Pony News, Views and Attitudes -- Vol.2 No 11-- September 22-28, 2008 PAGE 3



Hi! My name is Sarah. I’ll try to make this easy to read, because you have dyslexia. I share a horse with my grandpa. He is a Quarter Horse named Charlie. He is 29 years old. He is pretty old, but I don’t care, he is still a great horse! Oh . . . and I ride western. I hope that won’t upset you or Pam and Lulu (Lulu especially, I felt bad reading “Western Pony”. Cause Western is JUST as good as English. I have nothing against English, but I just rather Western. It brings back memories. And you can go faster!! Just kidding) that I ride Western. All of my Grandpa’s horses have Quarter Horse in them.
Your New Pony Pal from Minnesota,
Sarah and Charlie

Dear Sarah

I am glad you wrote. Pam, Lulu and I ride English. But Dr. Crandal rides Western, too. Mrs. Crandal has a Western saddle she uses on horses that are just being started.

When I asked Mrs. Crandal she said a good rider can ride English or Western.

Do you ride trails? Do you go to shows?

Olson's has a chestnut quarter pony that is so cute.

Write back.

Your new friend,


Hey Anna,
Sorry for writing in capitals and sort of yelling at you, But i like writing in capitals.
So how have you been?
We had a school concert today, and we did kung fu, and the whole school watched :)
Your pony pal

Dear Samantha

KUNG FU!!!!!!

Were you up on stage fighting? Do you take lessons? That is EXCITING!!!

I am good. My math test this week was hard. I rode Acorn twice. Acorn is good.

Pony Pals,


Dear Anna,
Please tell your tutor that I said thanks for the Math tip. Congratulations on passing your Math test. Have you asked your parents about getting you a spare pare of glasses yet?

Dear Cayce

This week my glasses did not help with math. )c8

My mom says I only need one pair. My dad is not working because nobody is doing building right now.

I went out to study with Acorn this week. I sat at a table and he came by to say "hi." Then he went back to eating hay.