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Dear Pony Pals

This week has been a real flurry of work for all of us here in Wiggins. There are dozens of new ponies to be trained. Some of them are too small for me to ride so I asked the girls to give me a hand. They took each pony out, brushed it all over, saddled it and rode in the arena. They wrote some notes about each one you can read when you go to choose a pony in the game. That way you know exactly what the pony you are going to adopt is like.
All of our testers will be the first to get an email inviting them to try our new game. Look for that very soon.
Another batch of ponies has just showed up, I've got to go out and supervise putting them into our paddocks. Even Lightning's paddock is full, I'm putting her into the barn.
More soon,

Letters for Jeanne Betancourt

Hi Jeanne!!!
I have a question: WHY DID U STOP WRITING BOOKS? I love them!!! I cried when I read, the last pony pal ride. Please write a few more!!!

I am so sad the pony pals are going to end!
please start anew seriers of girls and their horses!

Dear Emma & Haley
I cried a little myself when I wrote THE LAST PONY RIDE. In my imagination I had lived in Wiggins with Pam, Anna, and Lulu and their wonderful ponies for ten years. It felt like I was saying goodbye to good friends.
I am very excited about the game … when every Pony Pal can have a pony and write with Pam, Anna, and Lulu.
Hoping all is well with you,

DEAR JEANNE BETANCOURT: I love the Pony Pals books! I wonder if I can write a story like those. Did you write the Pony Pals, because you always wanted a pony? I hope you write back

Dear Summer
As a kid I spent a lot of time on my neighbor's farm. I loved the big animals and wished I could ride the horses. But they were mostly for farm work and the farmers were much too busy farming to teach me how to ride. One girl I knew had her own horse. I got to sit on that horse a couple of times. I never really rode her. I would visit that horse and dream of having one myself, or at least riding one. I did get to take riding lessons one summer at camp and loved it. I only rode a couple of times after that.
I remembered that longing to have a horse when my editor at Scholastic asked me if I would like to write a series of six books about girls and their ponies. I immediately said, "Yes!" Three girls on three ponies, I thought, can have loads of adventures. I also liked the idea of writing six books about the same characters. My editor and I never dreamed that ten years later there would be forty-four books about the Pony Pals. If I had known I might not have decided to put the word "pony" in every title. It wasn't so hard to do for the first six books, but using "pony" in the next thirty-eight titles was a challenge.
Over the years I have spent a lot of time doing research for the Pony Pals. I met great kids and wonderful ponies at homes, farms, and riding schools. Some of my ideas for Pony Pal adventures came from some of these visits. I was also inspired by reading about ponies and horses and learning how to ride myself.
I hope you enjoy reading the adventures of Pam, Anna, Lulu, Lightning, Acorn, and Snow White. I also hope you will have plenty of adventures of your own, with or without a pony.

dear jeanne
I am a big fan of the pony pals. I only have about four books but i will get more. I am only 10 years old but i would like to be apart of the pony pals.
thank you write you back soon

Hi! I am Kelsie .I amYour Biggest fan!I can not find your latest books.Do you know where I can find one? P .S.One in Alabama.

Dear Jordan and Kelsie
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