Pony News, Views and Attitudes -- Vol. 2 Number 2 -- July 21-27, 2008 PAGE 4

hey Lulu,
how are you? Have you been to Mt. Morris lately? How's Anna and Pam? Your pen pal!!!
Samantha in Australia

Dear Samantha

Pam, Anna and I rode to Mt. Morris this week. Anna's dad almost has the Mt. Morris ski resort monument finished, it is all there except for the brass plaque. It is really impressive.

Its kind of secret where it is right now, the Ranger says he will make an announcement to the paper before it gets dedicated and they will hold a ceremony.
Your Pony Pal,


Dear Lulu,
Hi! Sarah here, You asked me about the trail ride I went on on Friday. It was different then my other trail rides.
I was on a huge, beautiful, palomino horse named Whiskey. It felt like I was in the sky when I got on top of him.

Then, something scary happened!
Another big horse named Little Joe (there's nothing little about him) tried to attack and kick my horse! I was okay though. It made me kinda flashback on when I got thrown and what happened with my mom and I started panicking. I wanted to get off.

But the lady that was leading the trail hooked my horse to a lead rope and led my horse while riding her own horse, and I decided I would come if I stayed on the rope.

Then I learned how to trot on a trail and I had so much fun that I decided I could make it without the rope! It was really fun. I was glad i went.

Thank you for the advice about my horse. I love talking to you!


Dear Sarah
What a wonderful adventure story! Like I wrote last time, the right trainer can help you learn how to enjoy riding. Everyone has to respect their horse or pony. That carefulness is part of learning to enjoy riding and caring for your own pony. Thanks for writing. Pony Pals,
Dear Lulu,
I'm sorry your grandfather died before you where born. Grandaddy died in a hunting accident five days before I was born and Dad's parents both died from strokes way before I was born. Grandmama's mother died when I was a baby so I don't remember her and Grandmama's dad died in a car accident when she was six. So I only have one grandparent like you. Hope your dad has a safe trip to and from Africa.
Sincerely, Cayce
Dear Cayce,
My grandma and I read your letter and she said to tell you to remember that "each day is a gift." My dad left on Friday and I miss him already but he promises to send me emails every week with pictures from where he is working. He already sent me an email from the airport.
Hug your grandmama for me and remember to tell her you love her every day. Those of us who don't have lots of grandparents have to take care of the ones we have.
Your Pony Pal,


Hi, Lulu!
I have alway's wanted a pony.
My mother say's that we could afford a pony, but we just don't have the right amount of land.
I really wish I could come to Wiggins for a whole summer!
Snow White sounds like the sweetest pony you could ever wish for!
I am a BIG fan of the Pony Pals books, and I hope Jeanne keeps on writing much more!
I have played so many other horse games that I will cut those off just to play the new Pony Pals game!
PS. Please tell Pam and Anna that I think they are really cool and that their pony's are very adorable!
Write me back!
From Grace

Dear Grace,

Snow White is the best pony anyone could ever want. When the new Pony Pals game comes out you can have your own pony, name it whatever you want and ride anytime, even when it is raining!

I played some of those other horse games, too. On one the rider gets on the horse on the wrong side. In another the pony gets a whole feeder full of oats.

Mrs. Crandal says that her game will be better. I can't wait to see it either.

Your Pony Pal,



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