October Story Contest

Silent Tears part 3 part 1 part 2

I continue down a deer trail, Sam close behind. I don’t know why we are going this way, other than it just feels right. I pull my slicker tighter around me, trying to keep the wet and chill away. Sky shakes the rain from his head and neck. I pat him. He has been so good. He plods along, sturdy as a rock. We are all tired. It is our third day on the trail, and we aren’t quite used to this much rough riding yet. Back when we were on Sam’s property, we ran into Pepper. He was checking the boundaries of the ranch, and happened to be there at the same time we were. He and Sam talked for a moment, and he moved the truck up further for us, so that we can travel forward the rest of today and all of tomorrow before heading back to the truck to restock.

We continue, going on and on and on. The days seem to never end. The first day, we were at times almost giddily going forward, occasionally singing, talking, joking, laughing. The second day, we settled into the rhythm of the search. Today, it started raining again. It seemed like fun at first, but then reality set in. We are soaked to the bone, cold, and stuck out in this endless land, following a winding, narrow, never-ending trail to no where. Or somewhere. Or somewhere in the middle of no where. I won’t know until we get there.
Then an awful thought hits me. What if we get there and I don’t know it? What if I find the home and the family I’ve been searching for, but I don’t recognize it? What if I never remember anything but what I know now? These are the thoughts that haunt me, cut me to the core. I couldn’t live with myself if that happened. Especially with all that I’ve put Sam through.

With these thoughts, comes a passion, a drive, a determination renewed. I must find my home and the family that I love, the family that deep down I know I will remember. I must discover who I am, who I was.

To Be Continued................ Sorry it's so short, I have much more but I haven't edited it yet. I can't wait till the end! I have a big 'ole twist for ya! = )