Pony News, Views and Attitudes -- Vol. 2 Number 6 -- August 18-24, 2008 PAGE 4



Dear Samantha
Before I lived here in Wiggins, I lived in England with my dad. Two afternoons a week, I went to a riding school. There I rode a Welsh pony named Ginger. I started out just riding in the ring in lessons. Once I could walk, trot, canter and jump, then me and my friend Emily used to go for long rides in the countryside.
It was really fun, we had slickers and would ride sometimes even if it was raining. I was really sad when I moved to Wiggins because I left Ginger behind, then I got Snow White and now I'm really happy to have my own pony.
Your friend,


Hiya Lulu?
Hows everything?
Its Hannah, so you remember me? Thanks so much for replying to my letters I gave you and thanks for giving Snow White a kiss from me behind her ear!
I'm glad to hear you are good and your dad is good.
I just wish I could go to Annas mothers Diner, it sounds like a
wonderful place, with yummy food in it!! What's the special for this week?
Look forward in hearing your reply,

Dear Hannah
It is really nice to hear from you again! We all rode over to the diner for lunch last week and it was really good. The special was "local summer pasta." It had macaroni noodles with chopped fresh tomatoes and basil, little pieces of zucchini and eggplant that were fried and lots of cheese from Wiggins organic dairy on the top. It was so good! I thought I wouldn't have room for dessert.
But then Anna's mom brought over a piece of plum tart and some ice cream. She said this is her favorite time of year and we had to try it. We all agreed that it was ALMOST as good as her brownies.


Dear Lulu, The wait's worth it just to have your hair cut for free.
Your grandma sounds busy. Your grandmother's friends would be sad if she moved to Florida. How's your dad? I got my hair cut shoulder length in the Summer of 2003, and it's still shoulder length. Please tell Lightning, Acorn, Snow White, your grandmother and your dad that I said hello. Sincerely, Cayce

Dear Cayce
My dad is good. He got back from the brush and has a couple of weeks before he has to head back out. He said while he was out he got to eat some really tasty meat. When he asked his helper what they were eating, he found out it was a kind of giant African rat! It was cooked over a fire in a stew and was pretty good, though.
He offered to send me and grandma the recipe but I wrote back and said it was ok, he didn't need to. Can you imagine what grandma would say if I asked her to make a stewed rat?!
Your friend,


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