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Dear Pony Pals

Our very first version of the new Pony Pals game has been on the web for a week of tries. We are getting reviews by our testers from around the world. What a lot we have learned!

For example, if you are using Vista on a PC, then right now it might be hard to make your pony move any faster than a walk. If you are using Vista on some computers you may see a top half and bottom half of game pages that don’t meet up.

But thanks to our testers’ reports, our computer code writers can get to work right away to fix those problems. And thanks ever so much for the many other wonderful suggestions. Our developers are starting to make a lot of changes that will really improve everyone’s fun.

To try the new game, go to ClubPonyPals.com and click on an upper right box that says “Want to Play” or “Play Now.” When you click on it, you will go to a page where you can register -- or sign in if you have already registered.

At ClubPonyPals it is free for you to adopt your own pony. If you want, you can adopt more than one pony. To do that you need to create a new username and password for each new pony. You can use the same email address. If you don’t get an email back right away, check your spam folder. You should get a confirmation email in a minute or two.

As you try this early part of the game, please let us know what you think. If there is something that you want to see or part of the game that doesn't work right, email the webmaster.

Our game developers are well along in building Pony Pal trail. Until the trail is ready to open, you can practice riding in the Crandal barn’s paddock.

Happy riding!

P. S. Pony Pals stickers are in! They are 2 inches by 6 inches with a Pony Pals logo and show everyone you are a Pony Pal! If you want a sticker, email the WebMaster and find out how to get yours!


Letters about the game

I will let my kid play on this. Ivana

okay! my daughter Lucie is okay to do it -K

I really liked it and I know that you guys are working very hard on the game. Please tell me if you are upgrading. Rock on! Grace

AWSOME new game as far as I can see its going to be really fun! :D mary

I would like to make use of the pony pal sticker offer.
Thanks a lot.
South Africa

Dear Club Pony Pals,
Do you have to pay to be a tester?
P.S if not I would like to be one. Dawn
P.S. how do my parents approve?

Dear Dawn
You do not have to pay to be a tester.
Please go to http://www.clubponypals.com/ and log in to the game...we are now in open beta which means anyone can try it.
Write back and tell us what you think.
We are happy to have you as a tester.
Your parents need to click on a link that comes to their email address, so they know you are playing our game.
The email is sent right away when you sign up. If you do not have it within ten minutes or so, they should check their spam filters to make sure that the email was not filtered out.



Game Tester Response

Subject: Re: Pony Pals Game Test 10-31-2008 I FOUND A GLITCH!
There is no price on the sandwich in the vending machine I think its a
PS . I as out riding when I noticed there was a tree growing out of the top of the barn. to see it go to the fence buy the barn and poof a floating tree shows up LOL not really a glitch but I thought I might tell you :D

Dear Pony Pal Mary
Good catch! A PB&J sandwich is correctly priced at 2 Wiggins bucks, look for a price in the game soon. You are the first tester who noticed that was missing. We are sending you a sticker and bookmark for helping us out. Thanks!


Got More Questions? Help and Hints about the game continued on page 5



Letter to Jeanne -- Pony Pal Problem
“Case of the Missing Books"


My daughter, Anna, loves your books! We are actually on book #18. The problem is that I am having a terrible time trying to find your books. I have tried scholastic and all of the major bookstore websites as well as my local bookstore. I end up having to buy them used (sometimes at very high prices with shipping). Do you know where I can try to get the rest of our set? Thank you.

Hello Pony Pals Anna and Kristin
Your request made Amazon add to the list of books for sale on the Club Pony Pals site.
Thanks for writing.
WebMaster for

Thank you. Just an FYI; most of the Pony Pal books you cannot actually order from Scholastic...the site allows you to "buy it" then takes you to a screen that id for Teachers Only; which you need a password to access. These books are very hard to get and some of the issues are up to $20.00 a book on Ebay and the Reading Well. It is a shame!!!!! It would be great if you could so something about this. Children should be able to read a $3.00 book without having their parents pay $20.00!
Thank you for your time and if you have any solutions please let me know.


Dear Kristin
Jeanne does not work at the Club Pony Pals offices. I forwarded our exchange to her so she can follow up with Scholastic. I’ll keep everyone in the loop and let you know what happens.

P. S. Are any other Pony Pals having trouble getting Pony Pals books? If you have a suggestion on where to find them besides Scholastic’s online store, please let us know.



We want your drawings or letters!
Send them in to the Wiggins Weekly.

email WebMaster@clubponypals.com

or mail them to

Club Pony Pals
16654 Soledad Canyon Rd. #382
Canyon Country, CA 91387

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