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dear webmaster I just wantetd to tell you that I remember pen pal and that i wanted one. please let me have know. love isabelle. ps.. where do we vote for ponies. pps..i am 8 years old.

Dear Pony Pal Isabelle

Club Pony Pals is a great place to meet new friends. Anyone want to be a Pony Pen Pal with Isabelle? Write in to Isabelle and I will forward your email. Just start your letter "Dear Isabelle..."

I want to be a game tester! Just E-mail me what to do! Summer

Hi,i would like to join ponypals club.could you please send me the information .
Thankyou Melissa C

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Dear Pony Pals Summer, Melissa C and Holly
Our new game will move into testing within the next week or two. Anyone can sign up to be a tester by writing WebMaster@clubponypals.com and saying "I want to be a tester." Full launch of the game will happen later this fall.

Picture It

The story so far....

Picture It started with Meredith out in a field in an ATV and Squirrel the horse looking at her. When they got back to their barn, Summer was was there writing a note. Summer finished the note, got on her pony and galloped away. The note warned that Pongo the appaloosa foal was missing in the Darkwood forest. Meredith found Squirrel the horse, tacked up and loped out to Darkwood forest.
In the forest, Meredith heard a strange noise, looked for it and then saw two girls on a piebald and a dapplegrey pony. One girl was named Sunshine and her pony's name was Piddles. More girls arrived on ponies that were chestnut, dun and white. It was the Pony Pals on Lightning, Acorn and Snow White.
At the sound of frightened whinnies, all the girls rode to where they thought the sounds were coming from. They found Pongo the foal stuck in quicksand. The girls and the Pony Pals had some ideas about how to rescue Pongo but there were no boards nearby.
Pam, Summer and the other girls try to put a halter on Pongo. Pam waded out in the quicksand and got a halter on him. But scary sounds in the forest made Pongo shy and the rope broke! Summer had an idea and reached into her saddlebag....


Pam Crandal writes

...A folding saw for cutting brush and wood.

"I know what we can do! Let's put branches all around Pongo and he'll have something to stand on!" yelled Summer.

Everyone got off and tied their horses. The thunder was louder now and it sounded like rain. They all hurried and pretty soon the quicksand around Pongo was covered with twigs and small branches.

Pongo was so tired he didn't want to move, even when everybody encouraged him. He just put his head down on the branches and looked sad.

Meredith had an idea. She told the Pony Pals "Everybody get on their ponies! Follow me!"

Lulu, Anna, Meredith, Summer and all other girls got on their ponies and began to ride away. Lulu even lead Lightning away towards the road while Pam stayed with Pongo.

"Noooooooooo!" Pongo neighed as his pony herd began to leave. "Waaaaaaaiiit!"

But the Acorn, Lightning, Snow White, Squirrel and the other ponies all went where their riders asked them to. Pongo struggled mightily. He got one foot out on top of the branches, then another.

"Whinnyyyyyy!!!!" Pongo screamed as he got another leg up, then finally the fourth one and he was on top of the branches. The quicksand was still sucking at him, but the branches gave Pongo enough support so he jumped out of the swamp!

Pam grabbed Pongo's halter and clipped another lead on next to the broken rope.

"He's out!" Pam yelled and all the other Pony Pals and friends rode back.

Pongo looked a little shy. He was so muddy nobody could see any of his spots, he was hungry and very tired.

Anna pulled out a bag of Mrs. Pastures horse cookies and gave some to Pongo, who gobbled them gratefully. When they were gone he nickered for more.

"I've got more at the barn," Anna promised. "We have to get you home."

With Pam leading Pongo, all the riders began the long trek back to Meredith's farm to take Pongo home.


Let's start a new Picture It story. Do you have a good photo start off the story? Send it to WebMaster@clubponypals.com

Pony Pals Thought for the Day

In riding and in life, hatred or anger destroy calmness of mind.


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