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Dear Pony Pals

This week our game testers got to try several parts of Pony Pal Trail. There were lots of ideas about how to make it better. Thanks to everyone who tried and wrote in about their ideas.

One thing lots of players say is they want more to do at Club Pony Pals. Then Pam, Anna, Lulu and I talked it over and they all had some ideas.

Pam said:
“Maybe they would like to come up to the loft in the haybarn where we have our sleep overs and visit.”

Anna‘s idea was

It was a great one! When she explained it we all laughed! It’s coming really soon as an adventure on Pony Pal Trail.

Lulu had a really great thought. She said,
“Anna’s tutor plays lots of games! Let’s ask to borrow some of them.”

So there’s lots of things happening here in Wiggins and at Club Pony Pals. Keep reading, keep writing, and don’t forget to take care of your pony every day.

With your help we can make Club Pony Pals the best place to ride on the world wide web!



P. S. We are not out of stickers yet. For a limited time, they are free for all Club Pony Pals members. Display your own "I ride at Club Pony Pals" sticker! They are 2 inches by 6 inches with a Pony Pals logo. If you want a sticker, send the WebMaster a grown-up's address where we should send the envelope! This is a limited time offer, one per mailing address. Ask for yours now.



Club Pony Pals Letters from Readers

Hi ClubPonyPals Do you have to pay to get a sticker?
cause I really want one and can i be a tester for the riding trail?

Dear Pony Pal Camille
One sticker and bookmark are free per mailing address. We will mail them to you if you give us a parent’s name and mailing address where we should send them. Rules are that we have to send them to you care of a grown up. But they are free and we would be glad to send them if you tell us where. Welcome to the Barn!
PS Here’s a link to try the riding experience. Thanks for offering to test it for us!


how do i join the club is there free prizes. my name is savanna

Dear Pony Pal Savanna
All you have to do is register. Then you can adopt one or more free ponies. So, welcome to the club! Right now, you can get a free sticker. Your parent should send us an email and we will send one to them for you. In the future there will be more prizes and awards.


Yes, it can be on public T-V, but also, Picture it should be on T-V, too!
Summer F

Dear Summer
Thank you. We think it should be on TV, too. It would be great if members of Club Pony Pals make videos to post on the site. Can you make videos for ClubPonyPals? Remember, any video you make must not show last name, your email address or any other contact information like your phone number. If you make a video like that, then we can review it and hopefully post it on the website.


Hi... My daughter has recently signed up to your pony pals website games and stuff she absolutely loves it. Ok well anything to do with horses is more like it but she loves your site a lot too. We received our first email saying that if we write and give our address we can get a pony pals sticker and book mark. This would make her day. Could you please send her one to:
BC, Canada
Thank you so much for your time and keep the books coming she finally loves to READ :D
Signed, a very happy mom. Jenny

Dear Pony Pal Kayleigh and Mom Jenny
A sticker and bookmark are on the way to you. Glad to hear she likes the site games. We are working on putting in more games that will help kids to read, do math and learn about ponies. They will be fun, too.


Dear Webmaster,
Thank You for the Club Pony Pals Stickers and the Club
Pony Pals Book Mark. Have ya'll ever thought about making more Club Pony Pals merchandise? Just a thought.
The virtual trail ride is really cool. Since Annie doesn't know how to jump the virtual trail ride is the only way I can jump while riding. Could you please make sure that
Anna, Lulu, and Ms. Betancourt get my E-Mails? Have a good Thanksgiving. Sincerely, Cayce

Dear Cayce
We have thought about more merchandise a lot.
Here’s a picture of what we are thinking of

What do you think?
We like it and if there is enough interest we can get them made up. Club members can write back and tell us what size you would want. The more orders we get, the less expensive they will be.
They would cost $19.99 if we can get over 20 orders.
Write back and let us know what you think and if you want one. Every Tshirt order will include a free bumper sticker and book mark!


She can join as long as there are no mean people.

Dear Pony Pals James and Allie
The only mean people at Club Pony Pals and in Wiggins are Mike Lacey and Tommy Rand. Everybody else is pretty cool.
Welcome to the Barn!


Pony Pal letters to Jeanne Betancourt


We want your drawings or letters!
Send them in to the Wiggins Weekly.

email WebMaster@clubponypals.com

or mail them to

Club Pony Pals
16654 Soledad Canyon Rd. #382
Canyon Country, CA 91387

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