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How do you sign up for the Wiggins Weekly?

We would like to start the wiggins weekly.
Thanks, Jamie.

Dear Jamie and Hannah
The Wiggins Weekly is a free e-newsletter. Anyone can write to WebMaster@ClubPonyPals.com and sign up for the weekly email with all the news about our new pony riding game and what is going on with Pam, Anna and Lulu.


Hi. I'm looking for specific Pony Pals books and am having a difficult time trying to locate them. I've been on e-bay, but no luck with the ones I'm looking for. I want to buy #'s 23, 24 and 37. If you have any information you can pass on to me, it would be greatly appreciated. Thank you so much.

Dear Pony Pal Brenda
On our Pony Pals website home page there is a link to The Reading Well, a bookstore that has most if not all of the Pony Pals books in stock. If the book is not available new from Scholastic, a pre-owned copy will likely be available from that source.

To help your search here are the titles

#23 -- Pony and the Bear

#24 -- Unlucky Pony

#37 -- No Ponies in the House

Hope this helps.


Dear WebMaster

It's sure fun to be alive! Your schedule and promotion of reading via CPP is very exciting. I'll be whatever resource you need me to be.

Sure glad you're getting all this CPP work done for me as a birthday present (10/2) - you don't need to gift wrap it:-)

If there is an ample supply of book markers, I'd love to have some to put out on my book checking station for students (and teachers).

Mrs. S

P. S. -- Oh...here's a rich story: one of the teachers I've met at my new school has a daughter who is an equestrian. One day she picked her brother up from school on her horse. That was before gas prices got out of hand. The horse at school caused quite the excitement. I roared when I was told about this. Actually the horse and rider were on the lawn, near the car rider line and the principal sent a message to her to move her horse from school property. She replied that she was there to pick up her brother so the principal called for the student and sent him out :-)

Dear Mrs. S

Club Pony Pals will send you (and any teacher who wants them) a few free bookmarks, each redeemable for one virtual online package of Mrs. Pasture's Cookies for Horses. Send an email with your name and school's mailing address to WebMaster@ClubPonyPals.com with the subject line "bookmarks offer."


Hello I am Samantha,
I have drawn a picture of Deliah (horse) and her owner trying to catch her.
DELIAH SAYS: Ha Ha You can't catch me! only if I get a dozen boxes of PASTURE COOKIE'S!!!!
OWNER SAYS: Hurry up Deliah, we have to get to a horse Show!!!!!
By Samantha
age 10

Dear Pony Pal Samantha,
We were glad to see your entry but your pony drawing was in a format that wouldn't open for us to look at. Club Pony Pals can only open files that are a jpg, a psd, a png, a tif, a gif or bmp. If your picture or drawing won't open, we can't use it. If you can re-send your drawing in one of those formats, we would still like to see it!

Dear Sir or Ma'am, Is there any way that you could send me the past copies of Wiggins Weekly from the first time that I joined The Pony Pals? The reason I'm asking is because except for four of issues of Wiggins Weekly I think Mom deleted the past E-Mails that I received from Pony Pals. Please answer my question. Sincerely, Cayce

Dear Pony Pal Cayce
Every issue of the Wiggins Weekly is online in our back issues. You can look at them here. Enjoy!

The story continues..

Summer F writes:

Six Girls, Six Ponies, And They Soon All Become One Club...
Meredith, Pam, Anna, Lulu, Summer, and Sunshine have a new problem.

A wild pony named Eye-High was to be trained by Meredith. But the pony becomes frisky and won't obey orders.

Can the six girls and ponies help Eye-High?

Or is the only thing Eye-High will be dog food?

Lulu S. writes:

Meredith and Pam looked over the fence at Eye High. He was running around, his eyes wide and snorting!

"He looks like he would be a good pony," Mer-mer said, "If we could ever catch him."

Pam picked up a pony halter and lead rope. She looked at the horse cookie jar next to Mer-mer's tack box, and grabbed a few Mrs. Pastures cookies for horses.

"Watch this," Pam said, as she walked toward the pony.

The pony started to run off but when Pam held out a Mrs. Pastures horse cookie he stopped.

Ally writes:

Then he came to Pam.

He took the cookie.

Jane writes:

Eye High never had a Mrs. Pastures cookie before. It took him a few seconds to figure out that he had to chew it up with his back teeth. Then he started to chew. And chew. And chew.

His eyes closed partway and he licked his lips. When he finished chewing Pam held out the halter. Eye High sniffed at it and Pam put it over his nose and gave him another cookie.

Pam said "He likes those!" as she buckled the halter. "Let's go clean you up."

But when Pam turned toward the barn, Eye High....

This story comes from Club Pony Pals members writing in with their ideas.

What happens next? Let us know. Write to WebMaster@ClubPonyPals.com

Pony Pals Thought for the Day

To live in ignorance is the real enemy.



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