masthead pony with shamrock

Volume 3 Number 36
March 15 - 21, 2010

Club Pony Pals News
Olson's Premium Ponies Prance Closer

Dear Pony Pals

Our programmers are making steady--if slow-- progress toward finishing Olson's Pony Barn and Premium Cabins. Here's how one of our new choices will look.

Bladk and White Pony

Like you, we are anxious for our new features to be done and working right. As soon as they are ready, our testers are ready to help us make sure that everything works just as we want it.

One member sent us a great suggestion via email this week

Hi Club Pony Pals!I have an idea for CPP. I wasn't sure where to e-mail it, so I just am e-mailing it to the address that said you send questions to. I'm sorry if it's the wrong spot. Anyways, here's my idea. I was thinking that maybe you could add an 'Bus Pass' to Kine's Tack. It would be maybe 20 Wiggins Bucks or so, but you could use it for unlimited bus rides on the Wiggins Express for a day or a week or something. I know that I would buy one because when I am questing, it takes forever to tack up my pony, ride it to Wiggins, buy my supplies, head back to the barn and drop everything off and then repeat the prosses, and therefore I use a LOT of bus rides. I probably spend around 100 bucks a week for trasportation to Wiggins, maybe more. That's why I think a buss pass would be helpful. I know that riding my pony would be cheaper, but because it takes so long I usualy take it on about two rides, to Wiggins and back, each day. Thank you for taking the time to read this! may218 and Gizmo

Member suggestions are one of the things that make this game so great. We took may128's advice and when Olson's Pony Farm launches the Wiggins Express Bus Service will become free.

This is the last week for entries to our CPP horse and pony alphabet coloring book and we have extended our deadline to March 19. We will add entries as we get them. When it is ready as CPP's first e-book, the ABC's of Horses will be a great way to help kids worldwide learn their English ABC's and discover about horse and pony breeds at the same time.

Coloring Contest # 11 is open for voting.


Miss entering # 11 contest? Never fear, our members chose the art for Coloring Contest 12 art is available for download.

 Coloring Contest 12 art

Voting for CPP's February story & poem contest is open now, read & vote for your favorites here.

Feeling lost? Look at a map of Wiggins here.

Our new virtual riding lessons are each Tuesday, from 6:30 to 7:30 Eastern Time. Lessons are held in the live moderated chat. This is a great way to work on mentally visualizing your riding -- and they are lots of fun.

Every day hundreds of new members sign up and ask for Pal requests. Take a moment and see who's just signed on recently with our "Pals, Please Page." Our world has some great ways to meet other pals. Click here to learn more. Please help new members feel welcome - send a card to someone who is new!

Our game changes all the time, if you log in and weird things seem to happen, please clear your computer's cache.  See the instructions here to learn how.

Members ask me all the time "how do I earn more bucks?" Anybody who wants more Wiggins bucks is missing out if they don't enter one of our contests! Details are below. We need funny cartoons, they should be in black and white.


Jane Crandal


Pony Pal Contest Calendar

contest name
deadline for entries
voting starts
winners announced
prize amount (in Wiggins bucks)
Drawing of the week contest
every Friday
in Wiggins Weekly
500 to each winner

Cartoon contest

every Friday
in Wiggins Weekly
500 to artist, 500 to caption winner, 100 to caption runner-up

Vote for Coloring Contest #11

March 15
March 26
1000 1st place, 500 runners up
February 28
March 8
March 27
3000 1st place, 500 runners up

New CPP "The ABC book of horse breeds" Needs Illustrations

March 19
500 for every drawing used
March 27
March 29
April 10
3000 1st place, 500 runners up

March Story and Poem Contest

March 31
April 5

3000 1st place, 500 to runners up


Drawing of the Week Contest

chiggergirl drawing

Winners each get 500 Wiggins bucks. If you want to enter, send your art to the or mail it to:

Club Pony Pals
16654 Soledad Canyon Road #382
Country, CA 91387

If you want a sticker and bookmark make sure and include a mailing address where we can send it!

Cartoon Caption Contest -- This week's caption winner


PeteyMeBlack cartoon

Horse: It looked so easy when the dog did it! by may218 & Gizmo

This winning caption's writer got 500 Wiggins bucks.
The runner-up captions gets 100 bucks.

Ummmmmmm That cloud looks like a carrot. That one is a horseshoe and that is AHHHHHHHHHHHHH A ROPE! by lululauren2000 & Snowdrop


Vote for your favorite caption for this cartoon --

Chiggergirl cartoon



Write a caption for this --

Britinie cartoon

Can you write the winning funny caption for this cartoon? Deadline is Friday of this week. Email it to

Look for the entries in the next week's e-newsletter and vote for your favorite.

Winning caption gets 500 bucks, runners-up get 100 W bucks each. Captions should be short.

or draw a cartoon --

We are looking for cartoon artists, too. Draw one and email it to us by Friday.

If it is selected, you can earn 500 Wiggins bucks! Hint -- for this contest, draw your cartoon in black and white. If you want to enter, send your art to the or mail it to:

Club Pony Pals
16654 Soledad Canyon Road #382
Country, CA 91387

Member Photo Gallery


RodeoSue yorkie

This is our Yorkie! Her name is Lily Bell! from RodeoSue


Windy microphone

I just wanted to share a picture of my lost horse, Windy. She died on January 21st, 2009. I'm riding her in this picture. microphone

Member Art Gallery

from Britnie

Britnie unicorn

Naughty Ponies

Britnie Acorn

Britnie card


Britnie card




from Ast

Ast art

Ast art

Ast art

Ast art


from Taylor C

TaylorC drawing


from microphone

microphone art


New Postcards

from microphone

microphone art

Each postcard entry wins 200 Wiggins bucks. All art must be original, it cannot include clip art or copyrighted images.

If you want to enter, send your original art to or mail it to:

Club Pony Pals
16654 Soledad Canyon Road #382
Country, CA 91387

Member clubs!

Hang Club Plaques in your cabin show that you belong. Check Member clubs on our new Club Plaque page. You can hang Club Plaques in your cabin and all new clubs must submit a club plaque drawing to be listed. If you cannot make a plaque write to and we can have Mrs. Crandal or Admin3 our new staff artist help you out.



Dear Pony Pals

Send in your photos, stories and drawings for our contests.

e-mail them to or mail it to:

Club Pony Pals
16654 Soledad Canyon Road #382
Country, CA 91387

If you want a sticker and bookmark make sure and include a mailing address where we can send it!

Please include your user name and pony name in your letter, too.






Play These Games to Earn Wiggins Bucks


Scavenger Hunt
Winner gets 3000 Wiggins bucks,
next nine members scores below that get 500 bucks each.


"Scavenger Hunt "

Horse grl

Math Games
High scoring players in addition,
subtraction or multiplication earn 500 Wiggins bucks,
next nine players who have high scores earn 100 bucks each.


"Add Like Mad"

Emily Paige



"Subtraction Action"

Emily Paige
Big Boey
I love Bond.



"Multiplication Station"

Emily Paige


Pony Pal Thoughts for the Day

Without Winter, Spring would have no spark. The world would become bland, for the same sight,  over and over, can be very boring, to the human eye. Without Fall, the leaves would just disappear, for the Fall, is what makes them gradually fall to the ground. Without summer, there would be no time for plants to grow. Nature has it's ways. While you may not like the snow from the Winter, you may even hate it, think of it this way: the Spring will only be twice as good. So, enjoy all the seasons, and the meaning that comes with them.
Britnie & Shadow


There is a link between animals and the Deity. ... How do we know that animals have not a language of their own?... My opinion is that it is a presumption in us to say no, because we do not understand them. A horse has memory, knowledge, and love.


The sight of that pony did something to me I've never been quite able to explain. He was more than tremendous strength and speed and beauty of motion. He set me dreaming.
Walt Morey