Pony News, Views and Attitudes -- Vol.2 No 11-- September 22-28, 2008 PAGE 4



Dear Lulu,

Dear Melinda

Me too! Come over and we'll go ask Mrs. Crandal to schedule them! ;-)

Your friend,


Dear Lulu,
Please tell your dad that I said to have a safe trip to and from Australia and to be careful. Who knows? When he's on his lunch break maybe he could stop by Australia Zoo. Please let me know when your dad decides to permanently settle down in Wiggins. Have a good weekend. Please answer my question.
Friends, Cayce

Dear Cayce

He emailed me this week that Australia is beautiful. My dad promises to send me pictures. He didn't go to the zoo yet. There is a big reef there and he said he was going there next.

I wrote back to watch out for sharks.

He wrote back and said that he would.

My grandma wants me to help rake leaves. No fires here yet this year. Maybe whoever was setting fires last year moved away.

Pony Pals,


Hey Lulu!
It's your pen pal, Hannah here. Do you remember me?
What's the special at the Off Main Diner today or this week? I wish I was there at the Off Main Diner! It sounds like such a cool place!
Well, better go,
Look forward in hearing your reply,
Hannah xx

Dear Hannah

I called Anna to ask and she didn't know so we got out our ponies and rode over to take a look.
The special this week is "Stewed Mince."

That sounded weird. So I asked Anna's mom and she said that her dad taught her to make it. I asked her what was in it and she laughed and said it had chopped beef and peas and carrots and corn kernels in gravy. It's served over mashed potatoes.

Then she asked if we wanted to try some. When I didn't say anything Anna nudged me in the ribs with her elbow.



I said sure.

Anna's mom brought out a small plate and two forks. Anna and I shared. It was really good! Kind of like having a shepherd's pie upside down. (The food upside down, not us.)

Then when we finished that Anna's mom brought out the dessert special, a wedge of deep dish apple pie and a slice of Vermont cheddar cheese.

That was yummmmmmmy.

Your friend,


Hey Lulu,
Thanks for the picture of Snow White and Snow flake.
I haven't really done any thing that good lately, but i went to my grandparent's place on the weekend and went to a strawberry farm and picked strawberries.
So what have you been doing?
From Samantha
Your pony pen pal

Dear Samantha

Picking strawberries sounds like so much fun! Do they grow on trees? Did you need a ladder? Could you eat all you wanted?

We stop at the apple trees along Pony Pal trail every time we go by this time of year and pick apples to eat and give our ponies.

It's really funny that Lightning remembers the apple trees are there and wants to stop, even in winter when there aren't any apples or any leaves or anything.

Write back about the strawberry trees.

Your Pony Pal,


Hiya. My name is Sarah. I share a horse with my grandpa. His name is Charlie and he is 29 years old. Charlie is a Quarter Horse, and so that means that . . . I ride Western. I know you might not be so happy. Considering Charlie Chase (OH NO!! CHARLIE CHASE RIDES WESTERN AND MY HORSE, CHARLIE RIDES WESTERN!!!!! =O!!!!) riding Snow White Western. I felt bad. I have to go now.
Sarah And Charlie

Dear Sarah

You are so lucky to have such a smart horse.

Not all quarter horses are ridden western. Ms. Wiggins old horse was a quarter horse and she rides English.

Snow White likes to be ridden Western or English. She doesn't care.

Charlie was OK, though sometimes he liked to show off.

You are so lucky to have a big, trained horse.

Give Charlie a big hug for me and an extra carrot or apple.

Your new Pony Pal,