Pony News, Views and Attitudes -- Vol.2 No.23 —December  15-21, 2008 PAGE 4

Letters to Lulu


Dear Lulu

I like to read the Pony Pals books. And they are very exciting too.



Dear Kira


Thank you for writing. Sometimes life here is exciting. I think adventures are everywhere. What is it like where you are? It is winter here now. In England, it didn't snow very often, just rain. Here we get lots of snow. My grandmother says it used to snow more. Right now we just had an ice storm that coated everything in ice. In moonlight, all the trees and bushes are sparkly!



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Hi Lulu,

I live in Ontario Canada. What is your Favorite subject in school?

Mines drama.  I broke my leg twice.


Pony pal Annie


Dear Annie


My favorite class is geography. I get to think about where my dad is when we study world maps.


My leg got hurt once when Snow White fell. How did you break your leg? Was a pony involved?


Is it cold where you are in Canada? It is icy here now.


Pony Pals,

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Do you believe in unicorns? I do. My daddy's weird. I want to know how (many) horses you've ridden. I want to be in your book as Sunny Flitchove REALLY BAD! Sorry but I have to go!



Dear Emily

I think that when someone believes in something, then it is real for them. Why is your dad weird?


What does Sunny Flitchove do in my book?  You need to write back to and tell us what you want in the book that stars you.


Mrs. Crandal liked your idea. She says she thinks maybe you would like to be part of my Club Pony Pony Pals with your book. Or maybe you can start writing pieces of Picture It.


What is it like where you are? I am going to help my grandma decide what kind of tree we will have this year. Maybe we will have a tiny live one it a pot. Then we can plant it at Mrs. Wiggins' estate later in spring when the ground thaws.


Tell me more about Sunny Flitchove. I look forward to hearing more from you!

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Hi Lulu

Do these E-mails end up in Wiggins Weekly? Why aren't you writing back? When will the trail ride be out?  Tell Anna I'll need some tips on drawing.  Do you think you could make a game called sled horse or horse on the loose? I named my horse Snow White but too bad I can't have a pony or at least riding lessons.  

Pony Pal Emily

P.S. CAN I be in the books?


Dear Emily


Your letter was in the Wiggins Weekly. But -- Mrs. Crandal said the Webmaster told her some people didn’t get their email newsletter last week.


She told me that it is always online at Club Pony Pals with the letters answered.


Mrs. Crandal let me try the new trail ride. It is really fun. It should be ready very soon. What kind of sled horse game do you want? What happens in it?

I’ll pet my Snow White and give her a good grooming so she grunts.


You can be in the books if you write a story about yourself and the Pony Pals. Then everyone can read about you there.

Pony Pals,

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Dear Lulu

I'm planing to ride Annie as much as I can during Christmas break. I'd ride her today, but it's raining. I'm not allowed to ride Annie at night or by myself. Thanks for the info about horses and their hoofs.   Friends,



Dear Cayce


Glad to hear you will be riding during Christmas.  It is so fun to ride when school is out.  Anna and I and Pam all want to go riding lots.


My dad came home this week. I was SOOOO glad to see him.  I gave him a big hug from you. 


We don’t ride at night or alone either. It is not safe, even really good riders can run into problems.


Sometimes we ride in the rain.  Do you have a slicker?  That keeps you and the saddle dry. 


Your friend,

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hi lulu

i always use 'lulu' to sign my name! because its quicker and easier, but i got the idea from the pony pal books.   i am bethanys sister (bethany wrote to anna and jeanne) i thought it was cool that my name and jeannes name are spelled the same only with different 1st initials!! my name is leanne!! snow white is my favorite pony in the books,and although i don't really read the books any more i still love to play at club pony pals!!!

this is my favorite verse from the bible about horses ... "some trust in chariots and some trust in horses but we trust in the name of christ the lord!"  have a merry christmas!!   pony pals 4 ever!



Dear Lulu (Leanne)


Can I call you Lulu?  We could have a club called Lulu Pony Pals!


It is really cool that your name and Jeanne Betancourt’s name are so close.  Do you say your name like “lean” or like “lee-ann”?


My Dad came back this week it is great to have him here. He got here Wednesday. There was a big ice storm Thursday and then all the trees and everything was sparkly. It is really slippery, too. You have to watch how you walk.


Snow White and Acorn watched it rain from inside their shed.  When it stopped they came out. Anna and I had to shovel lots of pony leavings to clean up. Then we put in lots of shavings and bedding and gave them fresh hay with a handful of oats. 


Your friend and Pony Pal,

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