Pony News, Views and Attitudes -- Vol.2 No.15 -- October 20-26, 2008 PAGE 4


Dear Lulu,
I'll give Mom another hug for you. When Tommy called you a pony pest that was rude. Tommy, Mike, and Rema are just jealous because ya'll are better riders than them. If Tommy, Mike, and Rema insult ya'll again just say, "Sticks and Stones may break my bones, but words will never harm me." I wish Dad could E-Mail me to. When your dad comes home for Christmas please give him a hug for me and please give Pam and Anna a hug for me.
Friends, Cayce

Dear Cayce

My dad sends you a BIG HUG from his email. I told him you miss your dad. He sent me a hug too. It's hard when your dad isn't around.

You are right about words. They only sting, they don't hurt.

Pam and Anna and I did a group hug. Then we did high five's.


Howdy, I would like to sign up for the game, I love your ponies, Especially your pony, Anyway I have all of your books and I am about to buy more from my book order email me back with the rest of your pony pals,
From: Horse Girl

Dear Horse Girl,

Snow White says thanks. She's my favorite, too. Mrs.

Crandal said she would sign you up for the game, I asked her.

See you in Wiggins,


hi its amy g i emailed pam and anna to i really like your ponies i don't have a pony but really want one i love the books to...do you want to be like my best friend and maybe me you lulu and anna and pam might be pony pals that would be so cool...ok talk to you later...

Dear Amy G.

Don't give up on getting a pony! Sometimes I think that I didn't just find Snow White. She found me, too.

Thanks for telling us you like the books. Next time I talk to our friend Jeanne I'll tell her what you said.

Write back and tell me about your adventures.



Dear Lulu,
Hi! How are you? Is snow white doing good? I just read the book "the lonely pony" where snow white gets sick and anna is busy with a girl that owns a pony that kept running away. Anna brought acorn with her so your pony was very lonely and she got sick. (Pam was away at jumping camp I think) I was glad when snow white got better and you and anna wasnt mad anymore and you teamed up when Pam came home to solve the problem with the pony that ran away. Then acorn came back and snow white wasn't sad anymore.
I can relate to that book because we got rid of our cow and my pony samson is lonely. ;( but we cant afford to get another animal. We still have my dog and our chickens though, so they keep him company too, when I'm gone. Someday I think we're getting another cow.


Dear Sarah

Samson being lonely sounds so sad! Did you get milk from your cow? Up by lake Appamapog there is a dairy, they sometimes sell cows that don't give enough milk for their dairy any more but give plenty of milk for a family. Maybe you can get a cow from a dairy like that.

One time we went to a big racing stable with Mrs. Crandal and one of the big thoroughbreds there had a pet goat. That goat is like Billy in the book you wrote about. It made that big thoroghbred horse less lonely.

I do know ponies hate to live alone. Maybe you want to get a goat that gives milk to be a friend for Samson. Goats are smaller and don't eat as much as a cow. Their milk is good, too.
I want to get a goat but Grandma says a pony is enough.

Thanks for writing. Give Samson a big hug for me and a piece of apple.

Your friend,