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1 Is because I get to converse with people all over the world, I get to take care of a pony that looks realistic! And I get to talk with my BFFs whenever, also I have friends, that I've never met in RL, that have interests such as mine. Keely & Bicentenial

2 I enjoy club pony pals because it is so realistic. And because it is about my favorite books. There are a lot of reasons I like club pony pals. I love my pony, Acorn. Club pony pals is really a great website! Skipper234 and Acorn

3 I love CPP because it's not a money sucker website. Hworse (or whatever it is called) doesn't even have graphics of one horse. Ponybox, Since when were horses related to that? Or how do you even understand those websites!? Now I understand when we buy wiggins, you should get some too. =) I also love CPP because it's fun and gives me some creativity. Truly. The chats give me something to do at 6pm, besides trying to entertain myself, I can't be with Sabrina that late, only sometimes. I've tried thousands of other websites when looking on Google. None match my interests. Club Pony Pals does. wildhorseherd & DreamCatcher

4 I like club pony pals because its a great way for kids ( or adults! ) to enjoy taking care of their very own virtual horse! Plus, you can learn a lot from this game about how much it takes to keep your own horse and all the responsibilities. Stevie_Lake & Belle

5 I like CPP because I can spend time with Shadow, groom him and ride him, even though it's a virtual Shadow, and because I was very I have the bestest friend in the whole wide world! THANKS CPP! I also love how you guys actually LISTEN to what we say, and try your hardest to add it to the game! For instance: Lots of player said they wanted a second pony, and at first y'all said no. and usually, when a website says no to something like that, no is final. But not CPP! After a while of lots of players asking, y'all took it into very hard consideration and are working very hard on building the Olsen's barn! Thanks for making such a nice website! Sincerely,
Britnie & Shadow

6 I love CCP because it's the CLOSEST virtual riding game on the web to real life!!! No other virtual riding games actually let you ride your horse. A few do, but not up close. You can really groom and tack up your pony, instead of just clicking on a button saying 'Brush Your Horse', then the page reloads and it's done!! No, here on CPP you can do it yourself!!! I love how you can tgo to wiggins and buy stuff, and do quests amd all that!!! And the riding lessons!!! I havn't been to one yet, but the ideal is SOOOOO good!!! No other online virtual horse will ever compete with CPP. It's just to good!!! and Best Of all (Well, not quite best) it's free!!! I have always (Like every other person on CPP) wanted my on Horse or Pony. This is the closest I'll get before I get one!!!! Thanks CPP!!!
HorsecrazyMGirl135 & Cream

7 The reason I like playing Club Pony Pals is because I get to see what are people say about how to care for a horse. Even though I find some information wrong and some interesting I still come on here just to read about it. There are a heap of players out there that love horses and ponies but don't get to have one who can come here and own their own virtual pony. This is a great way for people to experience owning a pony.CloudyShadow & Magic Sally

8 I love Club Pony Pals because.................. 1. Everyone is so nice 2. There is players of all ages 3. It is safe 4. You can really ride your pony, most sites won't show you riding your pony 5.There are contests Well, everything rocks but the bottom line is, I HAVE REGISTERED IN PONY GAMES ALL OVER THE PLACE AND THIS IS THE BEST ONE EVER!
lululauren2000 & Snowdrop

9 I like club pony pals for so many reasons. Here are a few of them. 1 Club pony pals is really realistic. 2 It is fun to enter contests. 3 I love making friends with people. 4 I love my pony, Acorn SO much! 5 I like to send my pals gifts. 6 Club pony pals is great because it is based on the pony pals books. 7 It is lots of fun to talk to Pam, Anna, and Lulu. 8 It great that I can make pony pal postcards. I love club pony pals and go on it more than three times a day! It is really a great website.
Skipper234 and Acorn

10 I like Club Pony Pals because you get to care for a pony Ast & Summersault

11Why I like Club Pony Pals: Club Pony Pals is a fun, educational, entertaining game for kids of all ages. I enjoy every little part of this website. From the realistic sounds, to the perfect artwork, all the way to the nightly chats. It's all so fun! One reason I love CPP is because of all of the fun contests. Entering the coloring contests is one of my favorite things. The player's artwork are all so creative and amazing. It's really almost and honor to be able to color/paint them! Another reason I love CPP is because of all of the kind players. When I was new here, everyone was so kind and helpful! I was amazed. You don't find too many kind players over the internet, and when you do, it is truly great to know that you have someone/people to help you out. Next, I love CPP because of all of the graphics and whatnot. You can really tell how much work the artists put into it! Talk about migranes! I know I for one would become frustrated with all of the work and art to be created, but these artists, they stay strong. Also, it is nice how CPP has math games. It's always nice to refresh your memory on the facts. It is also nice having the 'Name The Horse Parts' game. I'm not too keen on remembering most anything, but the game gives me a nice way to remember and refresh. Lastly, I love CPP because, well, it is just truly amazing! Fun, too. There is so much to do, and it makes you want to stay on as long as possible. I, along with many others, appreciate the hard work and time put into the site, and it really shows. Club Pony Pals is an all-around great game. ReinerForEver & Kenny

12 1.I like Club Pony Pals because you get to take care of your pony, anytime and you can groom it, ride it and buy tack for it.
2.Because it is a safe website. No one is allowed to use bad language or be mean.
3.The leaders are SO nice, and on lots of other horse websites I've seen, either there aren't any leaders, or the leaders are mean. It's totally opposite on this website.
4.The website offers so much to do! You can do more then just ride your pony.
5.I like it because you can meet new girls from all different places!
6.On some other horse websites, they make the horses or ponies look unrealistic. Here, they make them look real!
7.You can feed your pony, and when it gets sick you HAVE To take care of it, or it will not get well, just like a real pony would be.
8.I also love the chats! Once I got onto a horse website that had a chat. I got on, and there were so many things wrong! There was no leader, and the girls were all mean and they used bad language.
I could go on and on about Club Pony Pals! It is THE BEST pony website in the world... if you ask me!:) Fondly,
AALR & Carmel

13 Because, I met all of my greatest friends here. Friends I never would have met if CPP never existed. If I never found CPP, I don't think I would even be the person I am today, happy, cheerful. I might be depressed, sad, angry, and just...gone. CPP is the greatest thing that proably has ever happened to me. Thank you so much CPP. I wish there was much much much more for me to show my apprieatence! You helped me with my club in real life, the Horse and Pony club, you helped me get mental practice for riding lessons, you helped me meet my best friends, you helped me through my darkest hours. Thank you so much CPP. Thank you with all my heart and soul. Thank you ever so much! Breanna55555 & Annie

14Hello, I LOVE Club Pony Pals because its SO realistic and fun and when you get gifts and own your own horse my horse peterpan well i owned him before for real but he got laminites ( a very bad horse foot disease) and he sadlly died and got put down.and now i got on here and said OMG i can own my own horse so i got a black pony that used to look like him and now i can actually ride peterpan in pretend because i only rode my pony peterpan once so now i can pretend to ride him and thats why i LOVE Club Pony Pals. From 1camalam1 & Peter Pan

15 Why I Like CPP
#1. It is Safe
#2. I have meet other horse crazy girls
#3. You can have your one pony
#4. You can ride english when you don't know how to ride english =]
#5. You can TALK to your new friends
#6. There are Chats
#7. Your can send in stuff
#8. You send out New letters so we know what is going on
#9. You can send gifts
#10. You can get tack (now how mean websites do that?!?!) chelsea2 & Frosty

16 I like club pony pals becuase u dont have to pay to do anything on here and u get your own virtual pony and u get to pick the color of it and u get to chat with people around the united states and that everyone listens what u have to say and this is the best horse site around and u get to see what your doing with your pony like brushing it and tacking them up and riding them thanks cpp this is the best horse site around!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! horselover4353 & chip

17 There's so much to say about this website that I don't even know where to start! Club Pony Pals is a great place for people to chat. You can own and take care of your very own virtual pony! How great is that? Everyone here is so friendly, this is the perfect place to be if you love horses and ponies! The details in the graphics are devine, and the pictures drawn by the members are genuinly incredible. Every thing posted by the owners is easy to read, and they always make the funnest contests! Over all, this is the best horse website I have ever been to! ~
Nickie386 & Clover~

18 I love club pony pals because I can afford it! I can't afford my own horse so D.Z (Club Pony Pal horse) is Perfect for me! I can earn money to buy saddles, bridles and more! Another reason I love Club Pony Pals is because I can go on virtual riding lessons on Tuesdays so I can have two riding lessons in one week! Thanks for making this awesome website! ~
D.Z Weedorocks! & D.Z Weedo

19Club Pony Pals is so different from other horse sites. It's realistic even though it's 2D. It's like nothing I've ever seen before. Everyone's part of a community full of friends, daily chat rooms, friendly contests and,of course, ponies. I love CPP because the pony looks better and better when you groom it and you get the satisfaction of seeing your pony look its best. The wide variety of tack can fit anybody's style. Even though this is all virtual, it's great for people who can't own a horse or ride in real life. The friends you can meet and the stories you can share, make CPP a great place to be a part of. What makes it really heartwarming is how hard the programmers and the rest of the staff work and you don't have to pay a penny to enjoy this site. It's not like others where you don't have the full benefits or you can't do some things because you aren't a "member", but here, you're a member no matter what. cherry101123 & Cherry

20i like club pony pals because you get to have your own pony and meet heaps a friends and i ready love reading the books plus its like having your own pony because you get to do heaps of things with it club pony pals is the best horse site and its ready ready fun i love pony pals bigglesrider & storm

21i like club pony pals becuse it teaches you how to take care of horses and i also like it becuse i LOVE horses should make a little world for this game to make it better
warm regards
lovego & bella

22 I like club pony pals because its a nice realistic pony game, theirs no real money you have to spend to have a good game, I love the ponies we get to look after here I love my Belle, I love our avatars and I love how its a good safe game to get on to. cartoongirl & Belle

23 You really groom your horse not just push a buttton. Most sites are like that. lululauren2000 & Snowdrop

24I like Clubponypals Because It gave me hope and comfort when My Mom was hurt and my dad was out of work and being able to know that even though Gold Dust is not real that I have a pony that you can feed,groom,ride and most of all Love
thank you
love Hope
gold dust says Hi :) :) :)
P.S. here is a poem
clubponypals is cool, clubponypals is neat,
with plenty of fun and thing's to eat,
with Mrs. Crandle and Pam too,
with Anna and Lulu we all Love you.
P.P.S. And I Found a Friend
P.P.P.S. it gave me a place to talk to my friends and make new ones,and I like the books too
Hope & Gold Dust

25I like C.P.P. because it is a good way to get to know new people and alot of them have the same thing in common, they love horses. but if horses aren't your can just enjoy the friends, games, food, and fun. the virtual horses are realistic and lovable.
Another reason I like C.P.P. is that the the security is very good.
see ya'
Gracie &(Dawn)

26 1. I love talking to a bunch of my friends its awsome. 2Its so much fun riding my horse love my horse. 3. love to go to the Bus Stop get my food and my letters sent so much to shop at the BUS stop get lots of things done theres a lot to do there will keep you busy alot.5. love to go to the chat room and to get some riding lessons done so can find that kitten love to find them. thanks from
Horselover99 & Peanut

27 Why I Like Club Pony Pals
1.your horse looks real have too groom your horse get to ride your horse (almost all sites don't) get to talk to people that like horses, but that you'd wouldn't know other then here.
5.there are contest that are fun, like the book contest (I love writing about horses)
6.and last club pony pals is really cool!!!
thehorsegirl & Patched

28Here is my contest entry for why I like club pony pals.
Club Pony Pals is a great and safe site. It is based on great books on inspiring young girls with their horses. ON this site girls who don't have the oppertunity to own a horse may do so on this web safe site. Club pony pals also helps girls find other girls with the same intrest in horses. It is also safe because you have to choose from a list of things to say in order to speak to a person. Club Pony Pals lets girls play edcucating math or horse anatomy games that are for all ages. It teaches girls or boys to groom and tack up thier horse before they ride. Club Pony Pals also teaches young ones to spend their money wisely when buying gifts for friend or horses or tack and supply.It is a fun site that every horse lover should try.
liahorse11 & Reese

29I love CPP because it lets you look after your own pony, groom it, ride it and make HEAPS of new friends. I love the way you are able to choose different types of tack ( Dressage, Western and English) and lastly because of the scavenger hunts and quest you can go on, they are SO fun! I reccomend it to my other friends! - Horselover! & Jasper

30Hi, I like Club Pony Pals because they are based on a book series group of three girls who love their ponies. Even though I don't have a pony in real lif, I have two acount on here and my friend has one. I think that club pont pals is fun for kids (And adults, Too!) to take care of thier ponys and it is also educational with many things like, Math ~subtraction ~Multiplacation ~Addition Art ~Jigsaw drawing contest ~Coloring contest ~ect... Writing ~Story contets- Fiction ~Story contests-Non-Fiction and a lot of other games. Plus, It is free!
Club pony pals is the perfect place for all pony pals, All ages!(No Limit!)
Thanks for reading my post and, Please vote for me!(HaHa!)
vote for whoever you want, I geuss! (Just a joke!)
FendiesHorsegirl34 & Fendie

31I like club pony pals for many reasons.
1. It doesn't cost my parents
2. You get to pick what color of pony you want
3. You can make new friends
4. There are lots of things to do
5. There are two other horses in your barn
Thank You!
Baberocksout and Walton

32 I think that Club Pony Pals is great because you can own your own horse and talk to your favorite characters. This is a great place to make friends and learn more about horses and how to do horsey things.
You can ride your dream horse and in one click, chat with your favorite Pony Pal.
You can send your friends gifts and many other fun and nice things. You can even help out with the school ponies!
I love this website
horse lover for life & Nutter Butter

33 I like this place called "Club Pony Pals."
All the dear litle ponies,
And their owners all.
Everyone is friendly,
No one gets hurt.

When you need to spend
Some time alone
Your pony will always welcome you to home.
The ponies are loving,
The food divine,
Everyone loves being at Club Pony Pals.

This is a place designed to be
The funnest site
There will ever be.
Snowy2351 & Starlit Snowflake

34I think that it is because most people are shy (well, I know I am). Maybe nervous about talking with strangers, especially young people. Most young people I know are quiet shy around strangers. I don't know if that is the case with you, but, that's what I think. Maybe...
janecampbell101 & Legend

35I like CPP beacause I can play for free and I like the frendly enviroment!
judgement & Paint Chapion

36 Well, that is a very hard Q!!!
*The contests
*The people! You guys are so nice!
*The humor!
*How much effort the programmers and admins put in to this!
*Being able to actually ride! Most games you juct click"Compete" and your horse des, nothing to do with you!
famoushorse101 & Seabiscut

37 I like club pony pals because: I get to groom and ride my horse.Chat with friends.Play some AWESOME games! Buy tack and feed. Make my own avatar. And most importanly, have fun with my friends!!!
horselover2010 & Kaya

38These are some reasons why I LOVE Club Pony Pals.
I love being able to talk to Pam, Anna, Lulu, and of course (don't think I for got you!) Mrs. Crandal.
There is virtual chats, and most everyone is very nice.
I like the Pony Pal books and this site is based on them.
I love it because I don't have a real horse, but that doesn't mean I can't take a trail ride virtual or not.
Because I can send presents and w-mails to other players.
Because I get the chance to talk to people about horses and learn.
The contest give me something to do and learn.
Mistyhorse11 and Snow Love

39 I love club pony pals because I've met so many people who are horse crazy, on an online, safe environment! Also, the 'What you'd like other pony pals to know' part on your page, let's you let other people know something about you, like, if you have a horse in real life, or pets! I think the prices on this game for tack and food, is extremely realistic! The Cross Country course is fun, and all the games along the way to Wiggins are a fun way to pass time! Hunting for the kitten, delivering letters, doing scavenger hunts and quests, all are really fun! Every time I see the kitten it reminds me of my kitten, Taco, and I almost laugh out loud at how silly he looks! Also, grooming and riding Black Mist is also fun, and in real life, I LOVE grooming horses! This I think might have helped me realize, that, though the horse won't die on HERE, in real life they do, and I think it made me take better care of my real animals. Riding is a good way to be fit, so, as an added bonus, during this winter I haven't been riding (except on here) so jogging is awesome! This reminded me to stay fit! Also, the chats are totally awesome! And especially admin! I have lots of pals, and lot of them I talk to on chat! I love this site for a lot of reasons, and I won't forget it!
I'll even tell my children about it when I grow up!
microphone & Black Mist

40 I like club pony pals for what it is, HORSES. ceciliay & Shooting Star

41i like club pony pals because this is the closest im going to get on owning a horse. My mom and dad don't have to worry about me when im on this site. I love to make friends and I love to learn about horses.And the games they have on club pony pals is a lot of fun too.
morning rider & shalo

42 I like pony pals because...
-I loved the books and thought how cool it would be to see Wiggins the way the author actually wanted it to look like, not the Wiggins I saw in my imagination.
-I like ponies but don't live in a place where there are stables.
-I don't have time to give a pony the attention it needs (My mom told me to take a math class online) but I love Snowy.
-I love the realism in club pony pals -My mom isn't worried about what will happen when i am on this site.
-I have always loved Lulu especially so to be able to mail her and get replies like the Lulu in the book I think is pretty cool.
-Getting to know people who live in different places and comparing gets me happy because i love travel.
- I like seeing Splash and Daisy because it makes me feel like I am in a story of my own.
-I always wondered how pony pal trail would look like and I like helping the animals there. Allison & Snowy

43 I like CPP because: I get so much contact with other horse and pony lovers. We can talk about horses as much as we want. And i have even gotten a couple new friends here, too.
I like it since we get to care for our own pony, like in real life. We feed it, brush it and ride it. We can ame it whatever we want, even. It is a great place to be, with no having to be over 13 like most horse sites.
I like it since we have so many possibilities, we can ride, help out with quests do scavenger hunts... everything! And we can even watch Splash and Daisy!
I like it since we can help a couple other animals too and give them feed. Like the bird who needs help up to the tree again!
I like it since i loved all the books, and i have always wanted to "be" in the story too. And at least, we get to talk with the "real" members of the CPP books. Like you, Pam, Anna and Lulu!
fancylover2 & Shadow

44 i like it for pals and ponys and haveing fun pam and lulu and anna and the pals in club pony pals alice813 & barbie ps barbie likes the trails

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