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Pam needs new Pony Pal Pictures for jigsaw puzzles in her game loft! If she uses your artwork, we will credit your account with 100 Wiggins Bucks. So send in images via email as a jpeg, bmp, tif or gif.  


Write and let us know what you think.  More games are just around the corner. That includes one that will test just how well a Pony Pal knows ponies!


Every day, ClubPonyPals is getting new signups from countries in different parts of our world. There are now Pony Pals in at least 23 countries. Welcome new Pony Pals! Or should we say


Isten hozta new Pony Pals in Hungary!

Domo arigato gozaimasu new Pony Pals in Japan!

Valkommen New Pony Pals in Sweden!

Velkommen New Pony Pals in Denmark!

Goeie middag New Pony Pals in South Africa!

Ni hao or Gei hou New Pony Pals in China

Dobre doshli New Pony Pals in Bulgaria!  

Howdy New Pony Pals with the US Military!



We are glad to have so many visitors to virtual Wiggins and Crandal's barn. ClubPonyPals' new features are closer than ever to launch. Lots of pony-themed games will appear a few at a time over the next weeks.  As soon as our programmers get it arranged, Pony Pals will be able to play these pony-themed games and earn Wiggins Bucks.


We got some requests for ClubPonyPals T shirts and other kinds of tops, so they are now available at http://www.cafepress.com/ClubPonyPals


We are on version #30 of our new trail riding experience. We want it to work really well before we launch it. Thanks to all of our testers for their time and reports. We appreciate your help.   


Remember, Club Pony Pals visitors can adopt as many ponies as they want, all it takes is registering a new account for each new pony.



We are getting some emails that report there are a few problems with signing up.  We are working on finding out out why this happens. It should be easy for all Pony Pals to join. If you or someone you know has a problem signing in or registering, send an email to




And we can help you sign up. Our database manager is still working to make ClubPonyPals better. Telling us if you have a problem can help make the Club work for everyone.


Please write to Pam, Anna and Lulu, Jeanne Betancourt or the Webmaster. We want to hear what is going on with you, wherever in the world you are, with or without ponies.


ClubPonyPals 4x6 color stickers are still free. Please send an email with a grownup's mailing address if you would like one!


This week's edition of the Wiggins Weekly is short enough so we can email everyone’s letters. So we are.



PS For a few more weeks ClubPonyPals 4x6 color stickers are still free. Please send email with a grownup's mailing address if you would like one!


Club Pony Pals Letters from Readers

Dear Webmaster

i love horses thats why i sign up



Dear Pony Pal Austin

Welcome to the barn! Have you adoped any online ponies yet? We are working on making our riding experience as good as we can. Soon you will be able to visit Pam's game loft and ride out on trail. The Game Loft is fun, it will have pony-themed games. ClubPonyPals is a good place for anyone who likes horses or ponies. What do you want to do on this site?





Dear Webmaster

Well, I can't wait for (the new trail riding game) to be avaliable!  I think it's  MUCH better than the riding game that you have now. (No offence).   I would  highly recommend that you put it on the site.



Dear Pony Pal Chippy 

Thanks for testing our new trail ride. We are anxious for it to get launched, too. But first it has to work really well. Pony Pals like you have been very, very helpful. We appreciate your time and thoughts. 



Dear Webmaster

Wiggins Weekly 2-22 was never E-Mailed to me. I had to look at it online. Glad ya'll are working with Scholastic to see about helping to make the Pony Pals books available more. Glad ya'll had a good Thanksgiving. Sincerely,



Dear Pony Pal Cayce

Thanks for letting us know about not getting an email of the last Wiggins Weekly issue. There are so many new members in our Club we had to start using a bigger email program. There may be a hitch or two getting the Weekly to all of our Pony Pal readers, though you can always look at it online at ClubPonyPals.com. We are working real hard to make all the new games as good as they can be.

Thanks for writing,





Hi Webmaster

my name is Chedwix.


Dear Pony Pay Chedwix

Thank you for writing. Have you adopted an online pony? Where is the name Chedwix from? Please write or draw a picture about what it is like where you live!




Dear Webmaster,

I am new to clubponypals.I was wondering how to get to the trail riding game.can you tell me how to get there?



Dear Pony Pal Lisa

Welcome to our Club! We will add your name to our Tester's list. Everyone who has tried our new trail ride really likes it.





Letters to Jeanne Betancourt

Dear Jeanne,
I love your books so much. How much are they on this website? I love horses and ponies so very much and I hope to get one some day. Club pony pal is great.


Dear Pony Pal Em

Thank you for writing. The Webmaster is working with Scholastic to see how Pony Pals books can be easy to find.  Right now they are not available on this website. You can order them in school from your teacher or from the other stores listed on our website at http://www.clubponypals.com/books_for_sale.php

Webmaster for  

jeanne signature


Dear Jean Betancourt

I want to read all your books!!! THEY ARE

S000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000 AMAZINGLY AWESOMELY GOOD !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

A Pony Pal


Dear Pony Pal

Thank you very much. I hope you enjoy reading all the Pony Pal books you can find. I enjoyed writing them. I knew I wanted to write books about three friends who are smart, strong and kind. I hope you have lots of adventures, with or without a pony.

Webmaster for


jeanne signature


We want your drawings or letters!
Send them in to the Wiggins Weekly.

email WebMaster@clubponypals.com

or mail them to

Club Pony Pals
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