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Dear Samantha
Yes, the game is updated. Look for an email very soon asking you to try it out. Club Pony Pals started in July of 2007, with the first issue of the Wiggins Weekly.

I am home schooled and have a little free time, can I be a game tester? Can't wait to here from you.
Club Member
Winston Salem, NC & Fries, VA

i really love pny pals and would like to be a tester
-haley g

Dear Tiffany & Haley

Welcome to Club Pony Pals! You are on the testers list.


One evening I caught the end of a TV program that I’m certain was a Pony Pals story. I don’t know if it was a series or a movie, but I think it was on PBS (we don’t have cable). I’ve searched on-line TV schedules for any Pony Pals shows, and come up empty.
Was I wrong, or is there a Pony Pals TV show? I can’t wait to find out!
Thank you, jade

Dear Jade
Lots of people think there should be a Pony Pals TV show. There is not one yet. In this issue hundreds of kids voted about when they wanted to see the Pony Pals on TV.
Stay tuned, the issue is not dead yet.


I'm still thinking about the Pony Pals T-V show. About the theme song. Well, The Saddle Club have their own song, I think. Well, let the Pony Pals make up their own theme song. I would like them to have the following words.
The Pony Pals, Wiggins, Pam, Anna, Lulu, ponies, trail, Pony Pal Trail, Lightning, Acorn, Snow White, thundering, hooves, adventures, Pony Pal Problem, saddle, bridle, friends.


PS By the way, I love the logo. I also have a few questions about the game.
1. When you adopt a pony, will it start out as a foal?
2. Do ponies have a birthday?
3. Can you enter competitions? (Like show jumping, cross country, etc.)
4. Is the game real-time?
5. Can you breed your ponies?
Will the game be ready next week?

Dear Summer
We have not forgotten the TV show. The game will be first, though. To answer your questions about the game,

1. The pony will be grown up and ready to ride when you adopt it.
2. Ponies, like people, all have birthdays.
3. To start out, you will just be able to ride. Unlike a game you buy in a store, this free game will be small to start and then get bigger. Competitions will be part of the game, but not at the beginning.
4. Yes, the game is real-time.
5. No, you cannot breed your ponies.

PS. Soon is all I can say.

I would like to be a tester for the new club pony pals virtual world. Please! How and when do I get started?
Sign me up for the newsletter too.
This is very important to me because I can't ride a real horse ever so at least now I will be able to do it online. COOL! (I can't sit up- I have a neuromuscular disease SMA)
Oh- and please don't make this game with the arrow keys like all the other riding computer games my mom wasted money on. I use a special mouse to do the computer and can't use the arrow keys. Oh - and will i be able to play this on my Mac computer?
Thank you very much!
Hope to hear from you soon. I can't wait!

Dear Madison
Welcome to Club Pony Pals! People who can't have a pony are a big reason that Mrs. Crandal wanted to do this game. Yes, you can use a Mac. Yes, you can play it with just the mouse. You are on the Testers list, expect an email to try the Club Pony Pals game very soon.
Your friend,

I want to be a tester for the new pony pals game. And I also want to receive Wiggins Weekly. I saw you responded about me being a critic on club pony pals. It made me laugh to myself because of how dumb I sounded. Anyways, you can email me Wiggins weekly and the testing stuff. Sorry if I sound Demanding. From, Gabby

Hello how do I get to the club pony pal game I have been a member for awhile so please let me know Stephanie

Dear Gabby and Stephanie

You are now on the testers list. Expect an email very soon.


Hi WebMaster!
This is Hannah,
I'm so sorry I haven't wrote to you for a long time!!
I guess I've just been busy with other stuff, but I still LOVE club pony pals, and I will try and involve myself in club pony pals in every way I can!
Aw, Scout is just the cutest cat ever! How's Tinkerbell going? Is that the kittens name?
I have just included a picture of my cat, Milo. He is a Himalayan/Persian.

By the way, WebMaster, I'm still working on drawing pictures to send you of horses, and the pony pals! Pony Pals is the best hey?! I didn't know there were so many books of Pony Pals! I am in the middles of reading HEAPS of pony pals books, and are reading 'I Want A Pony' now.
Well, I best be off.
Thank you so much for everything you do with the club pony pals site!!!
- Hannah xx

Dear Hannah
What a beautiful cat! Tinkerbell has those same eyes, staring out of a dark face. She is good but is tiny. Scout is almost double her size. Tink makes up for her being small by being fast. She will be sitting on the floor and next thing you know she is calmly sitting on the counter, inquiring if there is anything good to eat up here.

The story continues..

Summer F writes:

Six Girls, Six Ponies, And They Soon All Become One Club...
Meredith, Pam, Anna, Lulu, Summer, and Sunshine have a new problem.

A wild pony named Eye-High was to be trained by Meredith. But the pony becomes frisky and won't obey orders.

Can the six girls and ponies help Eye-High?

Or is the only thing Eye-High will be dog food?

Lulu S. writes:

Meredith and Pam looked over the fence at Eye High. He was running around, his eyes wide and snorting!

"He looks like he would be a good pony," Mer-mer said, "If we could ever catch him."

Pam picked up a pony halter and lead rope. She looked at the horse cookie jar next to Mer-mer's tack box, and grabbed a few Mrs. Pastures cookies for horses.

"Watch this," Pam said, as she walked toward the pony.

The pony started to run off but when Pam held out a Mrs. Pastures horse cookie he stopped.

Ally writes:

Then he came to Pam.

He took the cookie.

Jane writes:

Eye High never had a Mrs. Pastures cookie before. It took him a few seconds to figure out that he had to chew it up with his back teeth. Then he started to chew. And chew. And chew.

His eyes closed partway and he licked his lips. When he finished chewing Pam held out the halter. Eye High sniffed at it and Pam put it over his nose and gave him another cookie.

Pam said "He likes those!" as she buckled the halter. "Let's go clean you up."

But when Pam turned toward the barn, Eye High....

Ally writes

... fell to the ground.

Lulu writes

He really did not want to come with Pam.

Before Pam could turn around to get Eye High up, she heard a noise and turned around to see....

Summer F writes
.. a tan and white object running from the barn. Pam sighed with stress. It was Pongo, the Appaloosa foal.

Pongo was caught in quicksand and only by teamwork, Meredith, Pam, Anna, Lulu, Summer, and Sunshine were able to save him.

Pongo was sick from eating poisoned berries while lost, so he had been staying at the Animal Clinic.

Pongo been nothing but a troublemaker. First, he chased some leghorn hens at the pen. Pam bought them from Green Market when livestock were sold.

Then, Pongo rolled into red mud, making his coat, kind of a ruby color. He still had a faint stain. Then, he was bucking and kicking Lightning, bossing her to play. When Pam shooed him away, he just wheeled right back, and head-butted her so hard, she fell down.

One time they were having a barn sleepover, and Pongo was whinnying and chasing Acorn, Lightning, Hugo, Piddles, Squirrel, and Snow White. He was even chasing the school ponies. Pam tried to chase him away, but the raced right back. An like a bighorn sheep fighting another, he rammed Pam right into a puddle of black mud.

Anna, Lulu, Meredith, Summer, and Sunshine giggled. But they helped Pam get up and helped her shower. Then they put Pongo with them. But he kept stepping on each other's hair or sleeping bag. So they put him in Lightning's stall. And Pongo fought with Woolie, Pam's sheepdog when he was trying to herd her with Lighting. Woolie kept barking and snarling. But he yelped in panic when Pongo reared and punched Woolie on the side with his front hooves. So Woolie hardly ever went near Pongo.

This time, Pongo leapt like a cat and kicked Eye-High's rear with his back hooves. "Pongo!" said Pam, "Stop it!" Instead of running away, Eye-High reared and pushed Pongo so hard with his front hooves, Pongo was punched into the barn door. He chased him away. "Eye-High!" said Pam. Eye-High raced to his paddock. He was scared; you could see the whites of his eyes and his ears were laid back. "No cookies for that behavior!" Pam and Meredith saw Eye-High run around in his paddock. Pam and Meredith needed help, they needed their friends for this horse.


Ally writes:

He stopped.

Anna Harley writes:

Mrs. Crandal walked out from the barn. She had JB. He had a saddle on.

Next to JB all the ponies looked tiny.

Mrs. Crandal mounted JB. They walked over to the girls and ponies. She said looked down at them and said, "You know, if you just...."

This story comes from Club Pony Pals members writing in with their ideas.

What happens next? Let us know. Write to WebMaster@ClubPonyPals.com

Pony Pals Thought for the Day by Gladiola Montana

Don't be afraid to ride a pony of a different color. Sometimes it's a nice change.