate."

Lulu did. Eye-High looked happy. She led him out the exit gate.

Pongo saw Mrs. Crandal sitting on JB in the next paddock. Pongo was suddenly lonely when Eye-High had left. Anna walked toward JB and Mrs. Crandal. Anna climbed through the fence and walked toward JB. Pongo trotted over to the open gate into the next pasture and walked in. Mrs. Crandal leaned down from JB and gently closed the gate.

"OK, Anna, climb back through the fence, but be sure and give Pongo his cookie after you are outside," said Mrs. Crandal. Anna did. Pongo walked over. Anna gave him his cookie. Mrs. Crandal walked JB out another gate. Now Pongo and Eye-High were in different places.

Suddenly Eye-High....

Jane F. writes

...turned around and looked for Pongo. He looked for JB and then he looked for Lighting.

Mrs. Crandal and JB rode toward the training paddock. Soon they were out of sight behind a row of trees.

Pongo let Pam put his halter on and she walked him into the barn.

Eye High was alone. He was not happy.

"Whinnnnnnnnyyyyy!" Eye-High wanted his buddies. "Whinnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnyyyy!"

Pam came back with a couple of Mrs. Pastures cookies for horses and stood at the fence. Eye-High trotted over but when Pam held out a cookie he whirled around and.....

Lulu S. writes

Trotted over to take it. High-Eye really liked the cookie, Pam petted him.

When he finished chewing, he stood there while Pam kept rubbing his back.

Ally writes

He nudged her pocket.

Haley G writes

"Hmmmmm" thought Pam. "Eye high isn't wild, he wants his friends!"

Pam decided right there, that she was going to take Eye-High out for a trail ride. All she needed was help from some friends. So she quickly got her 5 pony pals, and told them the plan. They agreed, and quickly got the ponies ready.

Finally when they were out on the trail, Sunshine said "Guys, I'm really tired. We have been out here for almost 3 hours!"

"Alright" Pam agreed "We can end for the day. I'm so proud of Eye-High, he is doing great! So they turned around, but the trail didn't look familiar.

"Guy's, which way did we come from? Right I think." said Anna.

"No we came south" said Lulu.

By that point they were all disagreeing, and it was beginning to get dark. All of a sudden they heard....

amy g writes
…horses thundering around the noise got closer and closer...

Summer F writes
...(with) yelping and joyful whinnies. Pam groaned in stress. Pongo was chasing Woolie again.

As Sunshine and Summer cantered up on Piddles and Hugo, a yelping Woolie frightened the ponies

"Ahh!" screamed Piddles and Hugo. The girls almost fell off.

Eye-High thudded on his back, and gave a great burst of horselaughs. Summer and Sunshine calmed their ponies. They had grim looks on their faces.

"This isn't good," though Pam.

"Pam!" screamed Summer.

Summer and Sunshine explained that at least five Mustangs were caught, and at least 3 foals were caught. The foals have their necks in nooses, and the adults have all 4 legs caught, crisscrossed.

Eye-High stopped rolling and laughing. Mustangs? In danger? Lightning, Snow White, Acorn, Hugo, Piddles, and Eye-High nodded their heads.

While Squirrel and Pongo shook their heads.

It was settled, Squirrel and Pongo stayed, and the other ponies left. Eye-High though, "I hope my family aren't caught..."

Bobby M. writes

Squirrel and Pongo jigged nervously. What were eight mustangs doing in Connecticut?

The Pony Pal riding Squirrel calmly got off her pony. She took her lead rope out of her saddle bag. She clipped it on to Squirrel’s halter. Then she tied the lead rope to a low branch. She used a “loop knot”. If Squirrel got scared and pulled back, the pony pals could still just pull on the lead rope loose end. They could let Squirrel free, even if Squirrel was leaning against the lead rope with all her pony weight. Pongo stayed very close to Squirrel. Horses and ponies like to be with each other and feel safe that way.

The pony pal slooowwllly walked over to where the mustangs and foals were caught. They stood quietly. The mustangs were scared. They all were tangled in old hay bale twine. She could see that if she moved slowly and gently, she could walk right up to where the twine tangle was bad. If she could just ….

Summer F. writes:

...calm the ponies. Meredith tried to untie the knots, but it was no use.

The Piebald Mustang with the pink muzzle and Wall Eyes stared sadly at Eye-High. The pony walked slowly to the Mustang. He sunk his teeth on the rope hold the right front leg. He chewed the rope till there was only a thread. The Mustang pulled her leg. Eye-High said "Come on! Let's bite the rope off." The ponies gathered, chewing the ropes till the Mustang was free. The mare galloped freely.

A few minutes later, Eye-High and Lightning were chewing on the last string of rope on a Slate Grulla mare. She galloped away, that a rope swung around her neck. "When the?!" hollered Eye-High. "Hey you!" Pam held her breath. "On the count of three," she said, "we turn around." Lightning counted. "One...Two...Three!!"

Lulu S. writes:

They turned around and behind them mustangs were vanishing towards their home.

"Let's clean up this twine," Meredith said. The Pony Pals all picked up the twine and string, putting it into their saddle bags. They were just finished when suddenly ....

Ally writes:

Someone shouted STOP!

Summer F writes:

They turned and saw... Lulu's Father!

"Dad!" Lulu cried, "What are you doing?!"

"Lulu," her father said calmly, "I can explain..."

But Lulu didn't let him catch his breath. "Why are you doing this!? Killing helpless horses, tying them up and letting them die!"

"Honey," said Mr. Sanders, "It's not what you think..."

But Lulu was crying and screaming so loud, she didn't hear him. "I knew you studied animals, but killing them?!" Lulu bust into tears. "I thought you were my father, but I guess you're not!"

"Lulu," Snow White said calmly, "Maybe your father..."

"HE'S NOT MY FATHER!" screamed Lulu. When she saw she yelled at Snow White, she petted her warm cheek. "Don't you come anywhere near Snow White! In fact...I'm leaving, for good!"

Lulu mounted. Snow White went to a burst of galloping.

"Lulu!" cried Summer, "Stop!"

But Lulu galloped further into Darkwood forest. The last sounds they heard, was Snow White's clanking hooves, and hard snorts.

Summer mounted Hugo. The handsome dapple gray pony reared and followed Lulu's trail. Lulu's father was already on Picasso, so he followed. Meredith, Pam, Anna, and Sunshine copied. As Eye-High and the Slate Gulla mare galloped behind, they all hoped the worst hasn't happened...

Pam C. writes:

Lulu was scared. Why would her father do that? He loves animals. Lulu slowed Snow White and began to walk. She had to think.

What would make her father want to tangle animals in the twine? And why was he in Wiggins? He was weeks early. She suddenly stopped her pony.

"Snow White, that is not my father!" Lulu yelled. "That's.. "


This story comes from Club Pony Pals members writing in with their ideas.

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