If you are having problems with our game, you may have a corrupted file in your computer. Clear your caches to check if that solves it. Instructions are below.

How to clear your Flash cache

Some weird issues that clearing the browser cache won't fix (e.g. the quests didn't come up properly & I kept getting generic *item description* messages in the inventory). I finally managed to fix it with this page from the Adobe Flash site. It tells you how to clean out the Flash cache

How to clear your browser cache on a PC

Internet Explorer -- There are two ways to clear your computer's cache, depending on what version of Windows and Internet Explorer your computer has on it.

Method #1

  • First, open Internet Explorer and find a tab at the top that says "Tools".
  • Click on that tab and there should be a drop-down menu that has different tasks. You want to find one that says "Internet Options".
  • Click on that, there should be a section on it that says "Browsing History".
  • Choose to clear the cache, close Internet Explorer and reopen it.

Method #2

  • You will have a large “e” icon on your desktop or on your start menu. This icon operates the Internet Explorer program.
  • Right-click on this icon.
  • From the drop-down menu, select “Internet Properties”.
  • A box will display with file tabs across the top.
  • The first tab will be “General”.
  • On this page, left-click the “Delete” box next to “Browsing History”.
  • Another box will display.
  • Be sure the following items have a check mark:
  • Preserve Favorites
  • Temporary Internet Files
  • Cookies
  • History
  • Form Data
  • Click “Delete” at the bottom of this box. When the delete process is completed, that box will disappear.
  • Left-click the “OK” button to close the “Internet Properties” box.
  • Re-boot your computer.

Method #3

Windows Internet Explorer 7 & Windows Internet Explorer 8

Follow these steps to delete the files and information that Internet Explorer stores on your computer. This information includes the list of websites you have visited, cookies, information you've entered into web forms (for example, your name and address), website passwords, and other temporarily saved information. Your links and favorites will not be deleted.

  • Delete temporary files in Internet Explorer 7
  • Open Internet Options by clicking the Start button , clicking Control Panel, clicking Network and Internet, and then clicking Internet Options.
  • Click the General tab, and then, under Browsing history, click Delete.
  • Click Delete all, click Yes to confirm that you want to delete this information, and then click OK.

Internet Explorer 8

  • Open Internet Options by clicking the Start button , clicking Control Panel, clicking Network and Internet, and then clicking Internet Options.
  • Click the Safety button, and then click Delete Browsing History.
  • Select the check box next to each category of information you want to delete.
  • Select the Preserve Favorites website data check box if you do not want to delete the cookies and files associated with websites in your Favorites list.
  • Click Delete. This could take awhile if you have a lot of files and history.


Google Chrome

1. Click the Tools menu. (the wrench in the upper-right corner)

2. Select Options.

3. Click the Under the Hood tab.

4. Click Clear browsing data…

5. Check the boxes for the types of information you wish to delete.

  • Clear browsing history
  • Clear download history
  • Empty the cache
  • Delete cookies
  • Clear saved passwords (make sure you want to do this...maybe not)

You can also choose the period of time you wish to delete cached information using the Clear data from this period dropdown menu.

6. Click Clear Browsing Data when ready.


Firefox 3.5

  • Open the browser and click on Tools.
  • Then click on Clear Recent History.
  • It will ask you to determine the time range you would like to clear.
  • Click on Everything.
  • Then click on Details and select that you would like to clear only the cache.

Firefox 1.5 / 2.0 / 3.0

  • You can easily clear your cache and all the other private data stored by Firefox by pressing Ctrl+Shift+Delete.
  • This brings up the Clear Private Data menu.
  • From here you can pick what all different kinds of data you would like to clear. Choose whether or not you wish to clear the Browsing History, Download History, Cache, Cookies, Offline Website Data, Saved Passwords and Authenticated Sessions. For instance, if you have set up Firefox to store any of the passwords you use when logging on to certain websites, you will want to uncheck the Saved Passwords box. Pick which elements you would like to clean and then click Clear Private Data Now. You can also clear the Firefox cache by clicking on Tools and then clicking on Options. Click on the Privacy tab at the top of the Options menu that pops up, and then click on Settings. Now you must select which types of cache data you would like to clear, as mentioned above.



Go to "preferences" pull down menu and choose "empty cache".