Pony News, Views and Attitudes -- Vol. 2 Number 7-- August 25-31, 2008 PAGE 5


Pony Pen Pals

Isabelle and Holly are now Pony Pen Pals
If you want to a Pony Pen Pal write in to
WebMaster@clubponypals.com and maybe someone will want to write back to you, too.

dear webmaster I just wanted to tell you that I remember pen pal and that i wanted one. please let me have know. love isabelle. ps.. where do we vote for ponies. pps..i am 8 years old.

Dear Isabelle I am eight years old too , i do not have a pony but i really would like to have one. My Name is Holly and i am in third grade I really want Riding Lessons . I am saving up for them though . I enjoy Dancing And Singing and i want you to be my pen pal i have been wanting one too so if your interested please please tell me.

Dear Pony Pal Holly

In the game you will be able to choose your favorite pony from a bunch of colors. Thanks for writing and read theis newsletter each week to learn more. Webmaster

Dear Club Pony Pals
I'm Hope K and I'm sending you a picture for the Mrs. Pastures cookies drawing contest. My picture is of a horse refusing to jump unless his rider gives him a cookie. Your Wiggins Weekly reader, Hope K.

PS I want to be a game tester! just E-mail me what to do!
Hope K.

Dear Pony Pal Hope

What a great drawing! Thanks for sending it. There are four more bags of Mrs. Pastures cookies available for other Club members. Send in your drawing to enter our contest! Learn more about how to enter on Page 1.

My daughter, Elisabeth R, is seven years old, and would love to join Poly Pals. She is a huge fan of the book series.
Thank you!
Laurel R

Dear Pony Pals Summer, Melissa C and Holly
Our new game will move into testing within the next week or two. Anyone can sign up to be a tester by writing WebMaster@clubponypals.com and saying "I want to be a tester." Full launch of the game will happen later this fall.

A new story begins...

Summer F writes:

Six Girls, Six Ponies, And They Soon All Become One Club...
Meredith, Pam, Anna, Lulu, Summer, and Sunshine have a new problem.

A wild pony named Eye-High was to be trained by Meredith. But the pony becomes frisky and won't obey orders.

Can the six girls and ponies help Eye-High?

Or is the only thing Eye-High will be dog food?

Lulu S. writes:

Meredith and Pam looked over the fence at Eye High. He was running around, his eyes wide and snorting!

"He looks like he would be a good pony," Mer-mer said, "If we could ever catch him."

Pam picked up a pony halter and lead rope. She looked at the horse cookie jar next to Mer-mer's tack box, and grabbed a few Mrs. Pastures cookies for horses.

"Watch this," Pam said, as she walked toward the pony.

The pony started to run off but when Pam held out a Mrs. Pastures horse cookie he stopped. Then....

This story comes from Club Pony Pals members writing in with their ideas.

What happens next? Let us know. Write to WebMaster@ClubPonyPals.com

Pony Pals Thought for the Day

Don't be afraid to try. Experience is just another word for mistakes you learned from.



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