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Dear Pony Pals

Every day we are getting changes that make our game better. Our testing volunteers will get a new riding game to try later this week.

It's not too late! Sign up for our testers list. Testers ewill get a secret code that they can redeem for an online treat for their pony.

So if want to see our game and try it out before everyone else, sign up today. See you when you visit Wiggins!

Fall Festival!
Turnout Exceeds Last Year's

Saturday was cool and clear for this year's Wiggins Fall Festival, a benefit for both St. Francis Animal Shelter and the Wiggins Volunteer Fire Department. By noon the Town Green was crowded with hundreds of visitors.

Lori displayed a dog scarf for sale at the St. Francis Animal Shelter booth.

St. Francis Animal Shelter's booth sold lots of dog neckerchiefs. Dozens of dogs showed up in costume for an animal costume contest.

Halloween themed costumes were popular.

"This year we have a lot of animals," Shelter volunteer Fred Jones said. "There are dogs, cats and even a snake here waiting for adoption."

The St. Francis Animal Shelter also offered face painting for kids.

Jack C. was not sure about whether he liked having stars on his cheeks.



Nelson's Farm had their annual "Pick a Pumpkin" displays with hundreds of pumpkins available.

Pansy the spider hanging out in the pumpkin patch.

These giant pumpkins weighed over 100 pounds apiece!



A local girl's riding club offered pony rides. Pony Pal Pam Crandal explained it this way, "We really like sharing our ponies with other kids. The Animal Shelter helps us, we want to help them back."

This rider looked like she didn't want to get off!



A new addition to the Festival this year was described by Fire Department Chief Roger Edwards, "We invited Dolly and her Belgian horses to give rides. Taking a horse drawn wagon ride through the corn field just west of the firehouse turned out to be very popular."

Dolly's Belgian team provided horsepower. Below is a view looking out of the wagon during the cornfield ride.

Fire Chief Edwards ended with one more thought, "With heating oil as high as it is, more people will be burning wood, and that always means more chimney fires. Everyone should make sure and have their wood stoves checked out and chimneys cleaned before they begin using them. We really don't want to put out any more chimney fires!"



Letter to Jeanne Betancourt


Dear Ms. Betancourt,
I really like your books. They are great. I live in Germany and it is difficult to buy them there but I still love your books.
Best regards,

Dear Isabella,
It must be interesting to live in Germany. Do you see many ponies and horses there? I am sorry that you are having trouble finding Pony Pal books in English. The Pony Pal books are published in Germany. They have been translated into German and have new art. I love the art they have done for the books. Let me know if you have seen these German editions. If you don't know German, do you have friends who do? I am curious about your life in Germany,
Happy reading,


hi i'm amy g i live in NZ i have read most of your books they are the best...i have always wished to she anna and lulu and pam i really like there ponies...are they real people and were do they live if they are real...you are a great writer..ok talk to you again so see you...


Dear Pony Pal Amy G.
Thanks for your letter! New Zealand looks beautiful, it is a long ways away from Wiggins. Does it get cold where you are? Do you get snow? It looks like you are close to Antarctica. Here at Club Pony Pals it would be great to hear about your adventures. Write back!
WebMaster for
Jeanne Betancourt




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