Pony News, Views and Attitudes -- Vol.2 No.20 -- November 24-30, 2008 PAGE 4

hi lulu!
my name is lottie I am a BIG fan of pony pals do you realy have a horse named snow white? And is there really a ghost pony on ridley farm or are they just stories?
bye for now!
please reply

Dear Lottie

Yes, my pony is named Snow White. I am so happy that she is mine.

Now that Mrs. Wiggins gave Anna, Pam and I bells for our ponies to wear during hunting season, I don't think we are going to be able to surprise any ghosts, pony or human! We play jingle bells a lot while we ride. So we will have to wait until after January if we hope to come across any ghosts.

Pony Pals,


Hi Lulu how are you Shawn

Dear Shawn

I am fine, thanks. It is cold here now. Snow White has her winter coat. It is long. I give her some extra grain at night. The ground is getting hard with frost. The days are short. But Pam, Anna and I can ride if we go straight home after school. When we come back from riding is our study time. Thanks for writing. Is it cold where you are?
Pony Pals,


dear lulu my good friend
hi sorry i didnt write to you last week. at school we are doing swimming its so cool i love swimming. do u have any brothers or sisters? i have heaps of sisters and brothers. i wish i can see u someday. in the holidays we should plain to come see one another lol that would be awesome. what you up to? from your good friend amy g.


Dear Amy

Swimming? Gee, I don't think you are in New England, unless you are swimming in an indoor pool.

No, I don't have any brothers or sisters. I was born in Australia. My mom and dad worked together. But then my mom died when I was four. I live with my grandma now, in Wiggins. But I have two good friends, Pam and Anna. They are almost like sisters. Right now we don't go very far on our rides. It is hunting season. Our ponies have bells on them so everyone will know they are ponies and not deer.

What are you up to?



Dear Lulu. We have got a little snow here in Colorado, but it melted away the same day. It's hot right now. Do you like snow? Ellie

Dear Pony Pal Ellie

It has snowed here a couple of times, too. But it has not stuck...yet. I don't think it will get hot here again. I like snow for the first few months. By the end of winter, I am really, really ready for Spring! Mrs. Wiggins says that if we get a big snowfall and it lasts, she will get out her cutter so Beauty can pull us for a sleigh ride! Then we will get to hear all Mrs. Wiggins' new sleigh bells that are on straps that Beauty wears. It is such a pretty sound. All we can hear is the thud thud thud of pony hooves, the swish of the cutter's runners and the bells jingling. It is wonderful.

Your friend,


Dear Lulu, That's pretty cool. Thanks for letting me know why your grandma isn't into horses. My brother's not into horses because horses don't like him. My sister was more supportive than my brother when I got Annie. Have a good Thanksgiving. Friends, Cayce


Dear Cayce

Thanks for writing. How is Annie doing? Sometimes ponies can tell if someone doesn't like them.

Snow White and Lightning are alert when Tommy and Mike are around. I think they remember when the boys stole them! Acorn used to belong to Tommy, so he isn't too nervous but he pays attention to the other ponies more than the boys. Friday Anna, Pam and I are going to have a cold weather sleepover at Pam's up in the loft. It'll be great!

When it's cold out, you can see ponies' breath just like ours.

Are you going to get to ride Annie over Thanksgiving? How is Cimmaron’s hoof? Write back!



Hi Lulu

My name is Katelyn and we moved to Australia from New Zealand a few months ago. I have a pony I share with my mum. Her name is Princess and she is a dark bay Quarter Horse. I got a stock saddle for her and a new red bridle with stars for my birthday. I am 8.

I really love ready the Pony Pal books and our school mobile librarian brings me in more books each fortnight to read.

I hope Snow White and you are having lots of fun and adventures and I can’t wait to read more stories about the Pony Pals.
Love Katelyn


Dear Katelyn

Thanks for writing! I was born in Australia. You are so lucky to share a pony with your mother. Bays are a great color. Princess is a cool name.

What is a stock saddle? Your bridle sounds real pretty. Can you send a photo?

Pam, Anna and I are having a good time. This is a short school week. We get off early Wednesday, so we can ride a bit before it gets dark. Thursday is Thanksgiving, but my grandma says I can ride first thing in the morning if I am home for turkey in the afternoon. I will help her make the meal. Friday we are off from school too. It is a big shopping day. Kline's is having a sale. But I want to make sure I get to ride with Pam or Anna that day too. We all are going to ride up to the Lake and back and visit Ms. Wiggins before our Friday night sleepover in Crandal's barn. Ms. Wiggins promised she would ride with us to the lake. She has a whole leather strap covered with bells that she puts on her saddle!

Do they have deer hunters where you are?