Pony News, Views and Attitudes -- Vol. 2 Number 2 -- July 21-27, 2008 PAGE 2

This Week's Survey

Who controls where you visit on the internet?

  • I decide, no one tells me where I can visit
  • My parents look at where I visit and we talk about it
  • My parents tell me where I can visit, so I only go to those web sites
  • My computer is set so I can only visit some sites
  • I can't visit internet sites, I only can write emails (write an email back that says "only emails" if this is your answer)

Last Week's Survey Results


Where in the world do you live?




Club Pony Pals Letters

If I rode my horse to school..

hi, if i rode my horse to school i think all the kids would want to ride him...And no body would do their work... I would have to bring food and water to school with me...It would be a trip...Trying to get out of classes so i could go check on him....I would have to put him in the car loop and lock the gates so he could not get out unless i let him out or another person let him out....Trying to get him to get me to school on time would be another big trip....



Game Tester Emails

Well I have to say I was very impressed!
It really showed you nicely what the riding experience was going to be like.
I love pony pals and I hope you guys can bring it to life! But I think I can count on you, OK?
PS. Don't let me down!
From Grace

Hey WebMaster!
I just wanted to say I would absolutely LOVE to be a tester for the game!!!
I can't wait until' the game comes out!!!!
I'm still not completely sure what the game is going to be like but I am looking forward to it!
Club Pony Pals is the best!!!!

Dear Pony Pals Grace & Hannah

Club Pony Pals still needs more game testers. If you want to see our game write in to the Weekly and let us know"I want to be a game tester." We'll put you on the list. WebMaster

P.S. This game will be something special! Lots of news real soon!


New Zealand Pony Power

my name is Danielle and I am a horse lover and i have seen your page in the horse and pony and been interested in joining the club.

I live at west Auckland in new Zealand
that would be great have a great day


Australia Pony Power

Hey Webmaster,
thanks 4 putting my picture i did on paint
on the front of the website!!!!!!!!!!

samantha in N.S.W in Aus

How Do I Send in My Picture?

hello my friend ksparky asked me to get her a club pony pal acct. i am still a pony pal lover so i told her that i had an acct an she said she wanted one so now. i wanted to know how do i send in a picture... please let me know pony pal steph

please add me to your list of pony pals. I hope that I have a lot of fun on here. I was wondering how I send in the pictures and letter cause I am new and I do not know how to do anything so can you please help me out a little bit please and thank you very much. thank you. Kalyn

Hi WebMaster!!!
This is Hannah.
I just wanted to ask how do you send your pictures and drawings in? Because i have loads of horse pictures I want to be put on the
Wiggins Weekly. Thanks for creating this site! It's the best!!!!!

Dear Webmaster,
I hope you like my picture of the Pony Pals on their horses. I love to draw all sorts of things, but fairies and ponies are my favorites.
Daddy isn't sure how to scan and send you my drawing ( I'm trying tho !!! ) so he will send it in a pic format. ( I hope )
Hope it comes out OK !! I will be sending more, real soon.
Best wishes from Isabella
Albury, Australia

Dear Pony Pal Stephanie, Hannah and Isabella
If your computer has a scanner, you can use the scanner. Or you can hold your drawing up and have someone take your picture with a digital camera, so it’s a picture of you holding your picture. ;-) Take a look at Isabella doing just that below.

Doing either of the above makes a digital file called a jpg (say it jay-peg). Either way, then you attach your jpg to your email with the attachments box or line, and email it back to us here. An attachment is like a little package that’s part of the email.
Or you can mail it to us in regular US Postal Mail to
Club Pony Pals
16654 Soledad Canyon Road
Canyon Country, CA 91387
And we will scan the drawing in here. We look forward to seeing your art and photos! That would be like the drawing below.

This arrived in the mail yesterday.
Acorn by Isabelle, age 7 almost 8

Thanks so much to Isabelle who mailed this drawing in an envelope to Club Pony Pals .

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