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In the new game, if you ride your pony too hard or feed it too much it can get sick. If you don't care for it, should your pony be returned to Olson's?



Letters to Pam

Hi Pam,

We had a frost and it killed the bugs. Now I've only seen 2 or 3. I found out jumping isn't hard. I had to take down the jump in my yard because Rocky was misbehaving so after he jumped the jump he would uncontrollably go through my grandma's garden. My mom build me a new jump in my arena. Rocky knocks it down when I let him loose. We have the wood for his new paddock so it shouldn't be long before Rocky gets his new paddock.

School has been kind of tough. I am failing 2 of my classes. Social Studies and Math. I can't explain the Math grade but I'm failing S.S because I never handed in a project. 7th grade is harder than I thought. Now I'm on the ineligibility list because I'm failing two classes which means I'm not allowed to go to the Halloween Dance. That's ok though because I can just ride Rocky. His cough has gotten worse. He is still ride able. He keeps Rolling in the mud and getting all dirty. I have to clean his stall soon. I procrastinated a little so now his stall looks more like a pig pen than a horse stall. Give Lightning a hug and 2 cookies for me. I say 2 cookies because my band teacher gave me 2 cookies today so Lightning should have 2 cookies. Speaking of cookies I have to tell you about Myrtle the bus driver. I'll tell you next week.
Ur number 1 fan,

Gabby and Rocky

Dear Gabby

Yikes! I'm sure glad you weren't hurt when Rocky the racehorse ran off! Lightning sometimes likes to move up to the canter after I jump with her.

One training thing my mom does is set up four poles laying on the ground about four feet apart. Put them two strides past the jump. Like this

l l l l
<<<<<< pony <<<<<<<

That way the pony has to rate back down to the trot to go over those poles.

Maybe your teacher will let you make up the assignment in Social Studies. For math, maybe you need a tutor to help you. Anna's math and reading tutor really helped her. Maybe she could help you, too. Do you want me to ask Anna to ask her?

Hug Rocky for me. I hope he gets better soon. I gave two cookies to Lightning and told her they were from you.She said thanks.



hello pam
thank you for the letter..please say hi to your mum for me.
this week i have been sick so i didnt really get to do much but your weekend sounded great.. I cant wait to adopt a pony but when do we get to?and yes i do really love ponys..gotta go see ya. your new friend
amy g

Dear Amy G

Sorry you are sick. Colds are no fun. My mom says in a few days.


My name is Gabrielle and I am a BIG fan of the pony pals!
I think your pony Lighting is ADORABLE!! especially the upside down heart on her forehead.
I have always wanted a pony of my own!
My friend Riley and I ride our bikes on a trail running through the woods we like to call pony pal trail.
We know so much about ponies but we have never owned a pony or horse of our own.
But when my grandpa couldn't feed Blaze anymore (my Grandparents horse) they decided to give him to me!
The only thing is Blaze is a really old horse but he's gentle. Blaze stays in Alberta but I still call him mine.
I have lived in an apartment for a long time and always dreamed of being a REAL pony pal with you Lulu and Anna.

Dear Pony Pal Gabrielle,

After I read your letter I went out and rubbed Lightning's heart. She closed her eyes and looked happy.

You and Riley sound like great Pony Pals! My mom says that you can have your own ponies and ride out on our Pony Pal trail real soon. It would be great to see a picture of your PP Trail.

Blaze sounds great. Do you ever get to ride him?
Let me know. Glad you joined our Club!

Pony Pals,


Dear Pam,
Setting off metal detectors is weird. Fortunately when we went to the State Fair on Friday I didn't set of the metal detector. I was grumpy when I was in the hospital after having my hip surgeries and when I first got the abscess. Cimmaron's abscess is fine. Cimmaron seems to be feeling better. Hopefully he won't have another relapse. The only problem is Cimmaron refuses to leave his hoof in the bucket when we soak his hoof. He'll literally take his hoof out of the bucket and knock it over. Then we have to start all over again. Did ya'll have fun at the Fall Festival?

Dear Cayce,

When I asked my dad about abscesses and told him what you asked he just said to take care of you and Cimmaron, without looking at the foot he just can't tell.

Would a low feed tub work better than a bucket? Just a thought.

The Fall Festival was really fun, we gave pony rides on all of our ponies. One little girl just came back over and over and over until the end of the day. Her mom came up and wanted to know if we gave lessons! I told her to talk to my mom.

We were really tired by the end of the day but we made over $300 for St. Francis Animal Shelter! Fred Jones was really happy and he promised to send us a letter saying "Thank you!"

How was your weekend? What was the fair like?



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