Pony News, Views and Attitudes -- Vol.2 No.16 -- October 27 - November 2, 2008 PAGE 3



Dear Anna, i love your pony acorn at school i pretend i am riding acorn. Antonella

Dear Antonella

Riding a pony makes you strong. Even if you ride a pretend pony. Or a pony in Mrs. Crandal's game.

My tutor told me a Spanish word for my pony. Acorn is my "querencia."

She said that in Spanish that means a place of safety. When you have a querencia, you are really strong. It helps you give up fear when you have problems.

That's why I love Acorn. He makes me feel like I can do anything. Even when I have a hard time in school. Or when Tommy or Mike do something mean. Or call me a pony pest.

Hug your pretend pony for me. Hold on to him. Every pony, even a pretend one, is special.


Dear Anna,
Why did Sally give Acorn back to Mr. Olsen? Thanks for the info about Acorn. Sincerely,

Dear Cayce

Sally had Acorn for eight years. She gave Acorn back to Mr. Olson when she got too big to ride him. She has a big horse now.

Your Friend,


dear anna,
i asked you to draw a picture of sugar, and this is the best photo i could get!

hope you could still draw her. if you could draw the pony pals with her and me to, that would be great (you don't have to)
how is acorn? i tried to teach sugar how to nod her head yes like you taught acorn, but she get so distracted (with food) it's really hard! oh well!
thank you! give acorn and the snow white a big hug for me!

Dear Haley

I used your picture to draw Sugar. She is beautiful. I had fun drawing her.

To teach a pony to nod is easy. They think about food if they see your treats. Put them in your pocket. Make sure you can get one out quick. Little carrots are good.

Pet Sugar and give her a hug.

Acorn got a hug with an apple slice from you. He said thanks. Snow White got a hug and asked about where her apple slice was. ;-)

Your Pony Pal,



dear anna
thanks for the letter. I will ask timara if she wants to be a pony pal but we had fight and know we don't really talk to each other she is on camp know well all the year 6 are I would of gone but I'm sick. my sisters really funny she's only 1 years old lol. ok see ya. your friend amy.. in NZ

Dear Amy

Sorry you fought with Timara. Sometimes us Pony Pals get angry. But we never stay mad for long.

When Acorn got mad at Snow White they had a fight. Then Lulu got mad at me and said it was my fault.

Pam talked to Acorn and she told he was sad. That was why our ponies were biting each other. When we figured it out, then Lulu and I weren't mad any more.

Hug your sister for me.



My name is Gabrielle I am a big fan of the pony pals!
I just wanted to say that Acorn is beautiful!!! I love Shetland ponies!
I have always wanted a pony of my own just like Acorn Lighting or Snow White!
I have lived in an apartment for a long time but I have always dreamed of being a real pony pal with you Pam and Lulu!
My friend and Riley and I ride our bikes on a trail that goes through the woods we like to call pony pal trail.
We know so much about ponies but we have never owned our own pony.
I have one question... Do you Lulu and Pam still ride together??

Dear Gabrielle

Shetland ponies are the best! They are very smart.

Riding with Riley sounds fun. Is your trail between your houses? Our Pony Pal trail goes from my house to Pam's.

We all ride together every time we can. I have a tutor Tuesday and Thursday. Pam helps her mom with lessons on weekends. We ride the other days. Even when it rains or snows sometimes.

I will give Acorn a big hug. It is from you.



How's Acorn? I want a pony so badly, but we have no place to put and it would be too expensive. I love highland ponies and haflingers. Acorn is so handsome. If there was a pony like him for sale i would find a way to buy it.
Sophie D.

Dear Sophie

Acorn is happy since it is cooler. He wants to prance. I let him a little.

Olson's may have a pony. Or maybe Mrs. Crandal. I will ask. Write back.

Your new friend.