Pony News, Views and Attitudes -- Vol.2 No.22 —December  8-14, 2008 PAGE 3

Letters to Anna



Dear Pony Pal friends


This week I drew a picture of Acorn. I made it color. I wanted to show Acorn wearing a Santa hat. Acorn had other ideas. He did not want to wear the hat. 


I put it on him and when I went to take a picture he shook his head and it came off.


So I put it on again.  Acorn shook his head again.


We did this a lot of times, then he shook his head, stomped on the hat and then picked it up and ran off with it. I got a picture before he ran away.


I really love Acorn, but sometimes he has different ideas than I do.


Hope you like the picture anyway,


Write back,

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Dear Anna,

Hi! I wrote a poem that I will show you. I hope you like it.  Please share it with Pam and Lulu.  Did you set up your Christmas tree yet?  What is your favourite color?  Mine is yellow.  My dog Tiny tried to steal my ball he took it and ran away and put it down in his bed.  Tell Acorn I said hi. Please write back soon.  Love,



Dear Pony Pal Alyssa


You wrote a great poem! I gave it to Mrs. Crandal who gave it to the Webmaster. Your poem is in the "My ClubPonyPals" section of the Wiggins Weekly. Everybody can see it there. Lulu and Pam really, really like it. You are a good writer.


My favorite color is Periwinkle blue. Tiny sounds frisky. Acorn is frisky. I will say hi to him as soon as I get my Santa hat back from him. He left it somewhere in the bushes by his paddock.


My dad got a tree from Mrs. Wiggins. He found two fir trees that grew too close together. He cut the large one for her home. Ours is just right for our house.  Mrs. Wiggins had him plant four to replace the two he cut. We will decorate our tree this week. What do you want for Christmas?


Pony Pals,

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Dear Anna

uummmm.....well I just joined and I was wondering how you just your character or how to ride your horse?  i have a few more. how do you get your horse's health up and how do you buy stuff. That was all anyways bye



Dear Jocemyana

Hi. I asked Mrs. Crandal. She said you can click on the question mark in the barn area, to can find answers.


I asked her your questions. She said to ride your horse you have to groom it first. Grooming your horse makes it healthy. Make sure and clean both sides. There is a green vending machine in Crandal’s barn. That is where you can buy stuff. Mrs. Crandal is working to make a new trail ride good.  The site home page as a stuff for sale button, too.  


Thanks for writing,

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I'm a really big fan of yours. I have a pony of my own. She's a Welsh and something else. (No one really knows what, but my dad sais she's part mule when he's joking around.) Her name is Bella. My sister has a white Welsh pony. Her name is Angel. I thought Lulu would find that cool. How's Acorn? Hope he's ok. I really find him cute.

Thanks for reading,



Dear Bella 2000


You are so lucky to have Bella. So is your sister. She or you can write Lulu about Angel. I love Acorn. He is good. He swiped my Santa hat. Do you and your sister ride together?


What is it like where you live? It is icy here. Acorn had ice in his mane!


Thank you for writing. Pony Pen Pals,

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Dear anna,

it is Anna again.  I have a cat named felix. Were do u live? I also have a brother his name is Devin. He is 14  march 2009 he will turn 15 soon he will soon get his license.



Dear Anna again


Brothers can be pests. Just like Tommy Rand. I don't know why Tommy is mean. He used to have Acorn. Maybe Tommy would be happier if he had a pony again.


What is Felix like? Like Fat Cat?


I live in Wiggins, CT with my mom and dad.


Your same name friend,

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Hey Anna,

I've been having sooooooo much fun with Acorn.

I love drawing!  My Acorn is not a Shetland pony its a Connemara.  I could not find a Shetland.  But I still love him. Connemaras are my second favorites. Can you please send me a picture of you, Lulu and Pam and your ponies?

Please e-mail back soon.



Dear Bethany 


It is really great you like your Acorn. I like my Acorn, too. Connemara ponies are from Ireland. I will draw a picture that shows all three of us and our ponies.


What is it like where you are? It is icy here. Some power lines are down. My dad went out to help the volunteer fire department. They are all friends of his. 

Pony Pen Pals,


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Dear Anna

it's sad you almost gave up your pony at Mr. Olsen's. And your grades were low in the Pony for Keeps story. I like that book, I am on the 6th chapter already.  I like Acorn's mane, it looks like it's very soft. Sincerely,



Dear Chedwix


I was so sad. I thought I could not keep Acorn. He is very special to me. I am glad I got a tutor. If I study, my grades are OK. So I can keep Acorn.


What is it like where you are? It is icy here now. The roads are slippery. There were no cars out for a while. I read that horses used to have "sharp" shoes for winter. They would not slip on ice or snow.



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