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Dear Pony Pals

At the end of last week our membership had doubled from the week before. Hundreds of new Pony Pals are signing up every day, and this week our membership has doubled again.

Some testers have tried our new trail riding experience and so far they like it.
We have a few more changes to make and then we will let you know when it is ready to try.

Thanks for your support, please write and let us know what you like or don’t like about the game. Unless we know about the problems, we can’t fix them.

With your help we can make Club Pony Pals the best place to ride on the world wide web!



P. S. Real, color and free to you --- "I ride at Club Pony Pals" stickers are in! They are 2 inches by 6 inches with a Pony Pals logo and show everyone you are a Pony Pal! If you want a sticker, send the WebMaster an address where we should send the envelope! This is a limited time offer, one per mailing address. Ask for yours now.

P.P.S. Re: Stickers
Dear Mrs. Crandal
Please send us a sticker. I'm not sure if this is where I get one. Is it a real sticker, or just a "computer sticker"?
Thanks for all the Pony Pal Experiences!
Carmen and Chelsea

Dear Pony Pals Carmen and Chelsea
It's a real, color, stick-it-on-something sticker. It should show up soon. Yes, this is where you can get one. And you're welcome. It is really, really fun creating Pony Pal experiences!

Pony Pal Problem
“Case of the Missing Books"

This week the WebMaster heard from more Club Pony Pals members about their difficulty in finding new Pony Pals books.

Dear WebMaster,

My daughter loves Pony Pals books. We have bought most of them through ebay because that is the only place I could find them reasonably priced. We had to buy them in lots and often I would have to buy books that we already own, so we now have many duplicates. Michelle has read all but #28 and SS#4, and I haven't been able to find them although I have not looked recently.

It would be great to find a more reliable supplier. It would also be wonderful to see a few new books.

Dear Peggy

We are in discussions with Scholastic about finding a way to make the books more easily available to readers who want to buy them. Right now the only way to get books from Scholastic is through their in-school book clubs, where a teacher must order the books for you. Club Pony Pals is hopeful that a way can be found to change this. Thanks for letting us know how hard it can be to get books right now.

WebMaster for


Letters about the game

Dear Pony Pals,
I am Kirby and I picked a paint at www.ClubPonyPals.com and I named it Shevey. I will send a photo of me love,
Kirby S


Dear Pony Pal Kirby
Welcome to Club Pony Pals! I like paints too. For many years, I had a wonderful paint pony. At 14'2 hands at her shoulder, she was short but fearless and very, very smart. I hope that Shevey and you get to explore online Wiggins as fast as we can get it built.



Hi! My name is Sarah, I really want to join your website’s game. But I don’t know what a coupon code is and how I get one. I really love your books and felt sad when the series was over. I really want to join the website. But I still have NO clue what a coupon code is!
Your Fan,

Dear Pony Pal Sarah
Coupon codes are special number/letter combinations that give you something when you enter them into the game. If you buy some Wiggins bucks on the “Stuff for Sale” page you will get a code. When you enter that code into the game, it gives you the bucks in your account.
Our free bookmark also has a coupon code on it, that when you enter it you get a free bag of Mrs. Pastures cookies. If you want a bookmark, let us know your mailing address and we can send you a sticker and bookmark that has a code.


Subject: Re: Your Website doesn't like me.
Hi! This is Sarah. I want to join your website really bad! But I don’t know what a coupon code is and how I get in! Every time I try, it says that the coupon code is wrong! I even got a coupon for PIZZA to help me get on! In Wiggins Weekly, please answer my question! Please!

Dear Pony Pal Sarah
You do not need a coupon code, but you can send your address for a free bookmark that will give you a free package of horse cookies.
Have you managed to get on, adopt a pony and play the game?
Let us know!


ClubPonyPalsOh thank you so much! I just signed up! Does that code give me virtual cookies, or real ones, because they sound yummy! J

Dear Pony Pal Sarah
They are virtual horse cookies. The real ones are pretty good too, but they are hard to feed to an online pony!


Oh, I have a new pony! His name is Ranger. I am riding him. How do I make him go faster? Also, how do I go onto trails?

Dear Pony Pal Sarah
Trails are getting pretty close. Our flash code writer is even working on weekends! She is at her mom's now. But she can take her computer with her. And her skills don't take up any room in a suitcase! That is the wonderful thing about learning. It travels well. We are totally rewriting the code for making our ponies move. On trail they will go at a pretty good gallop. And there will be jumps. Bunches of them. Our database manager and our flash writer have known each other a long time. It is funny to hear them talk in kind of a short hand. They use technical words. It's almost like they have their own language.
PS if we send you a super secret rough model of the new trail, will y ou tell us what you think? Remember, it is NOT DONE YET.

Okay! I tried it. The pony is hungry and I like it! THERE IS A JUMP IN IT! That is cool! Do we meet the Pony Pals in the game? Can we enter competitions?! Or worse . . . . do we have to meet Mike Lacey and Tommy Rand? Sarah

Dear Pony Pal Sarah
Well, you never know about Tommy and Mike. They move around a lot. They live in Wiggins, too. Sometimes Rosalie will tell us where they are. But not always. And we are working on a very cool new way for site visitors to meet the Pony Pals. You will read about that here first. Annndddd.....yes there will be games. Hint: think about pole bending.



Game Tester Questions

Dear Webmaster,
How Do you get your horses to get out their stall?
Love Asha How Do you get your horse tacked up because I tried but I couldn't.
Love Asha

Dear Pony Pal Asha
We are working with our developer to change this.

But for now, first, you can always click on the "?" in the green area next to your pony's stall. A window will open and you can read about how to care for your online pony.

If you are in your pony's stall, first click on the tack room door. It should open.

Then you will need to first click on your halter and lead rope that is hanging on the back of the tack room door. You should drag it over to fit on your pony's head.

Next, you should click on the hanging grooming tool holder. First, use the round red groomer. You will have to hold down your mouse button while you rub all over your pony. Then, right away you should use your dandy brush next to clean off the dirt that the round red groomer brought up on your pony's coat.

Then you can use the hoof pick by clicking on it.

Next, use the circle arrow at the frame's lower left side to turn your pony to its other side. Again, start with the round red groomer, then the dandy brush, then the hoof pick. Then use the circle arrow to turn your pony back to its first position. Now you are ready to tack up your pony.

First, click on your saddle blanket and drag it to your pony's back. Next drag over your saddle and put it on the saddle blanket. Then click and drag your bridle over to your pony. Leave the halter on your pony. The Pony Pals always ride with their halters on their ponies in case they need to stop on trail and tie their pony.

Now you are read to exit your stall and ride in the Crandal paddock. Click on "Exit Stall." You will go to the barn aisle way. Then click on the doorway at the end of the barn aisle way. That will take you out to the outdoor mounting block. You will see a prompt that says "Ride Now." If you click on it, you will be taken to the Crandal paddock. Your point of view will be as if you are sitting on your pony.

If you have questions about how to make your pony move, click on the "?" button. There are directions there.

If you have questions or problems, please write back and ask!

Happy riding,

Dear Pony Pals,
I'm having difficulty using the website. When I go to the "tack room" I can brush my horse, clean her hooves and put the bridle on... but all the other things didn't work. I also can't figure out how to take my pony for a walk (or run!) since I can't get it to leave the barn.
Thanks for your help,

Dear Pony Pal Livi

Sorry you have encountered a problem.

Please put the halter on your pony. Then groom your pony with the red grooma and the brush.

When the first side is clean, click on the arrow at the lower left side of your screen and turn your pony around to groom the other side.

When that side is clean, go back to the first side and you will be able to put the saddle and bridle on your pony.

Please write back and let us know if this works!

We want your drawings or letters!
Send them in to the Wiggins Weekly.

email WebMaster@clubponypals.com

or mail them to

Club Pony Pals
16654 Soledad Canyon Rd. #382
Canyon Country, CA 91387

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