Pony News, Views and Attitudes -- Vol.2 No.20 -- November 24-30, 2008 PAGE 2


Letters to Pam

Hi Pam,
I would really like to send you pictures of Rocky but I don't have a digital camera. Also I don't know how to upload photos. I am sooooo obsessed with Walt Disney World. I probably know as much about Disney as I do about horses. Did you know the horses that pull the trolleys down main street at the Magic Kingdom wear horseshoes made of plastic?
I have a question for your dad. Is there a way to keep ticks off my dog besides medicine. We've been giving him all that tick stuff and he seems to get a tick everyday. Please help him.
Somebody has been digging up my racetrack!!!!!! There is a dump truck that goes there everyday. GRRRRRRRRR. I gave Rocky a hug and he said he was Hungry. That's really the only thing he says. He has a new saying. It's posted on his website. Give Lightning a hug and a cookie for me.
Ur number 1 fan,

Dear Pony Pal Gabby

#1 fan? Wow. Do you have a friend or parent who could help you with digital picture taking and uploading? A lot of cell phones have cameras in them now.

About the ticks – my dad says garlic is good. Feed the dog one or two cloves a day, mashed up in the feed.

You can also put just a drop or two of rose geranium essential oil, on the collar of your dog. (If your mom is going to have baby, she should not touch this oil. It is also bad for cats.)

You can put cedar boughs or other aromatic leaves under your dog's bedding. Ticks and fleas do not like aromatic foliage.

Your racetrack story reminds me of when we were locked out of Pony Pal trail in "Keep Out Pony." Maybe we can come up with a Pony Pal Plan. Who is digging up your track? Who owns that property?

My plan is that you and your parent talk with the land's owner. What is your plan? Let me know.

The Disneyworld horses are BIG. They are draft horses. It is a lot of work to shoe a draft horse. They have big hooves, their plastic shoes would be a lot lighter than steel ones.

I will hug Lightning and pass along a cookie. Those are always a big hit.

Hug Rocky for me.

Your Pony Pen Pal,


dear pam my best friend
max goes crazy sometimes but he’s a good dog i love him. i made a new friend. she loves horses and she loves you guys to she has like all the books. funny aye.
how old are u and jack and jill.
i turned 11 on september the 22. cool aye.
tamara hates doing shows to but me and tamara had a fight so we aren’t friends.
what you up to?
from your good friend
amy g

Dear Amy

Max sounds like Woolie! Every so often he just starts barking and running around like crazy. Sometimes he and Jack and Jill all chase each other and mom and me start laughing. Last time that happened I laughed so hard that I had tears coming out of my eyes.

Your new friend sounds great! Did she join my mom’s club yet? What’s her name?

You are just a few months older than me. Jack and Jill are little. They don’t go to kindergarten yet.

It is cold here now. This week it got really cold. But we wanted to ride anyway. On Monday we rode out to the Wiggins estate. Ms. Wiggins came out to talk and she said we should put our ponies up and come in the barn. There was an old set of sleigh bells there.

The leather strap they were on was all dry and cracked, but the bells were ok. Ms. Wiggins took the bells and put each one on a little clip and gave us each one. She gave me the biggest one, Lulu the middle one and Anna the smallest one. She said they matched our ponies.

Then she made us promise that whenever we ride from now on until January we should clip the bells on our ponies. She said no one hunts on her land, but deer hunting season means that somebody might think our pony was a deer. So every time we went riding this week we clipped on our presents.

Anna said now when we trot we jingle down the trail. ;-)

It’s pretty fun. What you up to?


Pam, Good, Thanks. Being a vet wouldn't be a practical career for me because I'd get too attached to the patients and there'd be to much Math involved. Math's my worst subject in school. Your dad's a good vet. I'm actually planning to go into teaching. My tutor inspired me to
be a teacher. However, my back up career is to be the world's first cat massage therapist. It could catch on. 7 years ago my cat Spicey had an incident with our neighbor's dogs, and earlier this year I started massaging her. She loves it. Now Spicey's walking normally again. Mom's an ex-vet assistant. Mom gave up nursing for a little while a few years ago to be a vet assistant, but it didn't pay enough so she went back to nursing. When Mom retires she's going to volunteer for our cats and dogs vet. She used to work for our cats and dogs vet. Have a good Thanksgiving.
Friends, Cayce

Dear Cayce

Anna’s tutor says being good at math is just getting someone who likes it to explain it to you. She has lot of tricks and games to play that help Anna learn. She likes math. Funny, I think sometimes Anna does, too.

Did you know there are equine massage therapists that work on horses and companion animals? Maybe the most famous is Linda Tellington-Jones http://www.lindatellingtonjones.com/whyTTEAM.shtml
But her website says:

....we get calls from people who want to make a career change and wonder if they can make a living as a TTEAM practitioner. Anyone who has been in the horse business knows that most people work with horses more for love than for money. Unless one has a supplementary income, we do not recommend TTEAM as a career.

When I asked my mom what she thought, she said that math is one of those things that just takes work. Study. Spend time on it and then study some more. She told me dad was not good at math until he got into 8th grade. There he had one really good teacher.

Mom said some math teachers do not understand what they are trying to teach, which means their students don’t get a very good description.
I’m glad you have a tutor to help. What are you studying now?


Dear Pam,
I think that is a great idea! I can't wait to try it. I am wondering how you start planning meetings.
What is your favorite color?
Where do you get your riding clothes?
Your pony pal


Dear Ellie,

Maybe you can start by asking Verena what days she takes lessons. If it’s not the same day you take lessons, maybe you can do a sleepover at her house the day she goes to a lesson. Or maybe she can come to your house for a sleepover the day you take a lesson. Ask your mom, maybe she can help you call Verena’s mom and figure it out.

Anna, Lulu and I voted. Periwinkle blue is the official Pony Pal favorite color.

Mostly I ride in blue jeans and boots. We buy those at Kline’s Hardware here in Wiggins. They sell saddles and bridles and stuff too. Sometimes my mom mail orders riding clothes but I don’t know where from.

Where do you get your riding clothes?




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