Pony News, Views and Attitudes -- Vol.2 No.19 -- November 17-23, 2008 PAGE 2


Letters to Pam

Dear Pam,
Charlie is a bay horse. How is Lightning? Tell her I said hi. Please write back. Love Alyssa

Dear Alyssa

So glad you got a pony. Feed him a cookie and brush him an extra time for me. Your friend,



dear pam
thank you so much for the food it looks great.i cant wait to eat it.i have a dog like yours lol its name is max from ponypal

Dear Amy

Glad you liked the recipe. Max is a great name for a dog. Is he always "at the max?" Woolie can be maxxed out sometimes with the twins. I never know who will tire out first -- Jack, Jill or Woolie. Thanks for writing.

Pony Pals,


Hi Pam it's Ellie. Verena and I don't have our own ponies so we can't ride together. She even rides at a hole different barn than I ride at. We've watched each other ride, but we haven't rode together. What should we do. your friend Ellie.

Dear Ellie
If there is a teacher, someone like my mom, who gives lessons at your different barns, maybe when Verena is at your barn, your teacher can watch Verena ride on the pony you ride. If the teacher likes the way Verena rides, then maybe Verena can ride another pony and you ride your usual pony while you both are there. That's if your parent or Verena's parents can get her to where you ride, when you ride. Then you could ride around, maybe just in a paddock or an arena but at least together. I don't think there is anything finer than just ambling along on ponies, talking with my friends Anna or Lulu. Let me know if this Pony Pal plan works for you.
Pony Pals,


Hae Pam?
Yup! Guy Fawkes was great!
We dont burn a scare crow type thing,
but we do, do fire works!! They were
fantastic to watch, and they made heaps
of colours in the sky! Our cats were scared though!!
Hae, ah GREAT news!! My friend Christine and I
going to Tauranga to visit our friend Naomi!!
Its going to be heaps of fun!! We are going to go camping
on a mountain and do things like riding and swimming!!
I cant wait!!
Guess God did make it work after all?


Dear Pony Pal Jen

Wow, place names like "Tauranga" sound real cool and exotic. Is the mountain where you are going to camp like Mt. Morris? Is it a park? What kinds of ponies or horses do you plan to ride? Swimming? Oh, that's right, its summer where you are! It is starting to snow here.

Please write more and tell us about your adventure,


Hi Pam,
I had a great party. I got a breyer horse of Rags To Riches. She was the filly that won the Belmont Stakes last year. Did you know it has been 102 years since a filly won the Belmont. I also got a Ruffian breyer. The bad side to my party was Rocky had a fall in the arena. I told you it was muddy last week, well now there's hardly anything but mud and puddles. Rocky jumped over the jump and then slid in some mud and fell. Luckily he didn't break anything but I'm still a little nervous he might have hurt himself. So I'm gonna lay off galloping him full speed for awhile. At this point I might just put him into winter break. Our track is clear though so maybe we can still run a little. Rocky's website is getting bigger and more people our visiting. (http://rockytheracehorseandfriends.weebly.com/)

Rocky got a new halter. It's very bright. My mom says hunting seasons starting soon and we don't want him mistaken for a deer. I heard that some hunters who were illegally hunting at night saw something and shot it. When they went to take whatever they shot it turns out they shot somebody's horse. So they made a run for it. Hope nothing like that happens to Rocky. I almost forgot. I am ALSO getting a cd of the music to the fireworks over the magic kingdom at Disney world. I told Rocky hi. He said he was hungry. Give Lightning a hug and a cookie for me.
Ur Number 1 Fan,

Dear Pony Pal Gabby

Your party sounds pretty cool. And Rocky sounds frisky. Sometimes boys in Wiggins brag about how fast they can go on dirt bikes or ATV's. So, then I ask them if they want to try a full speed gallop on a horse. No takers so far. I think it's a great idea to keep horses and ponies close to home during hunting season. Ranger Jack Stranton at the Mt. Morris station is always extra alert during hunting season. He makes sure nobody goes anywhere they are not supposed to go. He also checks that hunters have the right permits and have taken safety training. I will hug Lightning. Send us a photo of Rocky's bright halter!


Dear Pam,
Please tell your dad that I said thanks for the advice. Cimmaron's feeling better. He's walking up to the gate again to greet us and he's not limping any more. It doesn't snow where I live. We're lucky if it does snow. It snowed a little bit in January, but the snow didn't stick to the ground. Sorry for bugging your dad about horse medical problems so much. Please give your parents, Jack, Jill, Lightning, and Woolie a hug for me. Friends,

Dear Pony Pal Cayce
I'm so glad to hear Cimmaron's improved. My dad really likes to see his patients improve. We get way more snow up here in New England. Have you ever thought about studying to become a vet? There is a shortage of large animal vets in America. In Denmark and Germany, most large animal veterinarians are women! And OK, hugs all around for my family. Woolie sez "woof."


I love reading your books. The first book I read was what's wrong with my pony . Does Lightning get better from lyme disease. I go to riding lessons. The horse I ride is Little Bit. Little bit looks just like Lightning.

Dear Pony Pal Abbi
Thanks for writing. Lightning is OK now. Do you remember how that book ends? How many Pony Pals books have you read? Little Bit sounds like a nice horse. Have you tried the new game? Please give Little Bit a hug for me. Let me know about your adventures!



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