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Letters to Pam

Dear Pam,
You are so lucky to have such cool trails around. Me and my pony Rocky would love to be on trails like that. Can you please ask Anna to draw a picture of Rocky being a racehorse. If she needs details he is a chestnut and has a stocking on his left hind. He also has a blaze in the middle if his face. It starts on his forehead and goes down to the top of his nose. I would give her a picture but I don't know how to load it. Anyways, I think Lightning is the best pony ever. I love the upside down heart on her forehead. Also can you ask your dad how to treats heaves? I've been giving Rocky medicine and hosing dusty hay but, he's still coughing. THE PONY PALS ARE AUSOME!!!!!! Please give lightning a hug and a carrot for me.
Your Number 1 fan,

Dear Gabby

I asked my dad and this is what he said. Heaves are a lot like asthma or emphysema in humans.

The clinical name for this is "recurrent airway obstruction" or RAO. RAO is really common in places where horses are kept inside in stalls. Veterinarians think that they are an allergic reaction to tiny pieces of dust, pollen, mold or air pollution. When a horse or pony breathes in, those tiny particles go into their lungs.

Most of those tiny bits are from hay or straw, or eating dusty feed. When the horse doesn't breathe in those things, sometimes the symptoms go away.

When horses or ponies are kept outside, sometimes the heaves will get better. My dad always tells people the best way to keep a horse is outside with a shelter to protect it from wind, rain and snow. Especially for a horse with heaves, being outside is better than a barn.

Sometimes medicine will help. There are kinds of masks that you can put over a horse's nose. Then you give an inhaled medicine just like people take for asthma or emphysema. At first horses are scared of the mask, but pretty soon they learn that it helps them feel better.

I told Anna about Rocky and she sent me this picture.

Does it look like him?
Your friend


Hi!!! My friends and I have made a club called horses eac. Its like the pony pals but, we r sort of different. Each of my friends is like one of u guys. I'm most like u!!! I hate snakes and I know the most about horses out of the 3 of my friends.
From ur #1 fan.

Dear Emma

Isn't having a club fun? I like Anna and Lulu the best, we always talk and help each other when we have problems.

What is the latest adventure you went on with Horses EAC?

Lulu always tells me I am silly to be afraid of snakes. How did you know I was?



Dear Samantha

My mom says the only website she has is ClubPonyPals.com. Maybe she'll start one for the stables in a while.

Lightning is good, she has a small cut on her leg that's healing up fine. I put medicine on it twice a day and I still can ride her, she's not lame.

I never heard of a crab walk. My dad said he was going to put his answer "on my tab" whatever that is. Then he laughed and said a crab walk is when a horse walks crooked behind.

When you watch the horse walk towards you, it will bring its back end out sideways, so its front end and back end don't travel in the same line.

Mostly that happens when a horse has a weak or injured stifle. That joint is like your knee, but on a horse it is up inside their hindquarters. When the stifle joint is sore, a horse shifts its hips to one side when it walks. Sometimes they drag their back feet, or swing them out to one side.

Do you have a pony that crab walks?



Dear Pam, Please tell your dad that I said thanks for the info. Thanks for the other drawing of Annie. I'm talking about the picture where Annie's getting the old scratch reflex. Annie, Beauty, and Cimarron eat Omaleen 100 by Purina. If Cimarron has Cushing's why would we have to change his food?
Friends, Cayce

Dear Cayce
Here's the drawing you were talking about.

My dad said Cushing's horses do better on a high protein, high fat diet. The Omalene 100 has a lot of sugar and starch, which is not good for Cushing's horses. It is better not to feed any kind of food that has a lot of molasses or sugars.

There are kinds of "Safe Choice" feeds by Nutrina or other companies that are good. Ask your veterinarian what kind of feed you should give Cimarron if he tests positive for Cushing's disease.




hi Pam,
last week I went riding and someone told me my fave pony Sparkle had been put down. She fell into a ditch and I think she got a broken leg.
I went riding on a horse called Goldie. The reason she is called that
is because she is a nice gold colour.
from pony pal Kayla

Dear Kayla

Oh I am so sorry. It is always so sad when a pony dies. Sparkle sounded nice. I am glad you had a chance to know her. Maybe it would help you remember her if you drew a picture of Sparkle and wrote a something about her.

We did a memory book with our friend Shelly when she was sad about her pony Midnight Ride dying. It made Shelly sad to do it but she put in all the fun parts about her pony and in the end she was happier.

If you do a memory story about Sparkle, my mom says she would be glad to put it up on Club Pony Pals and then everyone would remember Sparkle for a long time.

Hug Goldie for me.

Your friend,




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