Pony News, Views and Attitudes -- Vol. 2 Number 7-- August 25-31, 2008 PAGE 4


Thank you for giving Snow White
a hug and a kiss for me. How is
Snow White? Is Snow White still
green? Is Snow White a good jumper?
If you could pick would you ride Snow White
or Ginger? Was Ginger a good jumper?
Your friend,

Dear Hope
Snow White is clean now. I took a bucket and soapy water and washed all the green spots off. She likes to roll. When white ponies roll in pasture they get green spots, just like if you sit on grass in white shorts.
Snow White is a better jumper than Ginger. She is way better trained.
Sometimes when I rode Ginger she would not want to canter. She was 24 years old and had been a lesson pony for a long time.
Snow White always will canter if I ask her to. She likes to run way better than Ginger, and she is a better jumper too. But Ginger was very careful. You had to be firm with her to get her to work. But she never ran away with me. I loved her because she was kind and careful, if I asked her correctly she would do it perfectly.
My trainer in England used to say "A good old pony is worth her weight in gold." Ginger was a good pony, sometimes I miss her.
Pony Pals,


Dear Lulu,
You're really good at photography. I can see you as a photographer when you grow up. I'm glad to be friends with you, Pam, and Anna. Have a good weekend. Have a good Labor Day.
Your friend,

Dear Cayce
My dad says the same thing sometimes. He likes my pictures and when he was here this summer he gave me a camera. He told me to practice taking pictures.
When we ride I make sure and take pictures of everything I want to remember. Email is good, sometimes I email them to my dad.
Do you like to take pictures, too?
Your friend,


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