Pony News, Views and Attitudes --Vol.2 No.9 -- September 8-14, 2008 PAGE 4


Hi!! I love the pony pals! My favorite was Ponys on Parade! But the saddest was definitely THE LAST PONY RIDE. It's so sad that you don't have a mom and you don't get to see your dad that often-but you have a pony and many people that love you in Wiggins! I can't remember...did Snow White have a foal or was that one of her friends?
Give Snow White a hug for me!
Thanks, Hannah

Dear Hannah
Snow White had a foal before I got her. His name is Snowflake.

You can read all about him in Jeanne Betancourt's book Pony Pals Super Special #2, "The Story of Our Ponies."
Pony Pals,

PS I gave Snow White a big hug, a kiss behind her left ear, a carrot, an apple and Mrs. Pastures cookie and told her they were all from you. She asked me to ask you if there was another cookie. ;-)


Dear Lulu, I love taking pictures. Photography's one of my interests. I get my love of photography from Malynda. Mom gave me a digital camera for my birthday last year. The one type of camera I miss is Polaroid cameras. If your dad doesn't have any luck finding a house close by to Wiggins maybe he could buy a house in Wiggins next door to Anna and your grandmother. Please tell your grandmother that I said thanks for the advice about having one grandparent. Better finish my home work now. Your friend, Cayce


Dear Cayce

I am really glad you like to take pictures, too. What is a Polaroid camera? Is that the kind that takes film? Can you send me a picture you took?

My dad said he thinks he might go to Australia next. I don't think he is moving back to Wiggins right away.

Thanks for writing,








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