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dear clubPONYPALS,
How are you ? I am home schooled and I will work on the Internet can I be a tester?
my name is Anna. how are yall?
I home school do any of yall?
Anna C

Dear Anna
The first trial version of our game went out to testers this week. Mrs. Crandal writes about this. Games are so complicated that there were many small parts that needed fixing and the ponies need to be trained more.
Your name is now on the testers list and you will get an email soon when the next version of the game is ready to try.


oh! oh! oh! guess what? i get to ride mona this sunday!
oh!oh!oh! i know something really cool on wednesday its my birthday!
right now i'm at my dads .so far its been really cool!
i love it here! :}


Dear Mary
Happy birthday to you!
Happy birthday to you!
Happy birthday, dear Mary…
Happy birthday to you! (And many more……..)
Glad to hear you got to ride Mona!
What kid of pony is she and where do you keep her?
Glad you're having fun with your dad!


You clean the stalls?

Dear Ally
No, we hire game testers to do it for us!
P.S. Not really. ;-) We're not sure yet who will clean the stalls. Do you think you would want to do it if you got paid? Hint – your shoes will not get dirty cleaning virtual horse stalls. It will also not be smelly. Unless computers get real fancy real fast.


Send in care of my Grandmother's email
Thank you, Rebekah

Dear Rebekah
Welcome to Club Pony Pals! Write us about your adventures, with or without a pony.


hi can i be a tester for club pony pals
p.s. what`s a ATV
Sarah P

Dear Sarah P
You are now on the list as a tester. ATV = All Terrain Vehicle. It's like a little go-cart with an engine that people ride around. Sometimes people even ride them on horse trails, so it is really important that ponies and horses learn not to be afraid of them.



Dear Webmaster,
Can't wait until the Pony Pals game is ready. Sincerely, Cayce

Dear Cayce
Us too!!!!!!


The story continues..

Summer F writes:

Six Girls, Six Ponies, And They Soon All Become One Club...
Meredith, Pam, Anna, Lulu, Summer, and Sunshine have a new problem.

A wild pony named Eye-High was to be trained by Meredith. But the pony becomes frisky and won't obey orders.

Can the six girls and ponies help Eye-High?

Or is the only thing Eye-High will be dog food?

Lulu S. writes:

Meredith and Pam looked over the fence at Eye High. He was running around, his eyes wide and snorting!

"He looks like he would be a good pony," Mer-mer said, "If we could ever catch him."

Pam picked up a pony halter and lead rope. She looked at the horse cookie jar next to Mer-mer's tack box, and grabbed a few Mrs. Pastures cookies for horses.

"Watch this," Pam said, as she walked toward the pony.

The pony started to run off but when Pam held out a Mrs. Pastures horse cookie he stopped.

Ally writes:

Then he came to Pam.

He took the cookie.

Jane writes:

Eye High never had a Mrs. Pastures cookie before. It took him a few seconds to figure out that he had to chew it up with his back teeth. Then he started to chew. And chew. And chew.

His eyes closed partway and he licked his lips. When he finished chewing Pam held out the halter. Eye High sniffed at it and Pam put it over his nose and gave him another cookie.

Pam said "He likes those!" as she buckled the halter. "Let's go clean you up."

But when Pam turned toward the barn, Eye High....

Ally writes

... fell to the ground.

Lulu writes

He really did not want to come with Pam.

Before Pam could turn around to get Eye High up, she heard a noise and turned around to see....

Summer F writes
.. a tan and white object running from the barn. Pam sighed with stress. It was Pongo, the Appaloosa foal.

Pongo was caught in quicksand and only by teamwork, Meredith, Pam, Anna, Lulu, Summer, and Sunshine were able to save him.

Pongo was sick from eating poisoned berries while lost, so he had been staying at the Animal Clinic.

Pongo been nothing but a troublemaker. First, he chased some leghorn hens at the pen. Pam bought them from Green Market when livestock were sold.

Then, Pongo rolled into red mud, making his coat, kind of a ruby color. He still had a faint stain. Then, he was bucking and kicking Lightning, bossing her to play. When Pam shooed him away, he just wheeled right back, and head-butted her so hard, she fell down.

One time they were having a barn sleepover, and Pongo was whinnying and chasing Acorn, Lightning, Hugo, Piddles, Squirrel, and Snow White. He was even chasing the school ponies. Pam tried to chase him away, but the raced right back. An like a bighorn sheep fighting another, he rammed Pam right into a puddle of black mud.

Anna, Lulu, Meredith, Summer, and Sunshine giggled. But they helped Pam get up and helped her shower. Then they put Pongo with them. But he kept stepping on each other's hair or sleeping bag. So they put him in Lightning's stall. And Pongo fought with Woolie, Pam's sheepdog when he was trying to herd her with Lighting. Woolie kept barking and snarling. But he yelped in panic when Pongo reared and punched Woolie on the side with his front hooves. So Woolie hardly ever went near Pongo.

This time, Pongo leapt like a cat and kicked Eye-High's rear with his back hooves. "Pongo!" said Pam, "Stop it!" Instead of running away, Eye-High reared and pushed Pongo so hard with his front hooves, Pongo was punched into the barn door. He chased him away. "Eye-High!" said Pam. Eye-High raced to his paddock. He was scared; you could see the whites of his eyes and his ears were laid back. "No cookies for that behavior!" Pam and Meredith saw Eye-High run around in his paddock. Pam and Meredith needed help, they needed their friends for this horse.


Ally writes:

He stopped.

Anna Harley writes:

Mrs. Crandal walked out from the barn. She had JB. He had a saddle on.

Next to JB all the ponies looked tiny.

Mrs. Crandal mounted JB. They walked over to the girls and ponies. She said looked down at them and said, "You know, if you just...."

Bobby M.K. writes:

"....are calm, think about where you would like to be with these ponies, then that will give you a goal. Once you know what you want, then most times it's just a matter of figuring out what steps you need to get there.

First, I think we should put Pongo and Eye-High in different paddocks.

Lulu, do you have a horse cookie?"

"Yes, I have a couple of Mrs. Pastures' cookies left in my pocket," said Lulu.

"Well, then I'll ride JB, open the gate to the empty paddock next to this one and then go in there. Pam, go fetch a halter and lead rope for Eye-High."

Pam quickly got a pony-sized halter and a lead rope while Mrs. Crandal walked on JB over to the empty paddock and opened the gate.

"Lulu, give a cookie to Anna," said Mrs. Crandal.

Lulu did.

"OK, now Lulu and Anna, stand at different ends of this paddock, Lulu, go stand by the exit gate " asked Mrs. Crandal.

They did. Pongo followed Anna, and Eye-High followed Lulu.

"OK, Lulu, give Eye-High his cookie, Anna you slowly walk down the fence with your cookie in sight but don't give to Pongo yet. When Eye-High gets his cookie, put your halter on him and lead him out the gate."

Lulu did. Eye-High looked happy. She led him out the exit gate.

Pongo saw Mrs. Crandal sitting on JB in the next paddock. Pongo was suddenly lonely when Eye-High had left. Anna walked toward JB and Mrs. Crandal. Anna climbed through the fence and walked toward JB. Pongo trotted over to the open gate into the next pasture and walked in. Mrs. Crandal leaned down from JB and gently closed the gate.

"OK, Anna, climb back through the fence, but be sure and give Pongo his cookie after you are outside," said Mrs. Crandal. Anna did. Pongo walked over. Anna gave him his cookie. Mrs. Crandal walked JB out another gate. Now Pongo and Eye-High were in different places.

Suddenly Eye-High....

This story comes from Club Pony Pals members writing in with their ideas.

What happens next? Let us know. Write to WebMaster@ClubPonyPals.com

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