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Volume 4 Number 1
December 1 - 14, 2010

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Holiday Decorating Time in Wiggins Special contest this month only!

It's cold outside now late fall is here,
It's that 'decorate your cabin' time of year.
With candles and greens and twinkling lights,
We banish the long and blustery nights.
Pals and neighbors, friends new and old,
Come visiting to get in from the cold.
A cup of hot cocoa and cookies all around,
"We're glad you stopped by! Just look what I found!"

No matter how much or how little you spend,
It's about bringing joy -- to family and friends.

© ClubPonyPals

To enter, write to contests@clubponypals.com
or w-mail Jane Crandal

holiday cabin

click here to see who's entered

Holiday Cabin Decorating Contest!

Holiday cabin with the most votes will win 10,000 Wiggins bucks for New Years!

  • Top runner-up wins 500 Wiggins bucks.
  • Deadline December 12th
  • Any member can enter
  • Winners decided by member vote

Live Moderated Chat Schedule

Our Live Moderated Chat is open on Tuesdays and on Fridays.

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Friday, December 3rd is our next virtual barn sleepover. Chat with the Pony Pals, take lessons and enter show classes in the virtual riding arena. Stop by and say hi from  

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sleepover award
Stop by for your Sleepover Award!
by Lexiloulou

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Friday, December 17th is Lulu's Birthday virtual barn sleepover. Chat with the Pony Pals, take lessons and enter show classes in the virtual riding arena. Stop by and say hi from  

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Lulu Sleepover award
Stop by for a special Sleepover Award!


Yes, we get members from these places all the time. Stop by and chat!
Winners for October Story Contest
3000 WB to winner, 500 WB to runner up

Age 11 & Under

Winner: Nyx
Jessie and the Stallion pt 1

Runner Up: Shinabella
Second Chances
Age 12 & Up
Silent Tears part 3
Runner Up: Hrsluvr101
Finding Me Through Sky
Winner: I_luv_addy
Protect All Horses From Abuse
Runner Up: Ging
The Ermine
Winners for Coloring Contest # 18
3000 WB to winner, 500 WB to runner up

Age 10 and Under
Hand Colored

Winner: Nat2 Runner Up: Taramorris
Age 11 and Over
Hand Colored
Winner: Constellation Runner Up: Warhorse
Age 11 and Under
Computer Colored
Winner: Onaneagle Runner Up: Constellation
Age 12 and Over
Computer Colored
Winner: Picassogirl Runner Up: Kell27
Download your Coloring Contest Entry here
Oattawa's drawing won her 500 Wiggins bucks and will inspire coloring creativity -- and win some members lots of bucks for their coloring skill! Download your entry here CC19
Story Contest

Vote For November Story Contest

Winner receives 3000 WB and Gold Quill Trophy,
runners up receive 500 WB and the Silver Quill Trophy

Story Contest
Enter Your Story and Art for Drawing and Coloring Contests to contests@clubponypals.com
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If you are over 13 years of age and have permission from your parents to have a Facebook account, then you can find our new page there. We are hard at work creating a Facebook version of our game just for that network. Club Pony Pals will stay the same -- anyone who registers for it, either directly or soon via Facebook, will still have all wmails reviewed by a live adult before any message can be seen by any member.

If you are a Facebook member, look up Club Pony Pals and find our new page.

Club Pony Pals may even be able to make a version of our game....on Facebook!

Watch this newsletter for details.

The Long Riders
Special Recognition
to our Trail Riders

500 miles 1000 miles

new Long Rider


current miles leader



Want something Special for the Holidays?
Email your art to contests@clubponypals.com Prices are below.
Note -- Designs submitted without having enough
Wiggins Bucks will be saved until paid.

For 100 Wiggins Bucks
Custom nameplates
kell nameplate nameplatenameplatenameplate
design your own or use a member designer

For 3000 Wiggins Bucks
personal saddle padCartoonGirl Blanket

Stallions of Lipizza Roma Pad
designed by Ingreenpastures

CartoonGirl English Pad

Rabbits Rule Western Pad
designed by Cartoongirl

Download the template to make your own saddle pad

For 200 Wiggins Bucks
Custom Painting Put your art here in cabin

You can send in a picture to be turned into a cabin painting for yourself! You can also create a cabin painting for a pal!

Designers Are Waiting -- click here to view their ads

Note -- Designers Wiggins Bucks fees are additional.

Cabin of the Issue Contest

Enter to win 1000 Wiggins Bucks for your decorating skills!

cabin entry
cabin entry
1 - Ole Miss

cabin entry
cabin entry
2 - Elizabeth114

cabin entry
cabin entry
3 - SunsetMeadow


cabin entry
cabin entry
4 - Minty1612

cabin entry
cabin entry
5 - Rain Storm

cabin entry
cabin entry
6 - Warhorse

Last Issue's Cabin Winner




Send contests@clubponypals.com an email telling us the username's cabin you want to enter. Rules are: Each issue three cabins will be chosen from the entries for member voting. Members can enter enter as often as they like, but winners cannot enter this contest again for six months.

Look for more new fun furniture items soon. Have a request
for something you want to add? Let us know!

Drawing of the Issue Contest

by Cory101

drawing winner

by Fenty1998


by Apples24



Winner gets 500 Wiggins bucks, and their art is made into a painting for members' cabins. If you want to enter, send your art to the Contests@ClubPonyPals.com or mail it to:

Club Pony Pals
16654 Soledad Canyon Road #382
Canyon Country, CA 91387 USA

If you want a sticker and bookmark make sure and include a mailing address where we can send it!

Cartoon Caption Contest -- This issue's caption winner



Horse: Ok, so a lot of things freak me out in life, but this is worse. If i move, so does this..........THING! by ellie renneberg2


Horse in house: I love you! Horse outside: I love you more! Horse in house: Then why in the world are you kissing me through the window?!?!?!?! Horse outside: .....by Shinabella

This winning caption's writer got 500 Wiggins bucks.
The runner-up caption gets 100 bucks.

Vote for your favorite caption for this cartoon--

Write a caption for this --


by Onaneagle

Can you write the winning funny caption for this cartoon? Deadline is Thursday before the next newsletter issue. Email it to Contests@clubponypals.com

Look for the entries in the next issue's e-newsletter and vote for your favorite.

Winning caption gets 500 bucks, runners-up get 100 W bucks each. Captions should be short.

or draw a cartoon --

We are looking for cartoon artists, too. Draw one and email it to us by Thursday.

If it is selected, you can earn 500 Wiggins bucks! Hint -- for this contest, please draw your cartoon in black and white. If you want to enter, send your art to Contests@ClubPonyPals.com or mail it to:

Club Pony Pals
16654 Soledad Canyon Road #382
Canyon Country, CA 91387 USA

Envelope Art Contest! Win 100 Wiggins Bucks!

by Crusinpaint123



from Apples24



from Delilah



Frisians by Whiskywoo

thoroughbred racing

I give permission for clubponypals.com only to use my image. If you would like to use this picture, please w-mail me (my pony's name is Prancer) with the reason why and I will see about granting you permission to use it. Thank you. - Whiskywoo

The breed this time is Frisians

black, occasionally chestnut.

Height Range:
15.0hh - 17.0hh.

Distinguishing features:
powerfully muscled, agile with elegant action, thick mane and tail and feathers on lower legs(feathers are long hair on the back of the legs)

Country of origin:

What are they used for:
dressage, pleasure riding, driving, showing, general riding and are also used in the circus.

Problems they can occur:
dwarfism, locking stifles, scratches, sun-bleaching.

Are they right for the job they do:
Yes they are because they have powerful muscles so it makes it easier to pull a carriage and they are agile with elegant action which makes them good for dressage.

Famous Frisian


Goffert was a black stallion foaled in 1994 and he died in February 13th 2007 of colic. He did dressage as friesians are best for dressage. Unfortunatley i don't know much about him so i can't put much about him from my point of view.

clicker club

EagleGirl's Clicker Club Training Column

I hope you are enjoying clicker training your pets!  The clicker can help you to do all sorts of wonderful things with your pets.  Not only can you train them to do things that are useful and keep them safe, but you can use the clicker to teach and play games.  If you have an older animal that is not able to do a whole lot, they can still enjoy playing games with the clicker.  Or if you have a young animal that is not ready for strenuous training, playing games is a wonderful way to get started on building a relationship and a "clicker mentality".  Games are also good for an animal that is stressed and needs a rest.

We have already discussed The Rope Bump Game.  This game is a great way to help your pony or other pet become desensitized to ropes moving around him or touching him.  We have also discussed targeting.  If your pet has learned to target, you can use this skill to play all sorts of fun games.

You can teach your pet to target various objects, then combine objects and have him target them.  For instance, teach your pony to target a fence post, a tree, an old tire, and a log.  Then put them all together; have him touch the post, move to the tree and touch it, move to the tire and touch it, then finally to the log.  You can rearrange things until you have a nice obstacle course of sorts.

You can also teach your pony or other pet to walk over things, such as logs, tarps, platforms, etc.  You can start out by simply leading your pet up to whatever it is you want him to step on or over, and have him target it.  Don't forget to click and treat!

Let's say you are teaching your pony to step over a log.  Walk up and have him target the log.  Turn around and walk off, then repeat a couple of times.  Then walk up to it and step over it, continuing to lead.  Say "Over" as you step over, and continue to walk as though you expected him to step over it too.  If he does, click as soon as one foot goes over the log, then treat.  Then continue to walk, letting him step the rest of the way over the log.  Circle back around and do it again.  After a few times you can wait until he has put both front feet over the log before you click and treat.  Eventually you will wait until he has stepped completely over the log before you click and treat.

If you lead him up to the log and he does not step over it after you do, then just stand and wait.  Invite him to walk with you.  If he does, click and treat as soon as one foot goes over the log.  If he doesn't, then ask him to target your hand or the end of the lead rope.  Click and treat as soon as he targets it.  Then step back a bit, and ask him to target it again.  Continue moving back one step at a time, then asking him to target.  Once you have stepped back far enough that he cannot reach the target without taking a step, this may be all he needs to encourage him to take that first step over the log.

Continue asking him to touch it until he moves forward.  Since you are asking him to "touch it", you will want to wait until he does touch it before you click and treat.  If he somehow manages to touch it without stepping, click and treat anyway, because he did what you asked him to do; he touched the target.  Then step back a little more and ask him again.  If you keep this up, he should eventually put a foot over the log.  Be sure to click and treat when he touches the target, not when he steps over the log, because you asked for targeting, not stepping over.

If you keep working a little at a time, eventually he will step over the log with you.  Once he has gotten over the log with targeting, you can approach the log again and try stepping over it and saying "Over" as you keep walking.  Observe him closely, and click as soon as one foot goes over the log.  Then follow the steps above until he is stepping all the way over the log.

What do you do if your pony simply will NOT step over that log?  Don't despair.  Just back up to the last place he was successful.  Did he touch it when you asked?  Lead him away, walk around a bit, then come back and have him target the log again.  Click and treat.  Walk off, come back, and target the log.  Now, he has been successful, and you can end the session with success.  Then you can come back another time and work through the steps outlined above.  With patience and time, he will get it.

You can use objects that you already have available for targeting and obstacle courses.  If you have a little extra money, there are things you can buy that make it even more fun.  Traffic cones are great for targeting, learning patterns, backing, weaving, turning . . . the list goes on.  You can buy small playground cones in various colors.  The colors are more for you than your pet.  You can also go to the hardware store and buy big orange cones.  You can create aisles to walk down and back down, patterns to weave in and out of, targets to touch; just use your imagination.

Don't forget to observe your pony or pet and let him tell you what he needs and what he is ready for.  Remember that clicker training is all about learning to tune into your pet and helping him learn to tune into you.  Relax, take your time, don't stress, and most of, have fun.

Until then, happy clicking!

Member Photo Gallery

from Ellie Renneberg2

These are some pics of me and the wonderful Appy.

member pic

 Slipping my feet into the stirrups, ready to take him out for a canter.

member pic

Thank you for putting Appy in the WbW! (Max should be coming soon :p)


from Ajaxsluvr101

Some pictures of Bentley and I! The thing on my shoulder is a sling, cause I broke my arm! Bentley is Knabstrub gelding.

member pic

member pic

member pic

member pic

from Kell27

This is the breyer i have been painting with pastels and his markings are done in acrylics. He was originaly chilli but in 1 day he turned into this!! Here are his before and after pictures. The brown and white paint was before, and the bay is what he looks like now! He is only about 73% done. :) I will show you more pictures when he is done! :) - Kell27 and mingo

member pic

member pic

member pic

member pic

from Zippabull

member pic

member pic

from Taylor***

Me and my other Sis when I won the blue ribon for the little miss contest at my fair!


Sky and Thunder! Thunder in front and Sky in back(he turms that color during the summer)

Will - RIP - best kitty ever!

from Cory101

the real Cory!

member pic


Member Art Gallery

Rest in Peace, Pippy - December 2, 2010

by Ellie Renneberg2

Pippy RIP


For Misspippy

For Misspippy


by Apples24




by Thesilverbrumby


art gallery


by Abigail Kristin

art gallery


by Delilah

Art gallery

by Ajaxsluvr101

art gallery

This Issue's Winning Postcard

by Crusinpaint123

postcard winner

by ilove wolves
for Kate's Herd

by EagleGirl


Other Postcard Entries

by Onaneagle

postcard entry

by Maid Mairain

postcard entry


Winning postcard entries each issue get 200 Wiggins bucks. All art must be original, it cannot include clip art or copyrighted images.

If you want to enter, send your original art to Contests@ClubPonyPals.com or mail it to:
Club Pony Pals
16654 Soledad Canyon Road #382
Canyon Country, CA 91387 USA


Dear Pony Pals

Send in your photos, stories and drawings for our contests.

e-mail them to Contests@ClubPonyPals.com or mail it to:

Club Pony Pals
16654 Soledad Canyon Road #382
Canyon Country, CA 91387 USA

The first printing of collectable stickers is almost gone. Get yours now, if you want a sticker and bookmark make sure and include a mailing address where we can send it.

Please include your user name and the email address you used to register in your letter, too.






Play These Games to Earn Wiggins Bucks


Play these to earn bucks! Each issue of the newsletter, the highest scoring

Scavenger Hunt
Winner gets 3000 Wiggins bucks,
next nine members scores below that get 500 bucks each.





Pony Pal Derby
Race your pony to earn Wiggins bucks!
Each issue of the newsletter, the derby game's highest scoring player
earns 3000 Wbucks.
500 Wbucks goes to each of the next nine highest scores.




Math Games
High scoring players in addition,
subtraction or multiplication earn 500 Wiggins bucks,
next nine players who have high scores earn 100 bucks each.


Add Like Mad



Subtraction Action



Multiplication Station
Paint The Wind

This issue's Cross Country Course Winners:

Cross Country North
sandy bergsma
coconut 101
Cross Country South


Pony Pal Thoughts for the Day:

"The best years of your life are the ones in which you decide your problems are your own. You don't blame them on your mother, the ecology, or the President. You realize that you control your
own destiny.

Albert Ellis


"When somebody says it doesn't take much to get a friend, they are the ones with bad company. "


When in doubt, run far, far away.
You can never have too many treats.
Passing gas in public is nothing to be ashamed of.
New shoes are an absolute necessity every 6 weeks.
Ignore cues. They're just a prompt to do more work.
Everyone loves a good, wet, slobbery kiss.
Never run when you can jog. Never jog when you can walk. And never walk when you can stand still.
Heaven is eating at least 10 hours a day... and then sleeping the rest.
Eat plenty of roughage.
Great legs and a nice rear will get you anywhere. Big, brown eyes help too.
When you want your way, stomp hard on the nearest foot.
In times of crisis, take a poop.
Act dumb when faced with a task you don't want to do.
Follow the herd. That way, you can't be singled out to take the blame.
A swift kick in the butt will get anyone's attention.
Love those who love you back, especially if they have something good to eat"
author unknown -- submitted by luvlolly

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