Pony News, Views and Attitudes -- Vol.2 No.19 -- November 17-23, 2008 PAGE 3



Dear Anna,

Hi! I was wondering if I could be your friend. I am taking swimming lessons. I love your new game! My pony's name in your new game is Cocoa, she is a bay pony. This Thursday my dog Tiny got to go on a long walk with two other dogs named Darby and Cypress. What are you doing today? Please write back.

Love Alyssa

Dear Alyssa,

Cocoa sounds great. Is your pony a he or a she?

Your dog walk sounds like fun. What kind of a dog is Tiny?

Today I have to study. We have a test. In math. 8P


Hey Anna,
Sorry if I haven't been writing to you very much:)
Ok what have you been doing lately?
i gotta gallop
See ya
Samantha in australia

Dear Dear Pony Pal Samantha

Thanks for writing. I have been studying. My tutor says I have to learn how to learn. The days in Wiggins are short now. I go straight from school to see Acorn. His coat is getting very long. I brush him and no hair comes out! I bet he is keeping it for cold weather. Maybe I could grow my hair long, too. My grandma says I should forget about that. She says one shaggy cut around here is enough. How are things in Australia?


Dear Anna it's Ellie. In Colorado we don't have birch trees but we aspens that look like birch trees. In Colorado we do have moose and coyotes here. I don't have a Shetland pony, but I've always wanted one. What's school like there and when did you get Acorn? Ellie

Dear Pony Pal Ellie

Thanks for writing. We have coyotes in Wiggins. Last year the Wiggins Weekly had articles about them. You can read back issues on this site. Last year Tommy Rand said he saw a moose. That was also in the Wiggins Weekly. I don't think it was a moose. The story of how Acorn became mine is in "A Pony for Keeps." That is book #2. School is OK. I have to study all the time. I wear blue glasses to help me read. What is your school like? Do you have a tutor, too?



dear anna
i didnt go because i didnt want to. i do fell better thank you for telling me that maths thing. im glad i met you and your ponypals.
from ponypal

Dear Pony Pal Amy
I like to get your letters. They help me read. For me words look the same backward or forward. Numbers too. My tutor gives me great hints. I study so I can learn about new things. Drawing is fun. I don't think about it. For me it is easy.


Dear Anna,
Did ya'll have fun riding up to Mt. Morris? Glad Lightning, Acorn, and Snow White are doing fine. I rode Annie on Friday. She loves rolling in the dirt. Please give your parents a hug for me and please give Acorn and Shadow a kiss for me. Please answer my question.
Friends, Cayce

Dear Pony Pal Cayce

Our ride at Mt. Morris was cool. It was a long ride. We took a lunch. Our ponies got carrots and apples for snacks. Ranger Stanton met us. We rode home. The days are short now. Acorn likes to get dusty too. Sometimes I kiss Acorn's mane. He smells so good. My mom likes my hugs. She works a lot. My dad finished fixing our roof. He is cutting firewood now. Mrs. Wiggins has some down trees. That means trees that fell down. Dad cuts them up with a chainsaw. He gives some of the wood to Mrs. Wiggins. The rest he brings home. He splits it and then sells it. He says the wood heats twice. Once when he cuts it and once when someone burns it.

Your friend,


Dear Anna:
The reason I said 'I'm like you' is because I, to, hate writing. I also have trouble in school with these subjects: spelling, language, and history. Yes, I have a horse. Her name is Summer. She is small, like Acorn. The only problem is she is not broke for riding. I have to ride my moms horse, Dixie, if I want to ride. Summer is a purebred, papered, Bakshir Curly. Dixie is a quarter/curly mix, Well, it was nice talking to you. Got to go,

Dear Pony Pal Serina
Thank you for writing me. Your letter looks OK to me. I think you are good at writing. I would rather draw. My tutor tells me I need to write more.
Wow, Summer is a Bakshir Curly? I went to the Wiggins library. The librarian helped me. I looked on the library computer. I found a photo.

photo courtesy of http://www.freewebs.com/circle_mfg/curlies.htm

And a real cool story about these horses. Is this how your mom's horse looks? Some people think they have been in America a really long time. Maybe since before Europeans came.

photos courtesy of http://www.abcregistry.org/gallery08/index.asp

Do they really shed their mane and tail? Awesome. Please write more about your neat horses. Does your school have a librarian?