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Dear Pony Pals

New Pony Pals stickers are in! They are 2 inches by 6 inches with a spiffy Club Pony Pals logo and show everyone you are a Pony Pal! If you want a sticker, email the WebMaster and find out how to get yours!

Testers get to see our game and try it out before everyone else, sign up today. See you when you visit Wiggins!



Please send link for riding game. Thank you. KE2

Vernon & Christina

We would like to sign up to be a tester for your horse riding and grooming games.
Thank you, Janet and Hope

Dear Club Pony Pals,
If you don't mind I would like to be a tester. My name is Katheran and I live in Alabama
Yours future tester,

very interested!!!! komose

Dear Club Pony Pals,
I want to be a tester for the new game. Is there any information I need to give you?
Yours Horsely Asha[reader]

Can my granddaughter sign-up and add us to your email address? PenRon

Hi, I would like to sign up to be a tester for your pony riding game.
Thank you! Emily
6 years old
Madison AL

My daughter would like to be a tester for the Pony Pals club website.
Thank you, Tanya

Please notify me when the game is ready, so I can test it and play it. Ronald

Hi, when do you think the website will be ready? Noey

Dear Pony Pals KE2, Vernon, Christina, Katheran, Komose, Asha, PenRon, Emily, Tanya, Ronald, Noey and all our new Testers,

Your opinions helped us make a choice to hire more people to help create a virtual Wiggins. Our game team's people are really, really nice. And they are very, very talented. One person has written many books about programming. He even had a pony in his backyard when he was a kid.

We are all working very hard to create the best possible Crandal's barn, Mrs. Crandal's riding paddock and a first Pony Pal trail section. We want to have a better pony care and riding game up just as soon as we can. Our new team will help us make it work the way that you have told us you want it to.

We are about to send out another version to all our testers. There are some hard problems that we are trying to fix. To thank our testers, the email next version we offer to try will come with a present attached. Thank you again for all your patience, emails and support.


Letters to Jeanne Betancourt


dear jeanne betancourt
thank you for the letter. nz is really nice i live in new zealand. i really like your books are you still doing more ponypal books i really hope you are. it gets cold in winter and we get a bit of snow. i want to go to wiggins one day where is wiggins..ok gotta go see ya..from amy

hey! how are you doing? I was just wondering if Lulu, Pam, and Anna, along with their horses are real people and horses?

Dear Amy and Ponigirl
It's great to hear from you. Your questions "Where is Wiggins?" and "is Wiggins real?" no longer have a simple, uncomplicated answer. As technology advances, soon visitors to our virtual world of Wiggins and Club Pony Pals may be able to have a virtual conversation with a virtual Pam, Anna or Lulu where each character’s responses are triggered by a the other's questions. I asked Jeanne Betancourt to write more about this and she promises to write more about this in her letter, too.
WebMaster for

My name is Gabrielle and I am a BIG fan of pony pals.
I have probably read my pony pal books over a hundred times!
- I have lived in an apartment for a long time.
- My favorite animal has ALWAS been the horse
- My whole life I have wanted a horse or pony
- My father is building a log house in the forest and I might get a pony, mule, or horse soon!
My friend Riley and I always ride our bikes and pretend they are ponies, we have a trail running through the forest we like to call Pony Pal Trail. (just like the pony pals)
We know so much about ponies but none of us have ever owned our own pony.
But when my Step grandpa couldn't feed Blaze (my grandma and grandpas horse) they decided to give him to me!
The only thing was Blaze is a pretty old horse but he is gentle. He stays in Alberta but I can still call him mine.
My first horse I might be getting soon would be a mule, because we live in the mountains so the mule wouldn't mind the hills the forest in it's Paddock.
And since the horse is a herd animal, I might get a Connemara pony just like lighting! I want a Connemara pony because my favorite sport in the whole world is horse Jumping!
Anyway I should probably stop here (planning on E-mailing Anna, Pam, and Lulu)


Dear Gabrielle
Thanks so much for your note. Your log house sounds wonderful, and a gentle horse is perfect for your first one. Send a drawing of you and Blaze, it would be great to see it.
Mules are really smart. If you get one we would love to hear more about it.
You are lucky that you like jumping. In our new game you will get a chance to do that! Welcome to Club Pony Pals!
WebMaster for
Jeanne Betancourt



Pony Pals Pony Problems

My real horse does not stop when I say stop what should I do

Dear Pony Pal Bailee
It can be very dangerous if your pony doesn't respect your request to stop.
Mrs. Crandal says teaching a pony to stop goes back to working with it on the ground. If a pony does not do what you ask when you are leading it, that is a sign that you need to work with it more. She says until you can get your horse working well with you "in hand" it is dangerous to ride.
It is best to ask for help with it. Please ask your trainer or parent to help you.
Do other Pony Pals have suggestions about what they would do?


I have a question about my pony, Lady. Her previous owners were not patient with her and when they would ride her they would only gallop around the pasture till she got tired and stopped. Now when I ask her to canter, she rushes into full gallop, I am working with her and am trying to fix the problem. What I have presently been doing is getting canter for a few steps then slowing her down to a jog or halt. As much as I love to gallop I want to try everything to fix this problem for future shows and lessons. Please e-mail me back if you have any ideas.

Dear Ponigirl.
What you are doing with Lady sounds right. Your work with her will pay off, take your time and remember the saying "357 times and she'll get it right away." You are probably already seeing progress if you've been working with her for more than a day or two.
Do other Pony Pals have suggestions about what they would do?




We want your drawings or letters!
Send them in to the Wiggins Weekly.

email WebMaster@clubponypals.com

or mail them to

Club Pony Pals
16654 Soledad Canyon Rd. #382
Canyon Country, CA 91387

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