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November 1 - 14, 2010

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Britnie's Drawing Service
Want a drawing of your horse, favorite horse, or maybe, dog? And can't get exactly what you want from your own skills? I can! I am especially good at horses. I have just started dogs, and can only draw some. I can only draw their head. I can draw pencil or with color; I cannot promise that the color will match your horse's/dog's.

My Prices:

  • Pencil Horse head: 250 W-Bucks
  • Pencil Horse Body: 350 W-bucks
  • Color Horse Head: 400 W-Bucks
  • Color Horse Body: 500 W-Bucks
  • Pencil Dog Head: 300 W-Bucks
  • Color Dog Head: 350 W-Bucks
  • Extras: Full Background: 700 W-Bucks
  • Small Detail(Flower, Tree, Patch of Grass, etc.): 50 W-Bucks Horse's Name, Your Name, etc. 20 W-bucks



Example of my Drawing Service

Exclusives: If you order a drawing costing 600 and over, you get one (1)free Small Detail

Note: If the following events happen, this is what will happen:

1. You back out of the deal right when I started/am halfway through with/am finished with the drawing, I will still charge you what you were required to pay, because you should have thought about that before you ordered a drawing.

2. You are not satisfied with the drawing; I will only charge you fifty(50) to two hundred(200) W-Bucks. I have to buy the supplies to make these drawings, I want some sort of a reward. If the drawing honestly did not come out well at all, and I think so too, I will not charge you. Also, you MUST have the W-Bucks before I start, so you are not W-Buck-tied when I finish. Depending on how many people ask for my services, I will try to send all drawings once a month to CPP. But it may be sooner; sometimes, I can finish a drawing in one day. Other times, it takes me several months.
But for your drawing, I will hurry as much as possible.

Saddle Pad Designs
You Can Draw Yours Today!

To download the template and make your own saddle pad, click on the pad above. Then email your design to contests@clubponypals.com (Designs submitted without 3000 WB will be saved and put on hold.)

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