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     Buna ziua new Pony Pals in Romania!

      Zdravstvuj new Pony Pals in Russia! 

      Bon Jour Pony Pals in France!

      Herzliche Wilkommen Pony Pals in Germany!

      G'day Pony Pals in Australia!

      goede middag Pony Pals in Netherlands!

      Hello Kiwi Pony Pals in New Zealand!

      Shalom Pony Pals in Israel! 

      Pryvit Pony Pals in Ukraine! 

      Namaste Pony Pals in India! 

      Hullo Pony Pals in the United Kingdom!

      Selamat Tengahari  Pony Pals in Singapore!

      Privet Pony Pals in Moldova! 

      Hello, aye? Pony Pals in Canada!

      Hi Pony Pals in the USA!


ClubPonyPals is getting new signups from all around the world. Welcome new Pony Pals!  We are glad to meet you. There are lots of new features at ClubPonyPals that are about to be launched. Anna's bee game is just a sample of almost two dozen new games that will appear a few at a time during the next weeks.  Visitors will be able to play pony-themed games that will earn them Wiggins Bucks!


Some of these new games will help Pony Pals get better grades, too.  Anna's tutor and Pam know all about finding new ways to study and want to share their games with Pony Pals everywhere.


ClubPonyPals T shirts and other kinds of tops, so some are now available at http://www.cafepress.com/ClubPonyPals


We are on version #26 of our new trail riding experience. A big Pony Pals thank-you to all of our dedicated game testers who have tried out different stages.  Both kids and parents have told us that they want a site that does not download to their computers.  So we have stayed with a “Flash” experience that works inside visitor's browser.  This means that ClubPonyPals' features need to work on a really, really wide range of computers -- from all around the world! 


Remember, ClubPonyPals visitors can adopt as many ponies as they want, all it takes is registering a new account for each new pony.


There's lots of news from Wiggins this week in the form of replies to   letters from Pony Pals around the world. Then there is Pony Pal Gabby's column, some art from Pony Pal Summer and lots more. If anyone would like to make a video about ponies, please send it along as a QuickTime file. Remember, your video can not have any last names or other ways to find out where the maker lives. That's the law.


And as always, The Wiggins Weekly wants drawings and other art from Pony Pals everywhere.


Our database manager is hard at work making Club Pony Pals better. Some new visitors have had problems signing up. He is hard at work finding out why this has happened. We want it to be easy for all Pony Pals to join. If you or someone you know has a problem signing in or registering, send an email to




So we can help you sign up.


And please write to Pam, Anna and Lulu, Jeanne Betancourt or the Webmaster. We want to hear what is going on with you, wherever in the world you are!


For a few more weeks ClubPonyPals 4x6 color stickers are still free. Please send email with a grownup's mailing address if you would like one!




Club Pony Pals Letters from Readers

Dear Webmaster, Did ya'll have a good Thanksgiving? We did. You're right about "Wiggins Weekly" getting bigger. Glad you like my idea for The Pony Pals Necklace. You didn't say what you thought about my idea for a Pony Pals Book Club. And you didn't say what you thought about the first Pony Pals Book Club package being $1.00 and the rest of the packages being free. It'll work I promise. Just trying to make Club Pony Pals even more popular. In the last newsletter I didn't see a response from Ms. Betancourt.




Dear Pony Pal Cayce

We are working with Scholastic to see about helping to make Pony Pals books more available. Watch the Wiggins Weekly for updates. Thanksgiving was a good time.





It is okay for me to be in this club.

~Horse Luv happens here!!!!!!~



Dear Pony Pal Lia

Welcome to ClubPonyPals! You sure are in the right place if you love ponies. Have you adopted an online pony yet?




Dear Webmaster,

What a wonderful surprise I got when I checked our letter box after school today.....A letter from Club Pony Pals,  USA  !!!!  Thank you for the "Acorn" book mark,  Club sticker and your lovely note,  I will indeed give Nyah and Shine ( Frank ) a special pat from you.  :-)   Love and best wishes to all Club Pony Pals members and of course to you also, Webmaster (dad wants to know if you are related to " spiderman ?? " ).... a bit cheeky is Dad !!  :-(      Merry Christmas to all, we hope everyone has a Safe and Happy New Year.  regards

Bella  and Family. 


Dear Pony Pal Bella and Family

Peter Parker is a web-slinger, not master -- I think. Glad you like the bookmark and sticker. What is Christmas in your part of the world like? Will Nyah and Shine be involved? Please write back and share your news. Thanks for writing,





I would like to request one of the free stickers, on behalf of my daughter (and Club Pony Pal member), Claire.  We've read 34 Pony Pal books so far, and loved every one!  




Dear Pony Pal Parent Glenn and Pony Pal Claire

34 books???? Wow. That’s plenty of Pony Pals Persistence. What features would you like to see in ClubPonyPals? Do you like to read? Which books are your favorites? Thanks for writing,





The bee game is soooooooooooooo cute!!! :D



Dear Pony Pal Codyskeeper

Is Cody a pony? What a great name. Thanks for trying Anna's bee game. Soon there will be a whole bunch more. Some will help ClubPonyPals members with math, reading, writing and computer skills -- all focused on ponies, of course! How is your life where you live? Thank you for writing.





I would like to request a free sticker and bookmark for my daughter, Kaitlyn.  Thanks for providing such a neat website and WONDERFUL books!!!

Mrs. H


Dear Pony Pal Kaitlyn and Mom

You are very welcome. The ClubPonyPals site is a lot of fun. Yes, the Pony Pals books are wonderful. We want to have the world of Wiggins go on for quite some time, way out into an online future. What would you like to see in virtual Wiggins? Thanks for writing,





Can i do the trail ? i think the necklace thing is great!  

p.s. if it don't cost. Please make more stuff to do



Dear Pony Pal Anna

Thanks for writing. We are hard at work making lots and lots of other stuff to do in online Wiggins. Pam's game loft is just about ready to open. Pam and Anna want to share some of their favorite word and math games to help Pony Pals everywhere improve their reading and math skills. We will always have as much stuff as we can be free at ClubPonyPals. We are working on making the word and math games ways to earn Wiggins Bucks that can buy pony and visitor treats. Keep reading here for updates!





Hi, club pony pals!!

I would LOVE TO be a tester for your pony riding game. I absolutely LOVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVE ponies and horses. I know a few kinds, even!  Please e-mail back, ClubPonyPals!



Dear Pony Pal Samantha

What kinds of ponies and horses do you know? Please write us about how our trail riding version works for you. How did you hear about ClubPonyPals? Thanks for writing,





Letters to Jeanne Betancourt

Dear Jeanne Betancourt

I am a huge fan of your Pony Pal books. I read in the back of a book that you read the letters that Pony Pal fans have sent you. Is this true? I love reading about Pam, Anna and Lulu. My name is Katelyn.  I am 9 years old. I don’t have a pony, but I really want one. I enjoy reading your exciting books. My personal favorite is ‘The Pony and the Haunted Barn’. I like it because it is a mystery and because I kind of like ghosts.  Could you please Email me back?  We could be pen pals.  Your #1 fan


P.S. I really like Lightning, Acorn and Snow White.


Dear Pony Pal Katelyn

Jeanne sees all the letters that come in to ClubPonyPals.  When you write Jeanne Betancourt here, she reads it. Sometimes she writes back, sometimes the WebMaster answers. Keep reading, writing and enjoy your online pony here at ClubPonyPals.

Webmaster for  

jeanne signature



dear jeanne

i hope you make more books they are so cool.i haven’t been doing much but school is nearly finished yay. so what you been doing?

from amyz


Dear Pony Pal Amyz

Thanks for writing. I have been enjoying time with my family during the holidays. I had a cold but I am getting better. I wonder what ClubPonyPals members are planning for the approaching holidays?

Webmaster for

jeanne signature



Dear Mrs. Betancourt,

My name is Micah.  I am 8 years old.  I am home schooled, and am a missionary with my mother and father and little brother in Bangalore India.  My mom loves horses, and I do too.  I LOVE your books.  My mom reads 2 chapters every night.  I like your web site also.  I ride a pony every Wednesday, and his name is Pinocchio.  He is a nice pony, and he likes to play.




Dear Pony Pal Micah

India! Goodness, that is very far from New York. It is wonderful that your mother reads to you. I am glad you like this website. You are very lucky to ride Pinocchio. It is great that he likes to play. What is your life in Bangalore, India like? Other ClubPonyPals members would really like to know.

Webmaster, for

jeanne signature



bethany letter


Dear Bethany,

Thank you for writing a paper letter to me.  You are very lucky to have two horses and your own Acorn at ClubPonyPals.  You are a super Pony Pal!  I love the drawings that you sent.  Keep drawing.  Keep riding.  Keep reading.

jeanne signature



Dear. Most wonderful writer in the world ……… Jeanne Betancourt!  

Hello! I’m Hannah. I’m from Korea. But now I’m living in Israel.  I’m 9 years old. And in Korea I didn’t even know this Pony Pals book!  I really love it! In story I liked Lulu and Lulu’s pony Snow White best. Because I always wanted a white pony! And this book gives me lots of information about ponies. I really like ponies! But I never saw pony and ride on it! But I’m really happy to know this book. I almost read all of the Pony Pals. Thank you for writing this fantastic book! I want to be a writer like you!!!.. from: your biggest fan…



Dear Pony Pal Hannah

How good to hear from you. What is your life in Israel like? Are there ponies where you live? Do any of your friends like the Pony Pals books? Have you adopted an online pony yet? I think it is great that you want to be a writer. Our world needs more good storytellers. Please keep reading and writing.

Webmaster, for

jeanne signature  



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