Pony News, Views and Attitudes -- Vol.2 No.23 —December  15-21, 2008 PAGE 5



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My Pony

By Pony Pal Alyssa

Trot, trot, trot,

Go and never stop!

Where it's smooth

And where it's stony,

Go along my little pony.

Here your hooves go clip-clop,

Giddy up, now trot!





Gabby's Column

My dog has a cold. I have a cold. Can my horse catch a cold from either of us? Why or why not?


  No, your horse should be safe from your cold. A horses immune system is different from a person or dogs. Your dog (or you) probably didn't get the cold from each other either. People and animals immune systems are different from each other. If the cold virus you have went into your horses body it would have nowhere to affect. A virus hooks itself onto a host cell and injects genetic material to instruct your cells to make more viruses. Depending on the type of cell is where the virus comes from. Like rabies viruses can only affect your nerve cells.  It cannot attach to any other cells. If the Cold virus you have got into your horse it would not have any cells to attach to and your horses white blood cells would kill the virus. So ultimately your horse cannot catch your cold.



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The Pony Pals had just completed freeing a herd of wild mustangs.  They were cleaning up the twine and string, putting it in their saddle bags when suddenly someone shouted "Stop!" They all turned and saw Lulu's father. Lulu was very angry with her Dad, she jumped on Snow White and galloped away. Summer, Meredith, Sunshine, Lulu’s Dad, Pam and Anna gave chase on their ponies and horses. 

Lulu was going so fast she and Snow White didn’t see a deep ditch until it was too late. They fell into it!

While riding Lulu’s father explained to the other girls he was trying to study the mustangs, that was why the horses were tied.

Then they heard Snow White and Lulu crying for help.  The group carefully approached the ditch and Mr. Sanders and Eye-High got out a rope with a noose ….

 Pam C. Writes


This was going to be very tricky. Lulu and Snow White were standing in a little muddy stream down in the bottom of the ditch.  Snow White’s legs were very dirty, and she was trembling. Lulu was telling her pony it was going to be all right.


The soil was clay and very slippery. The edge of the ditch was soft crumbled away when Mr. Sanders tried to walk on it.


“Hold on to my legs,” he said and he laid down on the ground and crawled towards the edge.


Meredith, Sunshine, Pam and Anna all tied their ponies and grabbed onto Mr. Sanders’ feet so he wouldn’t fall into the ditch. 


Mr. Sanders got to the edge and tossed the noose over. The rope fell near Lulu.


“Tie it to Snow White’s halter,” Mr. Sanders told Lulu, “Then….”



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Pony Pals Thoughts  for the Day

When someone asks you if you like their pony

always say 'yes'.


If you think you left the water on in the barn you have, if you think you closed the pasture gate, you haven’t.


If you find a gate open, leave it open.

If you find a gate closed, leave it closed.