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Riding is Not Just Competing

I gave up riding at 21 because I frankly couldn't afford my own horse.

I had always ridden other folks horses with a strong emphasis on competing, competing, competing. Sadly the local scene was poisonous!!!

I threw in the towel at 21 with the WORST taste in my mouth for the horse world (though never for the animals themselves).

20+ years later I found myself with an opportunity to ride again (non-competively). I simply cannot do justice with words how riding again made me feel. It was like discovering a limb I didn't know I had lost. A part of me that I didn't know I was missing.

In the last five years I managed to stumble across Sox. For the first time in my life I"fell in love" with a horse. Very likely because there was no pressure involved. And yes I'll admit freely, no financial pressure either. Sox has become a "free lease" deal for me.

I realize not EVERYONE is as fortunate as I have been. But in my own defense I worked at it. I rode the Barn Owner's horse for two years, I volunteered for hours of free manual labour. I was just soooo happy to be breathing horse sweat and leather again.

When the barn owner purchased Sox it became abundantly clear he did not "fit" their working barn program. The obvious choice would have been to resell him. In the interim I fell in love.

I worked and worked and worked at making Sox a "solid citizen". In part it has worked. He is completely trustworthy on the ground around a lesson barn. But he will never be a lesson horse.

They have given him over to me completely (bless them, THANK YOU!!!) I suspect in EVERY sport there are cut-throat folk. PUHLEASE don't let them ruin horses for you! So yeah, I concur, enjoy lessons, volunteer to help with therapy programs, reclaim the JOY!!!! In time things have a way of working out.

I wish you only the best (and in my mind that's a supportive environment and good horses that will help rebuild what those bad experiences have broken for you).

P.S. It's just a schooling show, it's just a schooling show........Why is it I grew up on competing but in my old age I've become a "nervous nellie"?

By the time my division started I was reasonably relaxed. We placed two 4th's in a field of 8. A sixth in a field of 11 and FINALLY a first in a field of 11 riders! It seems both Sox and I needed the previous three rides to pull ourselves together, LOL.

We won in Open Road Hack. Sox and I finally settled down and quit arguing and he didn't put a foot out of place. I was still shocked to have placed first.

It is hard in a field that large to judge how well the others are doing. I was just attending to my own business and trying to keep Sox well placed on the rail.

I'm very pleased for both of us. Sox got multiple scratches and hugs and treats. We need to work on consistency and I didn't warm him up long enough or appropriately. Is it just me but are all warm up rings that chaotic!!!???

Thanks everyone for your support!


"The Pony Pals"
This drawing is from Bella in Australia



Hey Pam, I am not sure if they have ride and tie, because I don't compete in events because we don't have a horse float and bookie doesn't like events!!!!
Love from Samantha in

Dear Samantha in Australia

What is a horse float? Is it a kind of a boat? Do you live on an island?

Here in Wiggins we use horse trailers to move our horses. Write back and tell me more.

Pony Pals,

P. S. Bookie does not have to like events to be a good horse.

Picture It

The story so far....

Picture This started with Meredith out in a field in an ATV and Squirrel the horse looking at her. When they got back to their barn, Summer was was there writing a note. Summer finished the note, got on her pony and galloped away. The note warned that Pongo the appaloosa foal was missing in the Darkwood forest. Meredith found Squirrel the horse, tacked up and loped out to Darkwood forest.

In the forest, Meredith heard a strange noise, looked for it and then saw two girls on a piebald and a dapplegrey pony. One girl was named Sunshine and her pony's name was Piddles. More girls arrived on ponies that were chestnut, dun and white. It was the Pony Pals on Lightning, Acorn and Snow White.

At the sound of frightened whinnies, all the girls rode to where they thought the sounds were coming from. They found Pongo the foal stuck in quicksand. The girls and the Pony Pals had some ideas about how to rescue Pongo but there were no boards nearby.

The group needs a Pony Pal Plan!

Bobby writes:

Pongo is so afraid and so tired and he can’t pick up his legs.

The Pony Pals, Summer and Meredith start to make a plan. Pam has a spare halter and a long lead rope in her saddlebag.

If they could only put that halter on Pongo, they could lead him and help him pull free of the quicksand.

Summer got off her pony and poked down into the quicksand with a stick. It was not really deep where she could reach.

The Pony Pals decide to try and get to Pongo by tying lead ropes on to their waists. The third Pony Pal can wrap a rope around her saddle tie down.

A pony is much heavier than a foal. If the Pony Pal
backs up her pony after the halter is on, it can pull both everyone out all at once.

Pam is the tallest girl there, so she...

What happens next? Write in and tell us -- you can help write this new Club Pony Pals e-story!
Send your e-story idea to WebMaster@clubponypals.com


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