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Wiggins bi-Weekly
April 1 - 14, 2011

Ads From Member Artists offering Design Services

pp2's Drawing Service

Want a horse or pony drawing?  I’ll do it!  I can also draw dogs or cats although I can’t draw them as well as horses.  You can look at my sample and see if you want one.  I will do something I call “surprise horse”  you tell me the horse’s name and I draw a horse that I think fits that name.  If you do not like it you can ask me to make a new one.  I can do paint horses, a strip, a snip, a blaze, a sock any markings!


example of my art


My Prices:

  • 40 W.B. for a Horse and foal
  • 30 W.B. per horse
  • 25 W.B. for a Foal
  • 25 W.B. for a horse head
  • 15 W.B. for a rider
  • 10 W.B. for a background
  • 8 W.B. for extras (name tree tack, etc)

If you are not satisfied with your drawing I will give you a new one for 50% off.  I will do any color and/or breed.  You can send me just color, just breed or both.  It will probably take a week or two so don’t get mad.  Three drawings per order.

Special! - order two pictures and get them half off only to April 17

w-Mail pp2 for more information



Matthewthebest's Titanic Drawing Service

I give people drawings of the Titanic.

Facts about the Titanic, it was the biggest ship ever,and it was also named "The rich mans ship", and it was also called "The white star line",also people taught the Titanic was unsinkible, the Titanic was built in 1912 and was run by the Irish, plus it sank in the Atlantic Ocean while going to New York.


Normal Price: 170 Wiggins Bucks

April 1 - July 4
My Price: 120 Wiggins Bucks
You save: 50 Wiggins Bucks

w-Mail matthewthebest for more information



Kell27 Drawing Service

kell27 ad

w-mail Kell27 for more information



Kaitlin2010's Drawing Service

Do you want a drawing of a horse, dog or bird and don't have the talent to draw one? Well I can! I can draw your fav. breed of horse or dog, or your own animal. And I can also draw your fav. species of bird or your pet bird, from Blue Jay's to Macow's. I have pretty low prices, and you get 20% off, if after you order your drawing it is not sent in 3 weeks!

My Prices:

Pencil Horse Head: 50 w-bucks
Color Horse Head: 65 w-bucks
Pencil Horse Body: 100 w-bucks
Color Horse Body: 150 w-bucks clothes, hats, etc.: 10 w-bucks patch of grass, flowers, tree, etc.: 20 w-bucks
Horse Name: 8 w-bucks
Full Background: 95 w-bucks


Example of my Art

w-Mail Kaitlin2010 for more information



Maid Mairain's Painting Service


w-mail Maid Mairain for more information



Shinabella's Plaque Service


My Prices:
No color Nameplate: 50 Wbucks
Color Nameplate: 100 wbucks
Celebration/Holiday nameplate(no color): 125 Wbucks
Celebration/Holiday Nameplate w/ color: 150 wbucks

w-mail Shinabella for more information



Moonlight Sonata Art Service

kell27 ad

w-mail Moonlight Sonata for more information



Scoutgirl Poem Service


scoutgirl art

Galloping like the wind

As we gallop on and on,

 Past the place where we belong, and have done no wrong.


Galscoutgirl ad artloping, galloping faster then ever, getting no where.

Away from the roar we try to go, here, there, everywhere.


 They’re closing in on with fences all around,

In so tight, not even room for a bound.


Gunshots in the building flair,

Familiar whinnies quickly disappearing in there.


Sirens sound,

Cops seeing what they’ve found.


Not knowing, never knowing our lives to come,

Our hearts and souls wanting, just wanting for all to just go home.


 Finally, finally at last our wish come true, bad men going good people coming,

 All I see and hear are horses running, their hooves all drumming.


Back at last to the place I call home,

Knowing no bad men will ever come.

By: Scoutgirl



Poems (last word rhyming): 40wb

Poems (no rhyming at all): 30wb

Ads (I do any kind just w-mail price and type you want): 80wb

If you want a colorful ad it is: 90wb (colorful ad is with pictures- like my poem)

w-mail Scoutgirl for more information



To Order Your Own Ad:

  • Pay CPP 200 Wiggins Bucks for your Ad space each Wiggins Bi-Weekly issue. You will decide if you would like to run your ad for each issue.
  • Make a price chart and description for your art business. If you make drawings, saddle pads, plaques, you should price them in Wiggins Bucks.
  • Make an art example to show pals your business! Check out our existing ads for size, shape, text size, layout, etc. for guidelines.
  • Then please email them to contests@clubponypals.com

    Thank you! We look forward to making your ad!


Club Pony Pals Professional Design Services
Email your art to contests@clubponypals.com Prices are below.
Note -- Designs submitted without having enough
Wiggins Bucks will be saved until paid.

For 100 Wiggins Bucks
Custom nameplates and plaques
kell nameplateaejackson8 nameplatenameplatebday chat plaquepp2 nameplatenameplate
design your own or use a member designer

For 3000 Wiggins Bucks
personal saddle pad

saddle Pad
Western Penguin Pad
designed by Lily5

saddle Blanket

Penguin Roma Pad
designed by Lily5


To download the template and make your own saddle pad, click on the pad above. Then email your design to contests@clubponypals.com (Designs submitted without 3000 WB will be saved and put on hold.)

For 200 Wiggins Bucks
Custom Painting Put your art here in cabin

You can send in a picture to be turned into a cabin painting for yourself! You can also create a cabin painting for a pal!

Free to Create!
Sleepover Award Ideas!
send your small pictures to contests@clubponypals.com

previous sleepover awards designed by members like you!

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