Pony News, Views and Attitudes -- Vol.2 No.19 -- November 17-23, 2008 PAGE 4


Dear Lulu,
We want to be Pony Pals! We have been riding for two years!
We want to learn how to be pony pals. please write back.
Ali& CC.

Dear Ali & CC

Wow, riding for two years? That's a long time. By writing to the Wiggins Weekly and reading the Pony Pal books, you are now Pony Pals.

Welcome to our virtual barn! You can try Mrs. Crandal’s new game. It is online at www.clubponypals.com She says it is the very, very first little part. Mrs. Crandal plans to open the first part of Pony Pal trail very soon.

What’s the pony you ride's name? Write back and tell me about your pony adventures!

Your friend,


Hi,the game is so cool.What's it like to be a pony pal?I love the books that you and your pony pal friends wrote.I'm glad that the game is partly ready to play. Good night! From, Chelsea G

Dear Pony Pal Chelsea
Being a Pony Pal is really fun! When Anna, Pam and I are together with our ponies, life just seems perfect. Not everyone can have a real pony where they live right now. I am really lucky that I can.
At Club Pony Pals online game you can adopt a free online ponies, and then groom, feed and ride them. The online ponies are as life-like as the webmaster and her developers can make them. They need to be groomed, they get tired and they get hungry. The players get hungry too. Soon the game developers will make a way for players to earn Wiggins Bucks by grooming Mrs. Crandal's lesson horses, Daisy and Splash. The lady who is writing that code is really good at it. What do you want to do when you grow up?


Dear Lulu, its me again, what are you doing for Cristmas? What state are you in? The snow melted here to. Lets write each other letters from now on. please write back. Love Alyssa


Dear Pony Pal Alyssa
Thanks for writing. I love to get letters. I like to write them, too. When I lived in England, I learned that knowing how to write well was a very important part of everyone's education. I am in Connecticut. That is also the state where author Jeanne Betancourt was living when she got the idea for the Pony Pals books. Christmas seems far away and just around the corner at the same time. We usually decorate our ponies' shelters for the holidays. Sometimes we sing carols to them on Christmas eve! They are usually glad to see us. Specially if we bring carrots and horse cookies.



Lulu.It's Ellie.Colorado is a western state,but I ride english.I don't have a ranch and I don't have cows. I don't even have a pony. What's Wiggins like? Where were you born? What's your favorite
color?Your friend Ellie

Dear Pony Pal Ellie
I was born in Australia where my dad and mom were both working on animal research. After my mom died, I traveled with my dad for a while. Then I was at a boarding school in England where I got to ride a pony! That's where I learned to ride English. When I moved to Wiggins to stay with my grandma, I didn't have a pony either. Not everybody can keep a real pony where they live. It sounds like you get to ride, though. Wiggins is a small town that has been here a long time. My favorite color is periwinkle blue. That is the official Pony Pal color. Is it snowing in Colorado yet? We have gotten some snow flurries here already.

Your friend,


Dear Lulu,
You're welcome. Glad he's feeling better too. I will. How come your grandmother's not into riding? When your dad comes home please give him a hug for me. Please give your grandmother a hug for me and please give Snow White a kiss for me. Please answer my question. Please respond PDQ the second after you get this E-Mail. Friends,


Dear Pony Pal Cayce

Grandma says that when she was my age horses were too old fashioned. Now she says her life is complicated enough without adding any more new things to learn.

I learned something pretty cool at the Wiggins library. The librarian helped me do a "safe search" on their computer. She helped me find a study that was done in Germany and Sweden. It researched why it seems that girls like horses more than boys do.

It turns out that about half of all girls really, really like horses. That means the other half doesn't as much. Maybe my gandma is in the half that doesn't. At school, some of the girls are way into clothes and how they look. Think about Rema, who had Snow White before me. She think it's a super big deal that she goes to a private school and that her parents have a lot of money. I'd rather have good friends and a good pony. Sometimes we get pretty dusty or muddy but we always have a good time.