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Letters to Pam

Dear Pam,
Me and Rocky both agree the picture looks just like him. Tell Anna thanks. Rocky's cough is getting better but he is unable to be outside all the time because we haven't built his a paddock yet. He has been turned out in our riding ring since we've had him. My mom says his paddock will be built soon. My mom went to horse college and got a degree. She used to have lots of horses and won lots of ribbons. Her last horse died when I was 2 on Halloween. My friends and I think that he has a ghost since he was put down on Halloween. My mom doesn't really like to talk about him now. Anyway, we didn't have a horse until I turned 12 last year. That's when I got Rocky. He's a registered American Welsh. He thinks he's a racehorse. I don't mind but because of his "racing career" I've fallen off twice. How's Lightning. Tell her she's the best and give her a carrot for me.
Your Number 1 Fan,
P.S.Rocky Says Hi
P.S.S. Tell your dad I said thanks for the information.

Dear Gabby

Anna was really happy you liked the picture. This week she drew a picture for the painted ponies competition. She wants to do hers like Acorn, just like in the book.

I am glad Rocky is outside. I asked my dad and he said the riding ring is fine if it is not dusty.

How sad that your mom's horse was put down on Halloween. 8-(
Did your mom or you ever see the ghost?

When my mom had a pony in to train that liked to run off she would always lunge him first. Then by the time she got on the pony wanted to go slow.

Lightning is so good. It is still warm here but she is getting furry. I gave her a carrot last night and told her it was from Rocky and you. She asked if I had a cookie.

Your pony pal,


Hey Pam,
can you thank your mom for the advice:)
I learnt a lot.
And I do have a pony that crab walks, but he is actually a horse, do you know how to stop a horse from doing that??
your NO.1 Fan
in Australia

Dear Samantha

Jack and Jill kept interrupting us when I asked your question over dinner. I did learn some stuff.

My dad said it is really important to make sure that your pony is not injured. Like he said last week, crab walking can be partly from soreness in the stifle joint on a horse.

If a vet looks at your pony and tells you it is not injured, then my mom said crab walking could come from a pony that needs more exercise. It is just like a person who is a couch potato. An out of shape pony may crab walk because it is easier than working with their back legs.

My mom said what she would do if a vet told her the pony was not hurt. She said she would start the pony on a regular exercise program and use leg and training to teach it to walk straight.
Then Jack and Jill got up and started racing around the dining room and I had to go finish my homework.

Hope this helps,

Your friend,


Hi, I am Sarah. I live in a town in southern Minnesota. I share a horse with my Grandpa. He is a Quarter Horse thoroughbred (Which means that he is completely a Quarter Horse, you’d probably know that. I just didn’t want to cause confusion because there is a breed of horse called a Thoroughbred.)and he is 29 years old. He is pretty old for a horse, but he is doing GREAT!! He runs faster than my grandpa’s mare! (Well, Missy is a little fat, but she still can run pretty fast.) Well, I ride Western. I hope you aren’t upset, because as I’ve experienced, some English Riders think that riding western “works the horses too hard”. But horses are MENT to run fast! To run away from predators. And besides, horses aren’t meant to look all fancy like, no offence. Hey! Do you know WHY you must always go on the left of your horse to get on? In the Medieval Times, many warriors rode horses in wars or any other purpose. And they didn’t want to hurt their valuable friend and helper, so with their sword on their right, they mounted on the left! It seems that horses have begun to naturally get used to being mounted from the left!! I think that makes sense!! Please let me be a Pony Pal, even though I am a lot different from you, (Examples: Charlie is a horse, not a pony. I ride Western, you ride English. I have nothing against English, while some people think differently about western. I CAN’T JUMP HORSES, and you girls can.)please, please, please!
Sarah and Charlie

Dear Sarah

It is so great to hear from you. From your letter I can tell you are a great Pony Pal!

Yes, a quarter horse crossed with a thoroughbred is still a quarter horse. They can be called an Appendix, too. Horses can get very old if they are taken care of. Your grandpa must do a good job of that. 8-D

My mom says riding is what works horses, not what kind of saddle you use.

We don't look too fancy most of the time. My mom likes to trim hair and stuff when we go to shows. But most times we clean the hooves, brush the bodies and go out on trail.

You are right it is hard to jump in a Western saddle. The horn gets in the way of leaning forward over a pony's neck.

Pony Pals,

PS Lulu, Anna and I started to talk about crossing different breeds of horses. We came up with some names. Can anyone think of others?

• Quarter horse x Arab = Quarab
• Arab x Morgan = Morab
• Quarter x Andalusian = Azteca
• Thoroughbred x Draft horse = Warmblood
• Quarter x pony = Quarter pony



Dear Pam,
Thanks for sending me the drawings of Annie. Thanks for the info about Cushing's. I'll E-Mail the vet and ask him what kind of food we should give Cimarron if he has Cushing's.
I want to get Annie a new bit. The bit she has is gentle and fine, but it slips in her mouth. I want to get her a (soft) bit.
The picture will show you what the bit I want to get Annie looks like. I want to get her the blue bit.
Mom's not sure if the bit I want to get her is gentle enough. Will you please ask your mom (what) would be gentle enough for Annie?

Dear Cayce
The picture you sent showed a full cheek snaffle bit with plastic over the mouthpiece.

My mom said this is a fine bit. She also said that its much more important how you use a bit than what style it is.

We were grooming JB and Lightning to ride in our paddock and she brought out other bits to show me. Some had skinny mouthpieces, some had fat mouthpieces and one had a plastic mouthpiece like the picture you sent. That one was all eaten away by a horse who likes to chew the bit.

She said that when you ride it is really important to reward the pony or horse by stopping pulling at the right time. Even a bit that is not gentle is okay if you are careful about releasing pressure when the horse is being good. The horse learns what you want by when you stop pulling, not by when you pull.

Then we went and rode in our paddock. We practiced asking Lightning and JB to do circles and squares using leg and as little pulling on the reins as we could.

That was really fun. Lightning got so I just could look where I wanted to go and start to squeeze my fingers and she would turn.

Your Pony Pal,



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