PPony News, Views and Attitudes -- Vol. 2 Number 5 -- August 11-17, 2008 PAGE 2

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Pony Pals Photos
Dear Club Pony Pals,
Hi ! My name is Delaney, and I’m sending pictures of me and my pony “Blondie”. Sometimes we just hang out doing silly things together. In the first picture We were waiting a long time for our turn at a show, so we both took a rest.
Sometimes we like to be quiet together, and at holiday time we got dressed up like elves, it looks like Blondie” is saying Merry Christmas!! I love my pony and she is the best! She also looks a lot like Snow White.
Your pony Pal,



Letters to Pam

Dear Pam,
Those sinkholes you showed me are big. My dogs have the old
scratch reflex. In addition to having Annie I also have three dogs,
four cats, and a hamster. I don't have a picture of my hamster, but
I'll tell you what he looks like. He's a Golden Hamster and his name is
Herman. Here are some pictures of my cats and dogs.
Sincerely, Cayce


Dear Pony Pal Cayce
Yes, sinkholes are scary. I am really glad the one in your grandma's yard isn't that big. That one under the building in Pennsylvania was huge!
You sure do have some cute dogs and cats! I really like hamsters too, once my dad got a golden hamster in to take care of at his vet clinic it he let me hold and pet it.
I really spend more time with Lightning than our other pets. Woolie plays with Jack and Jill more than me.
What do you think of the picture of Lightning that Lyndsey drew? I put a copy of it up on my wall so when I wake up in the morning it’s the first thing I see.
Your Pony Pen Pal,


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