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Dear Pony Pals

This week our game Testers got to try out the newest version of the game. They were so wonderful, they sent us lots of notes about things they liked -- and things they didn't like.

Our game developer took all those Tester's letters and notes and is working on making the game better. In a week or two there will be a new version for Testers to try again.

One thing our Testers told us loud and clear was that these ponies needed more training! Every day next week Pam, Anna, Lulu and I are all going to be riding the new ponies before school. I'll ride them while the Pony Pals are in school. Then Pam will help me after school trying to get them trained for their new owners.

If you want to help us get these ponies ready, sign up as a Tester.

Pony Pals,

Jeanne Betancourt Writes

Dear Pony Pals,

The American Museum of Natural History in New York City is celebrating ponies and horses in a special exhibit THE HORSE. It will be on until January 4, 2009. I went to see it with my almost-five-years-old granddaughter, Pilar, last week. We both thought it was a fine exhibit. You can read about the exhibit and learn some interesting things about horses by visiting this website: www.amnh.org/exhibitions/horse <http://www.amnh.org/exhibitions/horse>

One fun thing about this is exhibit is the way it is advertised. There are life-sized model horses on the grounds and entrance of the museum. Each one is painted in an unusual way. One of the horses that Pilar particularly liked was painted like a starry night.

I especially liked the one that is painted with galloping wild horses. It was a beautiful painting on or off a horse.


Isn’t it interesting the way the artist put a hand on the head of the horse?

Two others that we liked were the Polo horse...

...and the horse that was painted to look like it operated like a machine.

One of the reasons I particularly enjoyed seeing these painted horses is because the Pony Pals painted a life-sized model pony in one of my Pony Pal books. It is book #38: PONIES ON PARADE. In this Pony Pal adventure Wiggins is having a Fall Festival, which includes ten painted life-sized pony models.

There is a contest to see who will have a chance to paint one of these ponies. The library gives out papers with two outlines of a pony – one with a view from the side, the other with a view from above. It’s a perfect project for the Pony Pals. They turn in their drawing and win one of the ponies. I won’t tell you how they paint the pony or what Tommy and Mike do when they find out what the Pony Pals are doing in Anna’s garage. It’s all in PONIES ON PARADE.

The Webmaster put an outline of a pony in the WIGGINS WEEKLY and ClubPonyPals has their own contest of painted ponies on the web this month.

Happy reading.


Jeanne's suggestion is great. Anna drew a picture of a pony to paint.

Click here for a printable version of this art.

Can you draw a painted pony? Click on the pony picture above to get a printable version. Email or send your drawing in to Club Pony Pals. Deadline for entries is September 30, 2008.


To Jeanne,
My name is Taylor and I love reading your pony Pals Books. I have read a lot of them, but was wondering if you could send me a list of the books as, it would make it easier for me to collect the rest.

Dear Taylor
Click here to see the list.


Dear Jeanne Betancourt,
Hi! My name is Sarah. I share a horse with my grandpa. His name is Charlie, he is a Quarter Horse, he’s 29 years old, and I ride western. I can’t WAIT until the game on ClubPonyPal.com!! I am VERY excited! I mean, I have tried a lot of games similar to this sort, but this sounds fun!! I have some questions though,
1. Will we do the same adventures as in the Pony Pals books?
2. Will we be with the Pony Pals?
3. Is our pony a pony or a horse?
4. Can we choose to ride English or Western?
5. Can we have more than 1 pony or horse?
6. Can we do other things like take our ponies or horses swimming?
I am also attaching a picture of Charlie!!

It isn’t the best picture, but I did my best!!

Sarah and Charlie

Dear Sarah and Charlie
1. Some of the adventures will be based on the Pony Pals books. But they won't be the same. Reading the books might help you solve the puzzles and games, though.
2. To start out with you will just be with your pony, learning to ride. As the game gets bigger you will be able to visit the Pony Pals.
3. Your pony is a pony. But you get to choose its color and name.
4. To start out with there will only be English saddles. Western saddles will be added later
5. You will be able to have more than one pony
6. There will be lots of adventures. Swimming is not planned. Yet.
WebMaster for:


We want your drawings or letters!
Send them in to the Wiggins Weekly.

email WebMaster@clubponypals.com

or mail them to

Club Pony Pals
16654 Soledad Canyon Rd. #382
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