Pony News, Views and Attitudes -- Vol.2 No.16 -- October 27- November2, 2008 PAGE 4


Dear Lulu,

My name is Mary. I am 9 years old and live in Minnesota. I love horses and ponies too! We are looking at either leasing or buying one real soon.

I have been taking english lessons for 2 years, every other weekend when I go to my dad's house. Most of the time I ride Mona, a white speckled arabian who is very old and has a funny big hay belly. She can be quite lazy and needs to be reminded to pay attention.

I am sending a picture of Mona and me along to you from one of our horse shows. The picture of Mona and I at the show was taken in summer, around June. We got 3rd place in Jumping Class. The other two riders were adults and harder to compete against. Lazy Mona did try to get out of it but I kept at her which made my trainer Mary really happy.

I also ride my step mom's horse, Jojo sometimes. He nips at Mona sometimes but listens better and has more energy then Mona. I love them both. I don't own Mona, she's a school horse.

Mom says she is too old and lazy to buy since I am getting more experienced then Mona is...she evades jumps by running around them or tries to stay at the barn during a trail ride-Lazy Girl!

My Mom has had horses her whole life but doesn't have any right now. But she is the one who is looking for a horse for her and I. I live with my Mom during the week and every other weekend so I'd really get a lot more time to ride if we got one. I'd love that!!! Mom says I'd really get my balance and seat put once I ride more often.

My Mom rides horses for work sometimes, on her Mounted Patrol for her police department. She says she is spoiled by how well trained those horses are and is comparing every horse she looks at to buy to them....she says she can't do that anymore. I am excited to get a horse of our own and ride with my Mom-it will be our special time.

It is hard because not any girls at school really know much about horses or "horse talk". Mom says once we get a horse and board at a stable I'll be happier cuz I'll be able to talk horse with the other kids at the stable.

Nice talking to you and hope you send a letter back. I know you must get a lot of emails so if you don't to this one, maybe another time when I write.


Dear Mary

Thank you for your wonderful letter!
Mona looks like a great school horse. Mrs. Crandal says good school horses help train new riders and are "worth their weight in gold."

Having new riders all the time trains lesson horses. When people are learning to ride they don't understand when or how to reward their pony for doing the right thing. School ponies get confused and some learn to be lazy.

Congrats on riding her and taking third place! Way to go! Learning to make your pony work is hard.

Your mom rides horses for on Mounted Patrol at work?! Wow! How lucky to have a job where she can ride! Does she help to train the police horses?

Some places they use police horses to patrol shopping center parking lots because they are way high. Does she do that? Where does she ride?

What kind of horse does your mom want? I can ask Mr. Olson and Mrs. Crandal what they have.

Write back,

PS Everyone here loves ponies and horse talk! ________


My name is Gabrielle and i am a big fan of the pony pals!
I think Snow White is beautiful!!! Oh and 'of horse' (of course) Snow Flake!
I have always wanted a pony of my own!
I have lived in an apartment for a long time but I have always dreamed of being a real pony pal with you Pam and Anna!
If you and the other pony pals still ride together I'm sure they will tell you what I wrote in their E-mails about... I guess stuff.

Dear Gabrielle,

What a great letter! Snow White is so pretty, I think sometimes I am the luckiest girl in the world. Even my grandma says that she is pretty after I groom her and clean her until she shines.

Last weekend when it was sunny and we were at the Fall Festival I had to go away for a minute. As I walked back I looked at the five ponies where we were giving pony rides. (Daisy, Splash, Acorn, Lighting and Snow White) Because my pony is white she stood out even when I was way far away. I was so proud of how she looked with all the blue bows on her mane. It made me feel happy.

I'll give her a big hug for you and a kiss just behind her ear.



dear, Lulu
I just got your letter as I was staring at a beautiful poster of the 3 of you and your ponies, How do I sign up is there a place in the website that I have to go to? I really love Snow White and Lightning, and Acorn, I wish I hade a horse or pony, I know that'll never happen (sighs), Well I have more horse movies to make email me tell Pam and Anna too, Talk to ya later,
Horse Girl

Dear Horse Girl

Wow! I didn't even know that they made a poster of us! I went on the internet and there was a book with four posters that was in New Zealand.

Don't give up on having a pony. You can get your own online pony with the Club Pony Pals game.

Loving a pony is really important, even if you only imagine it. I told Mrs. Crandal and she said she will put you on her testers list.

Send us a picture from your horse movie!

Horses and ponies,


Dear Lulu,

Please tell your dad that I said thanks for the hug. Thanks
for giving everyone a hug for me.



Dear Cayce

When I emailed my dad about the hug he said you sounded nice. Thanks for writing and A BIG HUG to you too.



dear lulu
thanks for the letter..i am really happy you helped snow white get out of the fence..I had a pony well i looked after it he was at my mums friends place but he had to go back i was really sad his name was elvis. i know i will get a pony one day. i havent been doing much staff because i have been sick well i still am ok gotta go see ya. bye your new friend
amy g


Dear Amy G,

Snow White and I had a connection from the minute I saw her. When I sang to her and cleaned her up on the first day I knew she was so special. I'm really glad I was there when she needed help. Pam and Anna helped too. And Pam's dad.

It sounds like you miss Elvis. I know how it is to miss having a pony. Life just seems a little empty.

Sorry to hear you are sick. Hope you get well soon.
Your friend,