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Wiggins bi-Weekly
December 1 - 14, 2010

Ads From Member Artists offering Design Services


Warhorse's Drawing Service

Do you want a beautiful drawing of your favorite horse but don't have the time or can't draw it yourself? I can! I will draw any picture of any horse, even if you give me just a breed and color! My prices are small and my services are great! I have been drawing horses for the last 6 years. I prefer to draw from a photo but I can draw from still life, website pics and any other. Please put your photo that you would like me to draw in the Wiggins bi-Weekly.


Example of my Drawing Service

My Prices:

  • Pencil/Color horse head: 50 W bucks
  • Pencil/Color horse body: 75 W bucks
  • Pencil/Color horse head & Person: 75 W bucks
  • Pencil/Color horse body & person: 100 W bucks
  • Trees, bushes, & flowers: 15 W bucks
  • Buildings: 20 W bucks each
  • Fence: no charge
  • Horse's name: 5 W Bucks (In bubbles or Fancy)
  • Animals: 5 W Bucks each (Dogs, other horses & other)
  • Horse all tack up: No charge (Any tack but western cost 5 bucks)


If you give me a photo I will draw it for around 200 W bucks (No charge for trees & etc.) If you want I will put your horse's name on the computer for 5 W bucks (Tell me what font) For buildings I can put the name of it or anything else for no charge All working horses (jumping,dressage& ect.) will be drawn for body & person prices, any extras same cost.

Please W-mail me for more info & Please tell me if you have a magazine pic you want me to draw, I might have it!



Abbie831's Computerized Drawing Business
My Prices:
  • You choose color!
  • Full body horse is 50 W-bucks
  • Horse head is 25 W-bucks
  • Added background imaged it I will work it out 15 W-bucks
  • Added name 5 W-bucks each
  • Added hearts, stars, ect. 1 W-buck each


Example of my Drawing
If you don't like my work, you only have to pay me 1 W-buck because of my hard work.
w-Mail Abbie831 for more information



Whispa's Drawing Service
I can do drawings well from photos! I have been trying for a while to see if people would buy my art work! I can do horses and I can kinda do people but not to well and I can only do from photos! I can do plane pencil or color even pastals but they would cost more!

w-Mail Whispa for more information

Example of my Drawing



Nyx's Drawing Service

Do you want a very special horse in your cabin?
Well, I bet I can draw it!!
I can draw almost any kind of extra; trees, flowers, dog, cat, squirrel, deer, bird, and anything else you can think of!

My Prices:

  • Pencil/Color Horse Head: 70 W-bucks
  • Pencil/Color 2 Horse Bodys: 120 W-bucks
  • Fence: No Charge
  • Extras: 5 W-bucks each
  • One Color Background: No Charge
  • Buildings: 15 W-bucks each
  • 2 Color Background: 2 W-bucks
  • Sunset: 6 W-bucks
  • Moon (any shape): No Charge
  • Other Animals (this is a special extra): 6 W-bucks each

Example of my Drawing


If you purchase 3 or more (different) extras in 1 order, you get 1 free Pencil/Color Horse Head!!

You can also order a drawing for your friend, but YOU pay.

If you are not sastifyed with your drawing, and if I agree, you will get no charge and I'll do my best to re-draw it, for free!! But be honest if you don't like it.

I will not write names on the painting, w-mail Shinabella for a nameplate if you want your drawing to have a name.

w-mail Nyx for more information


Or do it yourself --
Saddle Pad Designs

You Can Draw Yours Today!


CartoonGirl Blanket

Rabbits Rule Western Blanket
designed by Cartoongirl

click here for


To download the template and make your own saddle pad, click on the pad above. Then email your design to contests@clubponypals.com (Designs submitted without 3000 WB will be saved and put on hold.)

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