Pony News, Views and Attitudes -- Vol. 2 Number 2 -- July 21-27, 2008 PAGE 1

Mew WW Staffer
Needs Name

Lately there have been too many mice around the Wiggins Weekly offices! This week two new staff members were added. They came to work at the Weekly in an unusual way.

One Wednesday morning six weeks ago Pony Pal Carol D. sadly noted a stray female cat had been hit by a car on the busy street in front of her house. The next day she came home to discover a tiny kitten no bigger than a mouse plaintively mewing in the middle of her driveway. Only a day or two old, its eyes were still closed and its ears were crinkled flat to its head. The tiny kitten had crawled out to try and find its mom. That cat became known as the "Scout" and that name stuck.

Carol looked around and found there were three other kittens in a nest under a bush. She picked them up and called around to find an animal shelter than would take them. The kittens were way too young for any shelter to accept. They needed to be bottle fed every few hours. So for four weeks Carol and her family bottle fed the kittens.

They all survived, and this week Scout and his black sister came to live in the Weekly offices. The black female kitten does not have a name. That's this week's Club Pony Pals Problem!

Club Pony Pals readers and members are encouraged to write in with suggestions for a name for this kitten. Then Club members can vote on their favorite name next week.

Scout and his sister wrestling

Club Pony Pals Game Update:
Equine Artist Chosen

Jane Crandal, owner of Wiggins’ Crandal Stables announced today that noted equine artist Lyndsey W. has joined the Club Pony Pals team to create pony and horse images.

Some of her artwork has already appeared in the Wiggins Weekly as choices for the Club Pony Pals bookmark that will be included with orders for Pony Pals books from Scholastic this fall.

“When I saw Lyndsey’s drawings and paintings on the web, I knew right away that they were created by someone who has spent a lot of time around horses” noted Mrs. Crandal.

“It is every so important for the ponies and horses in virtual Wiggins to be not only accurate but also that they have the right “spirit” or “feel” to them. I know that when I see a painting or drawing with it, it makes me feel almost like I am looking at a real pony or horse” Crandal continued.

“We interviewed several artists whose work is quite good. But Lyndsey’s images have that special sort of spark in them that shows the artist really loves horses” she said.

Lyndsey and her husband have horses of their own and are surrounded by many, many others. She has lots of subjects to study when she has a particular piece of art in mind.

With a Master of Fine Arts degree, Lyndsey works not only in physical paint and pencil but also digitally on a computer.

“Lyndsey’s ability to work with images in a computer is important to us” continued Mrs. Crandal, “everything in the new Pony Pals game will be sent from a big computer out to visitors who come to the site.”

Lyndsey's pony drawing

Jeanne Betancourt Writes



I loved the anniversary issue of the Wiggins Weekly. Congratulations on a year of great Pony Pal reporting.

By the way, I wonder if Pony Pal readers have noticed an anagram hidden in the books. What word is spelled out by the first name initials of Anna, Lulu, and Pam?

I join all Pony Pals in blowing out the first anniversary candle and make a wish for all Pony Pals to have fun adventures in the web world of ClubPonyPals.

Happy Reading and Gaming,

Jeanne Betancourt


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