Pony News, Views and Attitudes -- Vol. 2 Number 6-- August 18-24, 2008 PAGE 1

by Jane Crandal

Dear Pony Pals

This week I got to look at the riding experience for our game for the first time. For those of you who saw the "ducky" demo, this is so much better. It lets you ride around trees and is just like riding a real pony. I can't wait to hear what our game testers think of this!

One of the funniest things I saw this week was a drawing from Lyndsey!

It just made me laugh because that's exactly what Snow White looks like when you scratch her in the right place! Ponies just love when you groom them!

There are lots of little pieces coming together. Keep reading and if you haven't already signed up to play our game do it this week.

One other thing - please tell your friends about Club Pony Pals. Help us make a free pony available for everyone who wants one. We can do that if we get lots of new members!

Back to School Art Contest

Equine artists, it's time to get your pencils out!

Draw a picture of a pony enjoying Mrs. Pastures cookies and win a an 8 ounce package of these pony treats!

Anyone can send in a drawing. Five winners will be announced in the next issue of the Wiggins Weekly. Deadline for entries is midnight PST August 30th, 2008.
Email entries to WebMaster@ClubPonyPals.com

Mail drawings to

Club Pony Pals
16654 Soledad Canyon Road #382
Canyon Country, CA 91387 USA



Yesterday, I went over to the barn around 3:45. I was going to groom
and ride Tico and groom Dusty.
I was feeling a bit lazy though, so I decided to ride him in his
english snaffle and the bareback pad (I also add an english saddlepad
underneath it, and I was wearing a helmet - I always do.).
So... as I'm grooming him on the crossties, the barn girl threw his
supper hay into his stall (they feed hay pretty early there).
Mr. Piglet was not pleased. Although he obviously has not missed a
meal in quite a few years, he *hates* when I don't let him dive right in
and start noshing if it's *there*, waiting for him.
Too bad. :)
So, I jumped on him and started riding in the indoor. Weather around here has been rainy, mixed with downpours, thunder, lightning and sprinkles. Not a great summer, all in all.
This indoor has a side door from which you can look directly at Tico's stall. Every time we were near to it, it called to him... "Hay!! Hay!! The Hay is in your stall, come, eat!!!"
So... walk... a bit of a trot... and Every Time we came around to the
door that faces his stall there was bulging, a little hissy fit and general brat behavior. I ignored it. We went both directions, then I
asked for a canter.
Again, at the corners, some brat behavior, and some pitching forward like he was thinking about throwing in a buck, Tico style (Tico's< bucks are not particularly deadly), but I caught him up and made him move forward.
We went his "good" direction first, to the right; then tracked to the
left (so we were looking straight at his stall on that one corner again).
I got the correct lead out of him, but he was being spazzy and really leaning on the reins. We came around the corner, and he tripped. Big trip. Went down on his knees, and I went flying over his head and did
a modified face-plant - more horizontal than directly on my head, hence the "Superman" - and I kind of skidded to a stop. Meanwhile, I
heard a commotion behind me. I tucked up my legs and turned to look. About 3 feet away from my face, there was a horse butt with legs flailing in the air. He'd done a face plant himself, and flipped all the way over onto his back. I got up fast (I was a bit concerned about surviving all that only to be kicked in the head by flailing legs that looked a lot closer than 3 feet away - and may actually have been, come to think of it...) and so did Tico.
At first he seemed to be favoring his right hind a bit, and he did the "pain" face once. I checked him over - nothing broken, no heat - and walked him off to the aisle. He was a bit tentative but no real
limping. He mostly looked a bit abashed. He was spectacularly shake- and-bake coated as well, from the front of his face to his butt.
I called the vet. After I told him what happened, he asked me "What's he doing now?"
"He's just standing here." I said.
Anyway, he said to give him some bute, but to not be too surprised if he's ok - that horses sometimes take amazing falls without hurting themselves. Meanwhile, he just said keep an eye on him.
So, aside from a skinned elbow, a slightly twisted knee and a sore neck, I'm ok. I'll be checking on Tico this evening to see how he's doing...

read more at Susan's blog http://slavetomyhorses.blogspot.com

Letter from Jeanne Betancourt

Dear Webmaster and Club Pony Pal members:
I love the white pony that Lindsey Warren created for the online riding game. It is so beautiful and most definitely looks like Snow White. I can't wait to see the other ponys the club members will have in their stable. Please sign me up to be a game tester. That sounds like a lot of fun.
For years I ended my letters to Pony Pal fans by saying, "You don't have to have a pony to be a Pony Pal." Now, thanks to Club Pony Pals and the hard work of Jane, the web designers at Jenkat, and the talented Lyndsey Warren of Shadowhorse Studios every Pony Pal can have a virtual pony. Pam, Anna, and Lulu existed in the imaginary world I created through my books. Now you can have imaginary adventures with the Pony Pals through the riding game. Me, too.
Happy Riding and Happy Reading.

We want your drawings or letters!
Send them in to the Wiggins Weekly.

email WebMaster@clubponypals.com

or mail them to

Club Pony Pals
16654 Soledad Canyon Rd. #382
Canyon Country, CA 91387

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