Pony News, Views and Attitudes -- Vol.2 No.9 -- September 8-14, 2008 PAGE 3



Dear Anna,
How is Acorn?
Can you drow me a picture?
Can you give Acorn some oats for me?
Your friend
P.S. Can you give Acorn a hug for me

Dear Hope

Acorn is good. Except when he is bad. Yesterday I went out to catch him and he ran away. He wanted me to play chase. I brought out some oats in a bucket and he let me catch him. I told him the oats were from you. He snorted. I think that meant thanks.

I have to study. My tutor made me promise to finish my homework before I start drawing. I will draw a picture next week for you. Write back and remind me.


Dear Anna, Thanks. My cousin's dyslexic and Dad was dyslexic. Maybe you could ask your parents to buy you a spare pare of glasses. Can horses get colic if you feed them to many carrots? 30 years ago Mom worked at a horse farm in Virgina and there was a horse that Mom had a special bond with and he was her favorite horse. Mom would always give him an extra carrot, and he eventually died from colic. To this day Mom wonders if it's her fault he died from colic at such a young age. Sounds like you had a fun lunch. Your friend, Cayce

Dear Cayce
My grandma had problems reading. My tutor tells me sometimes dyslexia runs in families.

I will ask Pam about the carrots. One time someone fed Lightning too many apples and she got sick. They didn't mean to. But she got sick anyway.

I just emailed Pam. She said she would ask her dad.

When your mom worked at a horse farm she was lucky.

Oh, Pam writes her dad said that horses get colic from lots of things. She wrote too much dirt in their food or not enough water, or too much rich grass or bad hay. All those can make them sick with colic.

Dr. Crandal said your mom shouldn't worry. To get sick from colic a horse would need to eat lots of carrots at once, not just one extra one.


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